Sunday, July 04, 2010

Inter-party clashes

Heard this in the cafeteria the other day.

Some gal: Whose send off or birthday party was last week?
HR Exec: I don’t remember. There were quite a few.
Same gal: You remember, the one in which we got Samosas and Chips and Fanta!
HR Exec: Hmmmm...
Gal: The other two were the Black forest cake, Sprite and chipswallah party and the coke, chips and pineapple pastrywallah party!
HR Exec: That would be Nishanth I think.
Gal: Cheapo!!!
HR Exec: Arey! Why you calling him cheapo.
Gal: Whoever gives lime juice these days huh?
HR Exec (evenly): We organized the party!
Gal: Oh! In that case forget what I said. I thought he hosted the party. See ya!
HR Exec: !!!

Now I don’t remember from which send off/birthday/promotion party, I picked up this plate of Vada Pav and Vegetable cutlet from!

I am getting old :(


Aditya Kasavaraju said...

Haha corporate parties are fun!

The Holy Lama said...

Do you take short shuffling steps?No? Still more years to feel you're getting old. Yes? Soon you'll forget everything:D

vanwinkle said...

haha tats like a proliferation of parties lol and u seem to be in a win-win situation;)black forest.. yummm. mouth-watering epic awesomeness :)

Anonymous said...

first timer :) btw.. I smtimes dont remember wat i had for my party :P :P hehehehehe!! I guess we hv sm more better things to do like wat next we will eat rather remembering wat all we ate in the past ;-)

Nona said...

On a serious note, I have been in teams where people were from different economic backgrounds. In those cases, we leave it upto them birthday boys/girls to treat in whichever way it is possible for them. ( A bit too serious for this lighthearted post! But I thought I should share the comment anyways! :) )

RGB said...

And some people continue to crib over what they get (even if they're not the ones shelling out the pennies! Perhaps they'd be the last ones to throw a party.).It's supposed to be a party guys, so just chill!

Grayquill said...

Seriously!!! How old can you be? Those company parties can be a bit...I am not saying it. My boss might read this :O

Sriram said...

Hehe been wondering for a while now... what's with food and girls? Or better, why do the majority of foodies happen to be from the fairer sex? :D

thomas said...

Aah finally! After all these years of my constant reminders, the oldie lady finally conceded that she is in fact an oldie lady. No no, that make up is not going to do you any good, I can see the wrinkles.
P.S. I know your age oldie. You had put it in your blogger profile some years back. Please bring some blank cheques, ipods, a bottle of vodka and 5 packs of ferrero rocher to me. You got 24 hours to gather all the items. Repercussions will be severe if you don't cooperate. Your secrets will be safe with me if everything goes well. Your time starts now.

Deepthi Nair said...

Blame it on super levels of attrition in tech!!

flaashgordon said...

Which reminds me ..Happy B'day!

Destiny's child... said...

Too many parties happening, it seems. Why bother as long as the black forests keep coming, hmm? :)

Dewdrop said...

Why bother when you can have chips and black forest cake every time :) Dont feel you are getting old, we actually maintain an excel sheet to keep a track of who gave a party and when :D

Prajeshsen said...

hai nice post and words ...

Anonymous said...

Awesome...and very very true....:)

silverine said...

Aditya: You are diplomatic ;)


vanwinkle: Small get-togethers are a dime a dozen in our office! :)

vineet: Thank you for dropping by. :)

Nona: In our office, we have a party budget and that is utilized for parties. Sometimes people give their own. But we dont force anyone to give a party.

RGB: Very true. We do have them too. They are promptly given catering duty. That shuts them up :)

Sriram: No comments ;)

Grayquill: I filled in the blank! I guess most of us did! lol

Thomas: Dahling, I have gathered all you asked for. Come to grave No 16o, Kalpally cemetery at 12 midnight today. You cant miss it. It is freshly dug. Come alone. I will be waitinnngggg! ;;)

Deepthi: Spot on!! :))

Navin: Thank you!! :)

Destiny's Child: My pea size conscience does prick sometimes :|

dewdrop: Clever! lol

Prajessen: Thank you! :)

Anon: Thank you! I have deleted the second line of your comment, because I do not like people trying to sneak in barbs in the guise of comments.

hammy said...

Well, my company is small, and getting smaller by the month, so it's relatively simpler to co-relate birthdays.

One of my friends tell me that for his place, a team has a cake on standby, so that whenever a surprise birthday springs up, which is quite often in a large company, they can just spring that cake on to the 'lucky' birthday guy/ gal.

It amuses me endlessly. Cos this backup handiwork is known to everyone in the company/ team. So in the larger picture, people are conspiring to fool themselves. :D

Of course, maybe I'm just bitter that my birthday this year kinda slipped away without so much as a murmur from office...