Monday, January 14, 2008

Whatay Monday!

“You should get back to Orkut!” said my friend N with the air of a Nurse about to break the good news to the expectant father.

“It is now completely safe! You can even lock your albums!!!” She finishes off triumphantly.

She looks at me breathlessly, expecting me jump up in the air with a “Yipee!!!!!” and rush to revive my old and now very dead Orkut account.

“That’s nice!” I said with a fake ‘yawn’. “I predict a new breed of Orkut billionaires in the making!”

“What do you mean?” She asks a trifle uneasily.

“Well...” I paused for dramatic effect. “Now all that a serious photo hunter has to do is bribe people in the account holders friends list to download photos. The most premium photos getting premium rates and we have our very own Orkut billionaires!!”

"Will you add me to your friend’s list dee if I get back to Orkut?” I ask earnestly!

“None of my friends will do that!!!” she shrieks. “You are impossible Anju! No wonder they call you Miss Paranoia!” she walks off in a huff.

A few minutes ago, another friend calls up and informs me that N has removed all her photos from her Orkut album and has replaced them with a GIF image that says “Stop checking people’s albums and get a life loser!!

...and her album is still locked!

What a lovely lovely way to start the week! *contended sigh*


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get back to orkut :P

Anonymous said...

You are cruel!!


Crime Master said...

Hahahahah! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I've been through that myself. Deleted my profile once, but had to come back by popular demand. (Popular demand means threats that I won't be spoken to again). ;-) That "stop checking albums" picture sounds like a good idea. :D

@aravind, rahul: Typical orkut supporters, eh? :P

Balanarayan NT said...

so u r not an orkutty??

Dhanya said...

Scaring ppl? tooo bad .. :)

Bullshee said...

hmmm....why can't people work with orkut without album snaps??

Amey said...

Hey, our wi-fi signals must be crossing somewhere. Last week, I wrote posts about ads and a album-problem I had on Orkut.

But then, just because you lost your salary rise in a single moment doesn't mean you go around hatching such plans, does it?

Unknown said...

I was planning on writing a sarcastic post on the voyeuristic nature of the many orkuttans and some orkuttys. Couple of days of thinking later I got a little paranoid and realised I was a guilty party too! A profile delete ensued and peace of mind ever since! :-D
Downside was that the testimonials I wrote disappeared overnight and it was very hard to convince people that I left!

Alameen said...

you always have an option of not keeping the photos public.. Locking the photos wont help.. Heard about a new software greasemonkey which unlocks it...

whatever the cons be, ORKUT rocks.. just like your blog..

mathew said...


and yeah Anju do you know that is actually very easy to hack blogger accounts..esp if you are a prolific blogger..The symptoms are like first you get a 404 error and then suddenly you wont see anything at all..I dont mean to scare you..but it can happen..u never know..

*very original acting here..*

CarbonMonoxide said...

you should :D You'll get around i billion fans dying to see your fotos :P

unfuel the planet said...

ya i have also heard a lot of stories about people being harassed on orkut. :(

Anonymous said...

The most widely read "personal blog" someone said. Now I know why!


Jeseem said...

I support the previous comment. you will have a billion fans dead after seeing your photo :P
sorry couldn't resist it :D

orkut is a nice social networking place( though not so secure). and well you see weirdos on the road , in the street, so ofcourse you will online too.
nice post as always

Priyanka said...

ha h aha ha!!

Hammy said...

Ok, Miss Paranoia...

Andrew S. Grove said "Only the Paranoid Survive"

I don't know about that. But the paranoid are sure fun to watch.

Me, I am glad to say that I have completely ridden myself of paranoia. Really. It's a really simple cure, too. Anybody can cure themself.

I'd type out what to do to cure yourself, but I can't. The FBI is monitoring my messages...

silverine said...

aravind: eh MAYBE!! :p

rahul: Thank you! :)

crime master; You got it gal I see :)

nithin: That image is easily available :)

balu: Nopes :) I was once.

dhanya: Well I was trying to prove who the original Miss Paranoia is ;)

bullshee: Well...this had nothing to do with such problems, just unimaginable cruelty towards one's own gender that we gals so delight in :p

amey: lemme check those posts of yours! Now I am intrigued. I know I should not so spiteful cos I lost my hike :( But it is so nice to be cruel :p

rockus: I would love to have read that post. Do let me know if you write it.

alameen: Well this was just me pulling my pals legs. Believe me I am least bothered about the problems in Orkut :)

mathew: Wish you could see my teeth chattering in fear here. And the Oscar goes to... :p

carbon monoxide: And I don't make any money? Forget it!!

ankur: Chill. As long as you don't do anything foolish, you are okay I guess :)

aswin: Thanks :)

Jeseem: One tight chamaat for you :p Good to cya! Happy New Year. I agree, that Orkut is a nice
place if you want to keep in touch with friends. But since all my friend are here, I don't need it.

priyanka: I knew that girls will understand this post! :p

hammy: LOL!!!

Amey said...

Just to give you a trailer, the post has something to do with a female acquint. who had posted a similar "photo" in her album. I wasn't sure how much I know her, and given that my memory of faces is better than names, the album is the best place to see if I can get away with not wishing a person on her birthday or if I am going to get an earful next time I see her.

But it is so nice to be cruel
Indeed it is, my friend, indeed it is...

Spunky Monkey said...

Hadn't visited your blog in the longest time. Many had told me about it. And here I am, certainly not disappointed. This was good fun!

Anonymous said...

I'll second Rahul!

silverine said...

Amey: So it has its uses I see :p

spunky monkey: Thanks for dropping by :)

SV: And I'll third him :p

Safari Al said...

I have been silently reading your blog for a long time now. Back when I left comments your name was still unknown to people.

Now, being one of the many code monkeys that infest bangalore, I read your posts for the humor when my code is compiling. I wish you would post more often.

I wish I could get off orkut, but too many successful romances I have seen blossoming(not to be confused blossom baby kutty) make me do otherwise. Yeah, hope springs eternal, though I think my photo would be classified as a "Weapon of mass destruction".

Anonymous said...

A confession..
I actually tried searching for your profile on orkut a few weeks ago! :P..
love your blogs silverine....

meenakshi said...

LOL....orkut still rocks within campuses where there is a dearth of tall, fair brainless beauties who would spend time accepting arbitrary invitations and doing chatting on orkut with random jobless guys from the campuses :D

Amey said...

Yes, like adding to the frustration level (read, shame) of gentlemen like me, who don't trust their memory.