Monday, May 10, 2010

Games people play

“What are you listening to?” asked my colleague peeping over the cubicle partition.
Me: Uff Teri ada. Sorry, didn’t realize I was playing it loud. I will use the head phones…
Colleague: No probs...
Me: (Spotting his ear phones): And you?
Colleague (beaming proudly): Beera Beera!
Me: Oh ok...
Colleague: You don’t like it?
Me: Frankly…no.
Colleague (eyes popping out): What!!! I don’t believe this!
Me: Me neither.
Colleague: *splutter* *choke* *gasp* you must listen to it again and again Anjali and you will like it after some time.
Me: Define “some time”. A month, year, century?
Colleague (exasperatedly): You don’t understand. You got listen to ARR’s songs repeatedly till it grows on you.
Me: Err it is over a month since it was released. I think I have given it enough time to grow on me and bear flowers and fruit and caterpillars!
Colleague: *groan* Anjali …you must keep persisting!!
Me: You have a point. I dislike lauki (bottle gourd), maybe if I persist it may grow on me and bear baby laukis.
Colleague: OMG! I don’t believe this!
Me: You say one word about people with no taste for good music and I will crack your skull open.
Colleague: Heh heh…*gulp*

An hour later.

Me: Err Harish…
Colleague: Oh hi Anjali. What is it?
Me: That music you are listening to for the past one hour…
Colleague: What about it?
Colleague: *gulp* Sorry Anjali. I thought you liked Uff Teri Ada!
Me: I did! But before you played it like a gazillion times in the past hour!!
Colleague: Sorry. Err...what are you listening to now?
Me (switching on Rubayee): Beera, Beera.
Colleague: You are lying! :(
Me: I know, but I cannot have you kill this one for me dude. Sorry!

We have an arrangement now. I give him the music I am currently into, as long as he doesn’t preach to me about music he is currently-not-into-but-pretends-he-is-into.


Grayquill said...

That was pretty funny! You got to give the guy credit, when he played the music you liked over an over - that was kind of nice at least from the intent part :)

mathew said...

the only song which grows on you are from "Black Eyed Peas"! :-I

Blunt Edges said...

i like beera beera :D

Nona said...

Welcome back! You were missing for a week!

skar said...

If he is playing a song you like, instead of following his own taste, he likes you.

In other words, you can make him dance to your tune.

Anonymous said...

Beera beera? What song is that?

But I agree. WHY should I have to persist in listening to something to like it? Es when its music? I can agree for medicine, not for recreation!

Now if that worked for accounts...hmm. Naah. Not happening.

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz you have this fetish for cracking up a skull or what :D :D... frankly I don't like beera beera song... :P

nandu said...

hehe :)

good one

Aswathy said...

You never fail to put a smile on my face, ever. Lol'ed so loudly in the end that people gave me the looks. :-)) Kickass post.

Anonymous said...

lol..ahum fans fans fans everywhere :D

Sriram said...

Haha :D Btw, Rahman, in my opinion really needs to take a break and rediscover himself. Now he's making music for the masses, and not for himself or out of his passion :|

The Holy Lama said...

Ever tried lauki ki sabzi as cooked by the Bhopalis? Maybe then you will ....

Vishwamithran said...

same pinch...
beera didnt grow on me either!!
Sorry ARR!!

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

nice :)

Vishwamithran said...

am here again n tis time with a small clarification..
am a beera fan has grown on me..:)
is this wat they call rahmagic!!..probably!!
n wat abt u?? any changes on ur stand??

silverine said...

Grayquill: He was honest. There are those who would never admit they like what may not be perceived as cool! :)

Mathew: Any song that grows on you is what you like.

blunt edges: So do others. As long as you don't push it down our throats, we are fine! ;)

Nona: Thank you! I was on vacation! :)

Karthik: He is the regular office music scavenger.

indiashoes: I guess some fans get too zealous! :)

Rajlakshmi: We non-likers should form a union to protect ourselves :p

Nandu: :)

Aswathy: Thank you!

Anish: :)

Sriram: There are songs of his I like very much. I do not like being forced to acknowledge that all his songs are good.

The Holy Lama: Will put that in my to-eat list! :)

Vishwamithran: If you liked it then you genuinely liked it. So enjoy! :)

Adarsh: Thank you! :)