Monday, June 28, 2010


Heard this at a mall yesterday. A group of middle aged North Indians, who are perhaps on a South India tour, were sitting at the restaurant in the mall, discussing stuff.

Bunglore mein log English bolte hain! (People in Bangalore speak in English)

Haanji, yahaan sab log English mein baath karthe hain. (True, everybody speaks English here)

Kyon? (Why?)

Woh aisa hai, Bunglore ke log Anglo Indians hain naah, isliye. (Because people of Bangalore are Anglo Indians, that's why!)


I was too busy choking on the milk shake to hear the rest of the conversation. Hope they had a nice trip of 'Bunglore' though.

No offense meant to anyone please. And please excuse my Hindi. We Anglo Indians are not exactly proficient in Hindi. :)

Have a nice week folks!


One Weird Guy said...

rofl... unity in diversity achieved thru the gift of british - english...

thomas said...

Somebody please clear the body of the eavesdropper lying in the mall that choked on milk shake. And wipe the milk off the floor too. Such a public nuisance as well as mall litterer.

Nona said...

That was a very original comment about Bungalore! :)

How come they did not hear Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam in Bungalore! In a mall, often you hear this!

In fact, after moving to Bungalore, I have been very careful about talking in public fearing the hateful stares incited by saying unparliamentary words in my mother tongue. Anywhere else in India, I can have a loose tongue!

The Holy Lama said...

Eye opener, my dear. See how rest of India perceives you. Earlier it was just Madrasi. Now all bungaloreans are anglos.

scorpiogenius said...

Another stereotype in the making! But its bot so bad to appear posh..afterall able to speak English is pretty much aristocratic when you speak about S. India.. Bangalored!

hyde said...

I never tire of repeating what a friend overheard a Hindi-speaking uncle-ji saying at the Besant Nagar beach in Madras-

"Yahan ke log Basant ko Besant bolte hain"

Quite ignorant of the fact that the place is named after Annie Besant. :-)


S.. Diva said...

surprised they didn't talk about "kannad" or "karnatak"

Unknown said...

a friend of mine recently overheard a northie, new to bangalore, tell her friend quite authoritatively: 'in bangalore, there are so many sagars.. in chennai, its all burgers..'

puzzling, as i'm yet to see a shanthi burger or shiv burger in chennai..

PK said...

I guess they were referring to Bazaar's
Burma Bazaar, Pondy Bazaar...

Unknown said...

nice post! ignorance is bliss and provides the less ignorant an innocent chance to laugh...:)

Indian Madder said...

Lol!! Nice one about 'Bunglore' :)

Once I had this Punjabi lady sitting next to me at the parlor, who kept going on and on (at full volume) about her awesome summer trip to 'Lost Angels'.... I figured it out only when she mentioned 'USA' later.

I paid the price for furtive giggling with a crooked eyebrow ;P

silverine said...

OWG: very true actually! :)

Thomas: Houston! We will fix your problem here itself :|

Nona: I found it quite funny actually :)

The Holy Lama: I think South is the new frontier now, that's why! :)

Scorpiogenius: True :)

Hyde: The disinclination to concede differences in other cultures is annoying.

Sneo: I think they had just arrived :)

Jackson: :D That just stumped me too!

Abraham: Yes! :p

Zahra: lol!!

Usha Pisharody said...

LOL! This is the kind of set notions, the preconceived notions that make for hilarious interludes!

Anglo Indians!
And NOrth Indians!

Swaram said...

Oh I luv Bungalore too ;)
Oh wow! Ppl speak English there .. I did not know that ;)

Ashly said...

We Anglo Indians are not exactly proficient in Hindi. :)


UmaS said...

LOL !!! Didnt know that B'lore is filled with Anglo Indians !!! :)