Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fun is not a dirty word!

'Menalic'...that’s a name in case you are wondering and not an evil spirit as you all thought! I was introduced to this guy called Menalic Joseph at this party the other day. What kind of name is Menalic? I thought we mallus were bad in naming kids. But it looks like we are getting worse :((

What next? Satirin Kuriakose and Ironin Jose? Or a Annoyic Baby or Horrific George!

hmm I must say this is fun.

How about Goodin, Badin and Uglin?

And Godfatherin and Godmotherin?

And indulge me one last about Youtubic or better still a Rubiccubic?

Man this is fun!!!

No wonder our parents named us Biju, Siju, Giby, Anju, Chinju and Molu!!!

It is fun doing it peoples!!! That’s why!!

New Mom: What shall we name our son?
New Dad: How about "Mousin"? heh heh
New Mom: ROTFLMAO!!!!
New Dad: Careful dear, you have just given birth. Now get up from the floor and get back into bed.

I think we should forgive our folks for wanting to have a bit of fun no! Err not that kind of fun peoples that bought poor Biju, Siju, Giby, Anju, Chinju and Molu into this world, but the above mentioned kinda fun !

Have a nice weekend folks. I am going back to sleep.

Oh yes, you are welcome to have some fun in the comments section with the 'Melanic' genre of naming mallu kids .


Anonymous said...

LOL, looks like I am the first jobless one on a Saturday morning.

Heard of 3 sisters named Bincy, Jincy and Lincy? :)

Indian names are so much cooler than western names methinks! We are simbly great I say.

Zahid said...

Hey silverine...I got gold again !!! hilarious...I am happy my name wasntr experimented such .... I din know you were a group of 6 !!!

P.S: chk mine too di !!!

silverine said...

Loup:Bincy and Jincy are old hat! They will be called Benilin and Jingoic now :p But I agree , our names are kewl!

Zahid: Thanks da. You parents didnt believe in having fun I guess :))

Amey said...

Rubbiccubic sounds too Asterix to me... and Annoyic may sound like the adjective of the baby than a name ;)

That said, we have to forgive our folks for having "that kind of fun peoples that bought poor Biju, Siju, Giby, Anju, Chinju and Molu into this world", because otherwise the aforem. people wouldn't be in this world...

Alameen said...

I know a gal named Nila after her parents' name ( Lavanya & Nilesh..)

Used to wonder what will Krishnan and Minakshi name their kid..

As usual the best stuff for a weekend..

Eat well.. Sleep Well..

Philip said...

rubiccubic may actually be a name in one of the Balkan states (with the 'ic' pronounced as 'ich') . They already have ljubicic, ivanovic, ivanisevic, milosevic and so on. Looks like they got the fun of the itch before mallus did.

Balanarayan NT said...

lol.. that was owesome but left out one name in that biju,siju list..

BALU! =)

Pixilicious said...

speaking of names, read the article on how the zimbabwean folks name their kids.. here's the link..

the last one in the article is a nice touch!
love your blog!
(sorry i don't know how to make the link appear in that ready-to-click mode)

mathew said...

hey cmon we are the most innovative race ever made by we keep reinventing ourselves..

for eg malayalees in germany now name there kids like say..Tintugang or Dasangang..its all about gang wars here..

and considering the new age trends we will have kids like i-Monu or i-Poulouse..

I have a friends by Name Borowczyk and Mlodnyskzky...You know why I dont have to go to gym after all!!

silverine said...

Amey: tch tch In Asterix it would be ‘Rubixcubix’. This is ‘Rubicubic’ with a “C”. “C” and is Mellu! Reg forgiving our folks, “Amen”

Al Ameen: "Used to wonder what will Krishnan and Minakshi name their kid.." LOL!! Good one!! Reminds me of childhood deworming tablets :)

Philip: So we are not alone! God is merciful!! :p

Balu: Helloo! “Balu” is a perfectly normal name. A testimony to the fact that we haven’t lost it completely yet.

pixilicious: Lovely name. Thank you for dropping by :) The last one was too good :))

Mathew: I agree we are unique in the naming game :p But i-Poulose is predictable and hence 'unmallu' :))

Balanarayan NT said...

silverine, I apologize for not 'explaining' 'myself' well enough..
balu yes is common.. but the reason for the name is not.. its shorter version for balanarayan! which apparently came to my parents minds when they put together names of my grand fathers (father's father+ mom's father) = balan + narayan = a very long name! wow..

Dhanya said...

How about Honey, Sony and Dony and their cousins Aby , Bissy, Bobby and Bincy. Hope my roomie doesn't read this.. else I'm dead :P
Here are some other names of friends that have amused me : Rojin, Nevin , Freejo , Lijo ,Sino , Tijoy , Dijoy , Yvonne , Deeni , Dini , Dyuthi , Emil , Reji , Aji, Cibi, Mili , Milmi , .. That's all that I could remember.. but of course the list is endless

anN-series said...

Titty and shitty....Shymon and flymon,nicemon...the list goes on....and these are ppl i have actualy come across!!

Amey said...

Well exactly. In Gaul, it would be Rubiccubix, in India, it is Rubiccubic. Though to go by Asterix canon, it would have to be Ribbitribbit. ;)

So, what are you planning to name your kids? Goldin and Titanima? :D

Anonymous said...

havnt you made enuf fun of mallu names in your previous blogs? move on to some other topic pls. its very dissappointing to see repetitions in one of my favourite blogs.

