Sunday, May 30, 2010

Counter strike

I had a call from a telecaller today.

Caller: Ms Anjali?
Me (crabbily): Whaddya want?
Caller: Would you be interested in buying phone numbers of…
Me: No thanks, we don’t do such activities! *slam*
Caller (calling again): I am talking about a database of over four million phone numbers in Bangalore ma’am!!
Me: Hmmm are these numbers genuine?
Caller: Yes ma’am. We take them from reliable sources like Banks, phone companies, hospital records, insurance companies, passport office… we have contacts everywhere!
Me: *gulp*
Caller: You can reach out to millions of people with your promotional SMS’es…
Me: Interestinggggg…!!!
Caller: Heh heh it is, isn’t it madam! Think of the possibilities…
Me: Thinking about it right now dude! Tell me…
Caller (eagerly): Yes!!!!
Me: How much would it cost me to have my phone number erased from your databases?
Caller: *SLAM!!!*

How rude!!!

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Pratz said...

lolz... nice

Rex said...

So much for the NDNC registry >_<
The only way to retaliate - via spam blocking software for phones!
I use this Indian made s/w from

I wish there was a way to catch these unscrupulous companies red-handed, selling off their customers' mobile numbers!

Kavi said...

lol hilarious :)
But ya how rude :P

Merlin said...

ROTFL!! I shud be depressed at this post. But I am laffing hysterically.

Prateek Sur said...

that is me up someday and i'll do the same and then u'll know..he he..he must have told all his collegues neva ever to call u up again..damn u..he he..ur incorrigible..!!

Vasanth said...

Yeah, it's rude! But it's even ruder to delete a twitter account without telling anyone. :|

skar said...

wtf@the operations. Is it real?

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha :D :D that was perfect reply :D ... :D
man they are such buggers...

One Weird Guy said...

Enganeyum unde aalkar!! :D

Grayquill said...

You are the cleaver one - - - - sometimes when these intrusions come into our home it is best to make it another form of entertainment. I have been a little bad that way too now and then. Good Job! :)

silverine said...

Rex: Thanks for that info. I need something like that. And there is no way to catch these guys I think, sad.

Pratz: :)

Kavi: :p

Merill: You better be crying. I felt like it, when I heard about this :(

Prateek: If he does that then I might just buy the CD in gratefulness :)

Vasanth: I committed twittericide! :| new avataar is following you btw.

Karthik: Yes it is.

Rajlakshmi: Thats the good word for them :)

OWG: Sadly yes. Aggressive marketing. They spare no medium.

Grayquill: Thank you! :)

Nona said...

How do they get these numbers? Do they buy it from various organizations?

Kiran said...

Scary and funny at the same time.

BTW, am I the only one reminded of Stephanie Tanner from Full House at the "how ruuuude" part??

RGB said...

It's very annoying to get calls from service providers whose services we voluntarily avail. Imagine having to deal with companies we care 2 hoots about, just because they illegally purchase databases for whatever they were sucked into parting with!

I hope many more like you ask the same question as you did, each time these telemarketing people try a stunt like this!

Anonymous said...

:D LOL!!

Sorcerer said...

haha!! that was nice..
now I know how I get sooo many calls a day.

Binny V A said...

I always wondered how these marketers got my number. Now I know. Now that I know, I want to kill some "Banks, phone companies, hospital records, insurance companies, passport office" people.

Gauri said...

Haha... mighty clever!

silverine said...

Nona: No idea.

Kiran: I was a big fan of Stephanie Tanner and use her trademark remark even now. :)

RGB: It is so annoying that I have decided that I will NEVER purchase anything sold through such calls and SMS promos.

onethedayofcolors: :)

Sorcerer: I used to wonder too. Now I am bloody mad that my number is being sold around.

Biny: Me too!!

gkam: Very clever indeed! :)

Jean said...

I have a similar story to tell, too.

I politely asked where they got my number from and after sufficient friendly prodding, the woman replied in a confidential tone that they have this tie up with my cell provider (that's what she said, not sure if its true!) and got it from their database.

I immediately went into the offensive and said that I need to have a word or two with my provider if this is how they 'provide'.

And both sides slammed down the phone. :D

The Holy Lama said...

Thank You for that Brahma astra , O silverine Guru. The shishya hopes to use the same on callers of the ilk.

Anonymous said...


Pink Mango Tree said...

Shall I forward my phone no to you, in case the guy calls u again, please ask him to erase my no too! :)

Destiny's child said...

What an idea! This is inspiring :D

Deepak said...

I just wish i could get me hands on them wonlee.. Or even better their fone numbers.. :)

The wild said...

One has to give the number in only one place and gosh you will start receiving calls on all sorts of stuff ,most of them when you are in important meetings ,the mobile phone has become a bane with it becoming most useful for everybody else apart from the owner

Anonymous said...

haha..register your number in national DND.
I also do counter strike against personal loan ,credit card agents and all like asking "Do I need to pay back the money".

But after all they also doing this to earn there bread and shelter.So can't blame them.

silverine said...

Jean: :) I take offense now and tell them that I do not like calls from strangers.

The Holy lama: :) You do that. We need to be united in attack! :p

Anon: Thank you!

$$: I don't think he is calling again! :p

DP: Counter strike is our only option now! :)

Deepak: It is a well entrenched industry :(

The Wild: Which is why I have stopped giving my number and have a separate email ID that I use for such purposes.

Anish: I have registered, but no use :( And I don't agree that it is their bread and butter to harass people.

Unknown said...

heh.. excellent answer.. i bet he/she hasn't bothered you since..

i remember my friend akru once dealt with a telemarketer by pretending to be a high-ranking army officer demanding to know how the caller got his 'top secret' number..

he went on to spook her further by telling her the call was being traced and that they would be knocking on her door soon.. that was one bank that never called back..

Destiny's child said...

But why am I always adressed as D'P' by you ? *scratches head*

Aniket Thakkar said...

Been a while that I dropped by here. Took a lil' break and visited home for a month. Missed out on quite a lot here. Reading all the posts in a row now.

My bro. works for SMS Gupshup btw. So if anyone pisses you off let me know. I'll make sure he gets atleast a 500 promotional messages daily. :P