Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corporate bachelors

I was undergoing some training with this guy in our office. After sitting with him in his cubicle for an hour on the first day, I moved back to my seat on the 6th floor, and practiced the usage of a content tool that he had run me through. If I got stuck, I would message him over IM and he would promptly clear my doubts in between lots of smileys and encouragement to get in touch with him anytime. I wondered if he was sort of addicted to smileys.

Finally I got the use of the tool and messaged him to thank him for his help during the learning period. He replied with a smiley. I signed off wishing him a nice weekend. His response was “Cya on Monday!’

I turned to my colleague who was sitting next to me and exclaimed aloud. "Why is he flirting with me! Isn't he married?”

Colleague interjected sarcastically,“Shh... don’t say the M word aloud girl! We do not say that word unless people already know about it!”

“What!!” I said astounded.

“Look around” she said dramatically, standing up and waving her hands over the entire floor.

I stood up and looked at the sea of male faces and realized with a sinking feeling, that most of us girls didn’t know how many of these young guys were married and how many were not.


Note to self: On Monday morning, conclude the training session formally... by inquiring about the wife's health.


Shrutzz said...

LOL, so cute, so true!!! one smiley from my side :)

Prateek Sur said...

awww..thats harsh on that poor souls part..but ya that is the best part to end it by asking how his wife is or better still invite urself to their house for dinner once and then u would have a formal introduction to his wife and then she and u can gel along and become gud friends and hence forth he wont trouble u wit all those philanderous smiley's..!!
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Guruji said...

Your post is highly releveant to middle-aged, pot-bellied, piggy, married-enough men like me to understand womens' psychology who got this genuine problem of not being able to get an Excel sheet filled by an younger female colleage because of the fear of being wrongly accused of trying to flirt around if we approach them for the same. FYFI(second F for Female) - by "the same" I mean the Excel sheet, not flirting. If I happen to say 'See u on monday', is it suggestive enough to be interpreted as a call for something else on Monday? then I sure have to be more cautious here after, I'll have to wish them something such as 'Have a nice weekend', 'Wish you(and your bf/hubby - to sound even more un-flurty) a happy married/unmarried life over the weekend' and stuff like that. But I assume ur case is more genuine, as I myself get suspecious about his intentions when a man sends me smileys on IM

Vishwamithran said...

nother self obsessed gal??!!;)

scorpiogenius said...

cya monday, jeez is it flirting? I say to my colleagues 'see ya morrow ladies' and that must mean I'm a bad one! And that too when my wide works under the same roof! eeeek! Miss Silverine!!!


Nona said...

It was a bit vague than your other posts. Using my (scatter)brain, I think you are trying to address two issues here.

1. Flirting by married men at work
2. Married men posing off as singles

As for the flirting married men, there is nothing much to say!

As for married men posing as singles, it is not possible to conceal this information from all of your colleagues!

Anonymous said...

on the other hand when i start getting hints from a female colleuge, i find myself wondering if she knows that i have a wife and a kid. then i have to somehow let her know...something like...i am late today..had to take my kid to the doctor

One Weird Guy said...

Come on...the person might just be friendly...I talk to the girls among my frnds the same way... not cos i flirt with them... Give men a lil more credit... :)

Mind Curry said...

Note to self: On Monday morning, conclude the training session formally... by inquiring about the wife's health.

lol..thats classic..perfect sign off..i am sure you wont get any annual maintenance contract though!

Deepthi Nair said...

uh...i hope this doesnt work the other way...i told a guy at work that i would see him on monday....but m not married so guess m allowed.

Unknown said...

Party pooper!!! says the married man...

And for the unmarried ones like us... thanks for clearing the field...:) uh oh a smiley! ...:( damn not again!

The Wanderer said...

Tell me about it. Put first steps into corporate world just last week, and ever since the first day, I have absolutely no clue how to figure out which of the young 20-30ish girls are married. Help! :P

Destiny's child said... might as well :D

Vasant Prabhu said...

Sea of male faces waving back....interesting!