Monday, May 30, 2011

Interviews: then and now

Interviews Then

Interview Time: 11 am
Candidates arrives: 10:30 am
Interview begins: 11 am.

Interviews Now

Interview Time: 11 am
Candidates calls up to inquire if she can come next week: 10:55 am
Candidate says she is in native place and hence got delayed on the way back home: 10:58 am
Candidate asks for another time: 11 am
Interview fixed for next day after furious rescheduling of conference rooms, other interviewers etc : 12 pm

Candidate calls and says she is stuck in traffic jam: 10:55 am
Candidate calls again and says she is still stuck in the same spot: 11 am
Facility manager throws you out bodily out of the interview room: 11:05 am
Then he throws the laptop on your head: 11:06 am
Then he throws the laptop bag, your phone etc in the trash can: 11:07 am
Candidate calls and says that she is stuck in an altercation with the traffic cops: 11:15 am
Interview fixed for next day after furious rescheduling of conference rooms, other interviewers etc : 12 pm

Candidate calls and says she is stuck in traffic jam: 10:55 am
You bite back the epithets straining to get out of your mouth and wreak hell on the candidate and instead lie to the candidate in a sweet voice that the post has been filled up by another candidate “WHO ARRIVED ON TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW!!!!” :12:05 pm
Hear with sadistic pleasure her disappointed "oh": 12:06 pm
You run behind HR for more resumes to fill in the post: 12:07 pm... to for like forever!

A day in the life of a humble IT communications mule.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal marketing

I remember Ramanujam (first name with held because I am too young to die) my first mentor in Marketing. Back in the days when I was a pony tailed Summer Intern, a Marketing Manager called Ramanujam (Motto: There is nothing personal in Marketing) saw great potential in me in Marketing. In fact he saw great potential in Marketing in almost everybody!

Ramanujam a.k. Jam: Srinivas, you are wasting your time doing whatever you are doing. You should be in marketing.
Srinivas: But Saar…
Jam: No buts my man. Come and meet me at 2 ‘o’ clock and I will teach you the basics of Marketing.
Srinivas: But…
Jam: What but? Do you want to spend the rest of your days walking around aimlessly and cooling your heels in that room?
Srinivas: But I am the AC mechanic saar and that is A/C control room saaar.
Jam: Err... gotta go, meeting..bye.

Ramanujam was a man who thought on his feet like a good marketing man. It was Ramanujam who inspired me to write Selling Snow to an Eskimo. And it is from him I learned that if you have it in you, you can even sell software to your mother, like he did. Apparently Selling Software to his Amma was also a piece of cake.

Jam: Amma I have nice software for you!
Amma: Aiyyayo! What will I do with this kanna!
Jam: Amma, you can put it on your computer and use it!
Amma: But you know I don’t own a computer kanna!
Jam: That is no problem Amma. I will tell our dealers to sell you one! It will only cost Rs. 40,000 Amma!
Amma: And what will I do with a computer!!
Jam: You can send me mails Amma. And you can send mails to Annan in the US!!
Amma: But I do not know how to use a computer!
Jam: I will tell our training vendor to give training Amma. It will only cost you Rs 5000
Amma: Hmm if you say so. So how much will this software cost.
Jam: Only Rs. 13, 500 Amma!
Amma: Aiyyo too much! You do not have any discounts!
Jam: We do err... I mean we don’t!
Amma: Sigh! Okay!
Jam: I want some water Amma.
Amma: Go get it yourself hmmph.
Jam: Amma please Amma!
Amma: Okay..wait here, I will get the water!
Jam (quickly removing Rs 1500/- from her purse): This will round off the figure nicely!
Amma: What did you say?
Jam: Err nothing Amma.
Amma: You are such a nice son!! Muah!
Jam (wiping amma drool from his face): Ugh! I know Amma *evil glint*

The boss is very proud of him and has promised him a promotion if he doesn't try and sell software to the boss's amma. Jam has not made any promises.

As the old Ramanjuma saying goes: There is nothing personal in Marketing heh heh. Mind it!!

Monday, May 02, 2011


At long last I have my very own disclaimer... for my blog. This is something I have writing and re writing for the past couple of years. It was so difficult to characterize my blog. I finally gave up when I realized that it had no character. Now ‘why would you need a Disclaimer Silverine’ you might ask! The answer is simple. I don’t wanna go to jail. I heard they don’t have Internet connection in there :(

So friends, enemies and fellow bloggers here is my Blog Disclaimer. Please to be reading Disclaimer before reading my blog.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer for

This blog is the brainless aimless jottings of a juvenile delinquent suffering from juvenile Alzheimers. So puhlease don’t expect any sense here. This blogger tends to shoot off her mouth and keyboard and has an opinion on everything and everything whether people are willing to listen or not. I am not going to be liable if you take my rants seriously and or believe it to be true though I will be highly flattered if you do. I myself am often shocked at what I write and shake my head in disapproval at myself at times. But then I recover just as quickly from such negative thoughts and regain the belief that I am the best.

I take no legal responsibility for my opinions as this is a free country and the constitution does not state that my personal opinion should be whetted by a tribunal or sitting judge of the Supreme Court. I will however desist from tarnishing anyone’s name as it is not nice and more importantly it will land me in jail…where there is no internet connection.

I am not going to be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reading my blog. So please do not read this blog while ironing clothes, cooking, riding a vehicle and or under the influence of alcohol. It is advised for your safety to read this blog when you are clinically proven to be brain dead.

The links that I provide in my blog, and in the sidebar are for my reference only. Click at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by clicking the links provided here. In case of any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by clicking the links, do let me know the details. I need a good laugh now and then.

I do not endorse the content of any site linked to my blog. They are linked here because I am too lazy to book mark them though I find them eminently readable.

I am not responsible for the comments at my blog. All comments belong to their respective owners ( he he) and you may go and confer the bouquets or throw the brickbats at their blogs. If you are doing the latter please don’t tell them that you landed at their blog from mine. You can say that you ummm...err.. landed at their blog while blog hopping!

p.s. my amma says she takes no responsibility for what I write here too. Ditto with my dogs who will get whacking after I publish this post, for their lack of gratitude.

p.p.s. This copyright notice has been plagiarized err... inspired from here. Please don’t sue me MC! :-S