Saturday, July 31, 2010

Successful Customer Retention. A Case Study

I love my Internet Service Provider and Land line Company’s (ISPL) Customer Service service. They make my dull and drab life so interesting. They make me appreciate the value of time and generally remind me of... well, let me illustrate to you what I mean.

You have a complaint/query and you pick up the phone that has been provided "by" the ISPL and dial a four digit number. You get this short message.

Please press One for English, Two for Kannada, Three for Hindi which we will try to translate using Google translator.

You press One and get this message.

For Bill Details press, One.
For Internet or Broadband fault, press, Two
For any other complaints or requests press, Three

You press the number Two and get another message...

For Internet not working Press One
For phone not working Press Two...
For... etc

After half an excruciating hour later of repeated stress injuries to your finger, you are a connected to a Customer Service Executive, who asks.

Please give your name, phone number and nature of complaint….” and you faint in sheer exhaustion at the thought of giving the information all over again.

And you never dare to call again. See how efficiently they deal with your complaint!

If you want to change your provider, it requires spending half a day pressing numbers One to Nine in various orders to make a request. No one has done it till now. And I have no plans of breaking that record either. *shudder*

I value my time and sanity too much for that.