Monday, July 20, 2009

Customer delightware!

News has just come in that Microsoft has developed a new software that enables organizations to manage very large volumes of customer communication and feed backs. This will be of great help to organizations that receive lots of customer communication. The application receives, stores and queues incoming data in chronological sequence and then sends it at timed intervals to the customer support personnel for speedy reconciliation. This ensures that there is no loss of data and all customer communication is attended to.

Well isn't that peachy?

According to a MS spokesperson the new software has been a sell out with MS itself being the largest buyer followed closely by its dealers and call centers.

The new software is called "Customer Complaints 1.0" :-|

Heh heh...and before anyone here asks "hey what happened to you and your love for MS?" Let me reiterate I still like MS! :p

Have a nice week folks!


Sriram said...

Oh deeeah.. still on windows eh :D

Should be a good one :P

Anonymous said...


That was really funny! So now we can expect some improvement in customer dis-service?

Guruji said...

Are you serious? MS developed software for Customer Complaints management? Then this will be the second most useful software coming out of MS, the first one is called “...MMM”(Microsoft Monopoly Manager), its European edition is a hot sell now – within MS of course.

Grayquill said...

Living in Microsoft land and with Gates himself just down the road onto the on ramp, exit to another freeway, across the lake, winding through richy rich neighborhoods, and into his underground 30,000 square ft. house. I can her him now saying in his swooning voice OMG. I didn't want everyone to know.

Aniket Thakkar said...

:D :D

Reminds me of an old joke:

A helicopter pilot gets lost over the city. So he writes on the sky with smoke "Where am I?"

Some people on the building below see the message. Go to the roof and show a big chart that said "In the sky"

The pilot smiled. Marked his spot on the map and said Okay, so we need to go east from here.

The passanger said "How did you know where we are from that message?"

The pilot replied, "They gave me a technically correct but a completely useless answer. They had to be Microsoft"

silverine said...

Sriram: LOL!! Good one dude!

Phoenix: Improvement? Good joke! :p

Santhosh: lol! MM, how could I forget MM!! :p

Grayquill: lol! He must have fainted after that! :p

Aniket: :D I luv MS jokes! :p

Pratz said...

@ Aniket...nice joke

Unknown said...

I have been following your posts for quite sometime. This is one post which returned very less comments.

General hatred towards MS, eh?

silverine said...

looney: Comments are no indicator of anything frankly. Its web hits. And this got more than its share. So that might be an indicator of interest in all things Microsofty! :p