Monday, July 26, 2010

Professional hazards...

3 pm and I am busy screaming at a vendor who hasn’t kept his promise of delivery yet again. The Internal Messenger pops up. “Cute guy at reception" says the message. I count the number of girls in the message. 5!!! This means in approximately five minutes 5 girls will make a laborious journey to the rest rooms via the Cafeteria, via the Sysadmin console, via the Travel Desk, via some cubicles and finally via the Reception to the loo that is in front of our cubicles. I decline because all I could think of was catching the sleazy bugger and choking his throat slowly till he died.

The girls near the target that is a meter away...

Girl 1 (aloud): And I have sent you the Excel with the metrics of the last event.
Girl 2 : I received it but I am waiting for that mail from Jamila.
Girl 3: Did anyone see Udaan?
Girl 4: Awesome movie!!

After target is out of ear shot...

Girl 1: He is sooooo cute yaaar!!
Girl 2: Hmm… yes in a boyish way.
Girl 3: True, very boyish but sexy nevertheless ;)
Girl 5: I have seen him before I think.
Girl 1, 2, 3 and 4: What!!!! And you went ogling without informing us??? *collective gasp*
Girl 5: Err… I happened to see him somewhere. I had no time to inform you gals.
Girl 1: About turn girls, I want to have a look at him again.

The girls about turn and promptly bump into me.

Me: Has anyone seen a guy with a gray shirt and white tie?
Girl 1: Yes!! He is at the reception. And he is damn cute looking!
Me: He is!! Is he??? Heh Heh *evil sneer* When I get my hands on him he will not look cute anymore…@#$%@!!!
Girl 2: Whoa... what happened?
Me: Arey! He is that same gift vendor Gupta, who has been hoodwinking me for the past six months!
Girl 3: Gupta? The same guy who called me ‘bery bery bootiful' on the phone?
Me: Yup!
Girl 3: Ugh!
Girl 4: He sent me a liver colored coffee mug with pink hearts for New Year! Ewwww!
Girl 5: Hey! Now I remember where I saw him!! Anjali was chasing him down the fire escape some months ago! *grin*
Everyone, looking at each other: Eeeeeeeks!!!
Me: Why eeks?
Girl 1: Err… nothing. We gotta go now. Bye.
Me: !!!!

Overheard as they walk way rapidly…

Girl 5: Looks can be so deceiving no?
The rest: *Gulp* Yes!

Music - Chemical Rush


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Binny V A said...

Haha - nice. Btw, did you catch him?

M@mm@ Mi@ said...

Poor gals...looks can be really deceiving...
had a hearty laugh ,silverine

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha :D ... :D

Usha Pisharody said...

Oh the hazard of the occupation are always fraught with the exceptional danger of meeting such extrordinary characters :D


Destiny's child... said...

Never ever go by looks is the moral of this hilarious story..:D

The Holy Lama said...

Nice little job, you have. :D Chasing people down fire escapes:D:D

silverine said...

Thank you for you comments dear friends :)

Safari Al said...

I wanted to comment on the latest post but I can't find the link. :(

But, yeah, you could stop paying the bill and then get another ISP all the same. :)