Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The name game!

So we have another new joinee in our office after Ms HR. The poor guy made the mistake of sitting with us for coffee yesterday.

Colleague: Hi! I am Srinivas.
New guy: Hello! I am Apuarv. (not his real name)
MK: Welcome to Dot Bust Corporation Apoorva!
Apuarv: Thank you and its ‘Apuarv’!
Srinivas: Appu Arv aa?
Apuarv: No it is A.p.u.a.r.v.!
Srinivas (clueless): Oh!
Apuarv: You can call me Apoorva if you want!
BV: What naaansense!! We will call you by your name wonly Apaarv!
Apuarv: Sure!
BV: So Apara, tell us about the origin of your name!
Apuarv: It is a mixture of two names actually.
BV: I think it means “Singular”
Apuarv: Singular would be the meaning of “Apurva” actually!
BV: It sounds funny too heh heh. My father-in-law the late Parameswara Ramaswamy Krishna Iyer used to say, that a name that has no meaning is like thair saadam (curd rice) without curds.
LS: Since when did you start quoting your FIL! I thought you hated him!
BV: Since he died. Now I was saying Arappa, we must find out the meaning of your name. I will do it tonight!
Apuarv: Sure Sir! Thank you!
BV: Back in the 70’s when I was a student at IITM, we used to make semiconductors manually…
Srinivas: Aiyyo! What has that got to do with this!
BV: I used to have a classmate called Kanghij. It turns out he was named thus to ensure that it resembled no ones name in his fathers and mothers family hahahahahaa!!!
Everyone: *silence*
BV: Aren’t you going to ask me why?
Everyone: NO!
BV (to new guy): What is your sister called?
Apuarv: Archana
BV: Thank god!
Apuarv: Heh! :(
BV (to all): So, I will come with the meaning tomorrow. I am sure it will be interesting to know what it means!
Everyone: *groan*

Apuarv doesn't sit with us anymore.

But lets look at the bright side here. BV drew a blank with the priest at his temple (who is a Sanskrit vidwan), about the meaning of the name “Arapa”. He swore today that he will find the meaning of the name “Apura” by next weekend or he will tonsure his head at Tirupati. We are crossing our fingers now. Hopefully we will be eating Tirupati Laddoos by next Monday! Yumm!


skar said...

Poor chap :)

Considering how tough it is for people to cling on to his name, it is perhaps apt that his name is an anagram of vapaur? :|

scorpiogenius said...

Another one... you folks are turning into true torturers. And you sure will let us know if there z some meaning to it, wont ye?

blah said...

wat's in a name as the saying goes

Pratz said...


Anonymous said...

Apus dad has dyslexia?

Unknown said...

are you sure he's just not some numerology nut? i remember i had a manager who called himself sanjjoy.. why, i'll never know..

mathew said...

hehe...we never have lack of fun with the name..isnt!!;-D

Well time to call my friend "New Begin"...Should i ask for the meaning or shouldnt I!! :-O

Merill said...

ROTFL! BV rocks!

Anonymous said...

ROFL.....i had a batch mate whose name was aadmi and his sister's name was aurat ...in between poor guy...seems he got nice ragging :) ....

Ham Actor said...

oh man this so funny and the comments make me LOL :)

Useless Bugger said...

Ha ha ha.... funny stuff. Apuarv.. what a name. Never heard about it before. Call him Appu or Pappu or something and spare him the agony na. :-) I have seen so many people sweat to pronounce my name.

I had a friend called Ragesh in school. He was so fed up of people calling him Rakesh/Rajesh that he actually filed an affidavit and changed his name to Rakesh. But as they say, whats in a name? Right, Golderine? :-)

Aniket Thakkar said...

LOL! BV rocks for sure!

@Anishthomas: You can't be serious!!! LMAO!

I too had a disasterous conversation not so long ago:

Maheswaran: Kare for a movie?

ME (after a long day of work and I am SQL developer I deal with char/varchar a lot!): Char for a movie???

Maheswaran: Yeah! Khare for a movie?

Me: Character for a movie????

Maheswaran: Kharacter?? No Man! "Khare" for a movie?

ME (frustrated) : C.H.A.R for a movie?

Maheswaran: Nooo Man! C.Ye.Yar.Ye. Khare for a movie?

Me: Oooooooh! Care for a movie...No! :D

Anonymous said...

Every1 has always mispronounced and mispelled my name all thru my life.......I gave up correcting long time back....I just go along with watever they cll me......its just a two syllable name.....hw hard cn it be to gt it right :(

silverine said...

Karthik: :P Poor guy!

scorpiogenius: hehe sure will let you know. :p

dsk: A lot...for us Indians! :)

Pratz: :)

Anon: That was mean!! Poor guy! :)

Jackson: :D I had written a post on that topic! It is so prevalent here in Blr. (Sept 22, 2008)

Mathew: It is one word!! Mean of you to separate it! lol!

Merill: He sure does. One of my fav colleagues! :)

Anish: LOL!! I dont believe this. The parents must have drunk during the naming ceremony! :-))

Siva: Thanks buddy!

Parikshit: He is reconciled to any name now! lol!! Poor guy! Golderine sounds yuck!!

Aniket: rofl! That took the cake and bakery!

Anon: Try this trick. Deliberately mis pronounce the name of the person who does the same with you. They realize soon enuff how it feels! :)

Destiny's child... said...

poor apurva...er...apuarva...mm..arappa..?
well...whatever...poor him! :D

Blunt Edges said...

lol...after apoorva, apurva, apparv, apara, arappa, arapa n apura (phew!)...i still dunno how 2 pronounce apuarv!!!

n aint surprised wateva-his-name-is doesnt sit wid u guys anymore...not until BV is around ;)

n u actually intend 2 say dat u were quiet durin d entire length of dis conversation??? ***luk of disbelief***

Thoorika said...

You guys torture ur boss oly like this ?! :D

अनिल कान्त said...

he he he he :)

मेरी कलम - मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

Jina said...

Oh..God..the tale of the names..it wud never cease to amaze us wud it..I had a neighbour who named his sons electron,proton and neutron..

How does electron sukumaran sound..:P

Ni said...

That is part ofthe reason I have not named my 16 month old son yet ;) and because I am lazy :P

my new blog
laptop crashed, me lazy, but mostly its the laptop, so the linking happening so late. :P

BloggerMouth said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to convince my worst enemy to name his son Apuarv :D

mallu said...

BV: Back in the 70’s when I was a student at IITM, we used to make semiconductors manually…


Bullshee said...

Ha ha ha! Delightfully funny!!!

Poor Arappa!

Deepthi Pola said...

paavam!!! to the guy Apara :P
i couldnt control my laugh at office reading this.

silverine said...

Destinys child: BV is yet to pronounce his name correctly! :D

blunt edges: He spends most of his time dodging BV! lol!!

Thoorika: We do not spare anyone! Even I get the treatment from time to time. :p

Anil: Read your blog. Nice stories. :)

Jina: LOL!! I would sue my parents if I were them!!

Ni: Now I am curious to know his name! :) So nice to see you back and blogging!

bloggermouth: Good idea! :D

mallu: :p

Bullshee: Thanks buddy! :)

sweelie: lol! Hope you did not get thrown out of office! :p

Anonymous said...

LOL Poor Apuarv! Did I get it right?

U know, first sight, I read it as Apurva, then the rest of the post made it clear. Apuuuaaaarv. Definitely unique.