Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh so?

Pix courtesy: Bollywood dot Com

Quiz question: Given below is the English translation of a Hindi film song. Identify the song!

Hey look at us coming together in a show of camaraderie, which we know is useless as all of you know about the tensions between us anyways. But what the heck we pompous dimwits think you all are brainless morons. So look at us over acting from every music channel till you can stand no more and be filled with overwhelming emotions at the show of artificial bhaichaara and come and see the movie so that we make lotsa money!

Disclaimer: No prizes for guessing this one.

Now I have nothing against Hindi movies because (a) I don't watch them (b) I don’t watch them and (c) I watch only recommended movies. Recommended as in movies watched by friends at their expense and recommended as good.

And I have nothing against any of the Stars that feature in this song. But I am going to kidnap each and every one of the star, starlet, extra, not so extra, casting couch victims, casting couch victimizer, line man, camera man, choreographer et al who featured in this song or were connected to it in its making and lock them in a room and play this song non stop for 72 hours continuously or till they scream 'Stop!!!' ...whatever comes first. There will be no respite at all even if they or their Managers/Secretaries offer John Abraham in wedlock to me!!

It is hoped that this experience makes them do unto others, what they would want done unto them!

Now if anyone here has a large barn or Godown please get in touch with me.

p.s FCI need not reply to this post.


Anonymous said...

Yippee!!!first one in....Any help required in doing the job, please count me in. I am sick and tired of having the very same inane songs being played on radio, TV, weddings etc. ad nauseum...

Anonymous said...

I agree. This song is nothing but an overdose of 40+ Bollywood stars. :-)

Praveen said...

yeah..tired of hearing it..

flaashgordon said...

Havent seen that one. Wots the song?? Here we're faraway from our desi TV world ;-) Thankfully perhaps

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

There's a large stud farm near Mekhri Circle that seems like an apt holding place for this lot. :-)

Heard it has several barns that can be used and it's even equipped with a state of the art sound system for playing the non-stop music.

mathew said...

I think you dont appreciate the depth behind the song..the finer nuances of life..behind those lines are the lyrical quality which are of the sublime levels..poor you..neways i think this classical poems are for the understanding of folks like me!!;-P

Btw in case you kidnap em..I ll take care of the girls Okay?? no worries.. ;-P

thats from the movie."Omanayum Shanityum Omanayum(OSO) "

FCI need not reply to this!!

Karthik said...

u really have immense mental toughness to bear listening to these kind of songs..mind and body, heart and soul tujh me hai shakti anmol :-)

phoenix said...


Loved the translation. And as the previous commenter said, it will take a higher being to understand the depths it's sunk into. Even my ammooma who is glued to the TV 24/7 is quite fed up of this gig!

Balanarayan NT said...

I heard Narada filed a case of patent violation against the producers.. He owns all copyright over the words Om shanti.... as evidence he has placed video tapes of Mahabharatha serial where every entrance of his is marked by dialogue Om shanti, Om shanti!

CarbonMonoxide said...

I can haz godownz. But will only let in galz.

silverine said...

Archie: Together we shall prevail!! :))

Rahul: lol!! That just about sums it up :p

Praveen: When you channel surf every third channel is playing that song brr

flaashgordon: It's a catchy number when you hear it once or twice. But we are suffering from an overdose now! :)

BPSK: That was a good one! But we will need an 'aging stud farm' for this lot :p

mathew: Lol!! My bad.Guess I am not that well read in the classic :p You may have the girls as long as other conditions are met and no partiality!! :p

karthik: Well this post would disprove your observations :)

Manoj: :)

Balu: I hope he wins!!

CM: lol!! Et tu? Well you and Mathew ill have to fight it out for ze galz :p

Hammy said...

I know it's not polite to gloat. But what the heck, I'll do it anyway.

You may be surprised, and marginally jealous to note, that I have very little idea about the song you are talking about.

Of course, the title of the post AND the picture gave me some clue about which movie you are mopping over, but other than that... no clue.

Now how did this happen? I don't have a TV. Nowadays, I watch my movies and fave series from the DVD. And if ever I chance to breeze through a Hindi movie, I make liberal use of the forward button... God's gift to sanity.

Also, most of the time, I am heavily armed with a fully charged ipod with songs I can tolerate. This saves me from the lurking goon who's bent on making me hear random bollywood numbers.

Life's good. :D


Anonymous said...

I don't have a barn,but a cowshed.Back in Kottayam,cowsheds are in isolated 'parambu''s.
Let's tie all these cows there.As for the male's: I think they are beefy enough to be sold at the Butcher's.

Pooja said...

funny! and what makes "hindi films" so different from other Indian films? Ofcourse that everything is probably blown out a 'little' :-)