-Anonymous Coward.

ok.. i'll also type ur response.

This is my blog and I write whatever I want. Dont visit my blog if you dont like it.


Anonymous said...

//Anon coward//

Pray enlighten me which are the previous posts where silverine has made fun of mallu names in her previous blogs?


You rock!!!

Anonymous said...

this is for alameen.. "Nila" does have a meaning.. It means moon in tamil (u know the song.. Nilaave vaa from mouna raagam!!)

Anonymous said...

there is nothing more embarrassing that having relatives names jusy, nitty - titty (twins), jamalina and baby thomas (who is 5.11)

Alameen said...

I know that nila means moon and 'niLa' is the name of a river..

Was highlighting the way they selected the name just by using the first letters..



silverine said...

Balu: No apologies needed. What I was trying to say is that Balu is a perfectly viable short name compared to Shitty and Titty!

Dhanya: Yvonne is a French name and is pronounced 'ee-von'. But I have seen our people not only naming their kids with this name but pronouncing it 'yavanai' :)

Ann: Louly names lol!! Nothing to beat the new genre of "menalic' though!

Amey: Goldin and Titanima!! What lovely names!! Thank you for the contribution! *sob* And here I was breaking my head, what to name them!! :p

Anon: lol!! You got my answer right! ditto

chanel: tch tch this has to be only time I have seen you all fired up dee. We are all simbly enjoying here. You should see us shaking our heads in disbelief...and in sync too!

Anon: Very embarrassing indeed.
"And this my cousin Girly mol...err she is named after a great mallu poet"

Alameen: Of course we all know that you know what you say you know.The Anon is a simbly showing off his umm ignonimity..errr I mean ignoranimity!

Manohar said...

atleast the names which you gave are pronuncable.. its easy to say the names without meanings than bu long meaningful names which are difficult to pronounce and remember like 'Pema Do-ngak Lingpa' and "Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas"(srilankan bowler) :)

Alexis said...

Menalic that is a hi-fi name. But when I googled there were a few other Menalics. Check There is a Menalic Kuruvilla. I am sure he is a Mallu.

I had a classmate in school. His name was Kennedy Jospeh!!! Another classmates name was Birthdaypresentation Mol. Her only sin was that she was born on her father's birthday.

I once interviewed a person named Robber Dhanraj. His dad must have really hated him :-)

Nice post, BTW.

Nave said...

lol.. hilarious post Silverine .. i must say you have done a very good research on names .. have u heard of chuniya, muniya, buchiya, dugdugiya..

it was just today when one friend of mine asked me to suggest a name for his neice with "a" .. am wondering what to suggest :P any help will be appreciated ...

Amey said...

Well, they come naturally after Silverine ;)

Vinod/Kakka said...

Maybe I should not say this, but my daughter is named Raika. Everybody except us hates that name.

silverine said...

manohar: Those names will have a sane meaning or evolution in their language/culture. What does Shitty and Titty mean? :)

nickdigital: Thank you :) A senior colleague had a dog named dug dug :) How about 'Avanti'?

Vinod: It indeed is a beautiful name!!

fleiger: :)

Alexis: Birthdaypresentation Mol' That name was a scream!! ha ha That just made my day! :))

Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say...being a mallu you come across the most absurd names ever...I have cousin sisters who are called Loony, Limmy and Lucky...God save the guys who get married to them...

A few yrs back I had a boss named Topsy...can you beat that ? The first time I was introduced to him our convo went something like this

Boss: "Hi, I'm Topsy"
Me: "Yea right, and I'm turvy"

Well, I was banished to the dark research room of the team for 6 months before I was allowed to see daylight...

I've saved the best for last...My uncle actually named my first cousin "Stackpole" coz Uncle was a big Aussie cricket fan...I still get a wicked glee when I hear "Monaee Stackpolaee"


silverine said...

Mallu: Thanks for dropping by and that "Monaee Stackpolaee" was hilarious!! :))

Vamshi said...

Okay beat this: One of my friends on a sale trip had met a HPCL dealer in Maharashtra whose name was "Name" and he had a brother whose name was, take a guess, "Same". And to confirm, my friend asked the pronunciation, and it is the English pronunciation. Not a Ghati "na-may" or something.

In my earlier company, at our Cochin branch, the names were Jenny, Jinoj, Jissy, Joseph. This out of only 8 employees there.

Sachin Sebastian said...

Mallu names!
I have a relative named 'Tensy' (you know why? She was the Tenth kid in the family!).... And then I have a relative named 'Sissy'!... And what about my neighbor 'Shallow'...
And then there is this friend of my Dad who named his triplets Elite, Delight and Polite :)

Carrying on the thread where Alameen wondered what the progeny of Krishnan and Minakshi would be; how about naming the son of Margaret and Christopher? Lols

Jaya P said...

i just had to comment on this, even if it is so long after the original posting.. kiddo, you are too funny! i actually was laughing my head off and my kids come and ask, mom, what is so funny?

i'm saving this post..

M@mm@ Mi@ said... r so funny..saw ur blog very recently and reading one by one..
hmm...this one...kollam abt shymon and his sister shymol?oops..I forgot...The most funny name i heard recently is "Fluberzz"(mallu only)

Anonymous said...

Very true.. I allways thought what made my cousin sister choose teh name BIJU for me..

Biju Thomas