Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A knotty problem

Son, time for you to get married - said the Dad.
Gmphxl!!! - said M, the son.
How many times have I told you to remove that infernal Lollipop from your mouth when you are talking to me!!!
So I was saying that it is time you got married.
Hmmm why this sudden interest in my marriage? Let me reach 26, and then we will think about it.
You are right! If we start searching for a girl when you are 26, we can get you married by 36!
Suits me!

Yours truly is now recruited by the Evil Duo a.k.a. our parents to drum some sense, some emotional blackmail and some morbid philosophy into their second child’s head. I try my best.

How about settling down chets!
I am well settled kuts.
Not on the sofa cheta. I mean chose a girl and tie the knot.
What’s the purpose of tying the knot?
You can stay together, procreate, fight and then divorce.
Divorce! Hmm that sounds interesting!

Next, their eldest child is pulled out of his room where he was holding a deep intellectual conversation with his pillow. The Evil Duo give him the dirt and tell him to get cracking.

Da, achchan and amma want you to get married.
What do you think?
Bhy arr dey affer me allasuden?
Take that effing lollipop out of your mouth!
Sorry! I was saying, why are they after me all of a sudden?
Well…it will take some time for you to sift through your girlfriends and choose ‘The One’.
Choose one? Yikes! Does that mean I will have to give up the rest?
That’s the plan.
Ayye! Njan athra karan alla!!*

* Aiyyo! I am not an unfaithful guy !


Annemarie said...


M's ma man!! =))

Srini said...

awesome! I think that bro of yours and me will get along just fine! :-P

Bullshee said...

Painfully familiar! And I'm just 24! My sympathies with M!

mathew said...

your bro's line was awesome!!;-P

-another victim of parental harrasment on free-bird youth...

scorpiogenius said...

hahahaa your bro is even better than you when it comes to humour sense. so it runs in the family eh? wait a min, you guys got it from your dad, right?

Tell you what, if he manages to keep 4 GFs happy then I'd say leave him alone. Why you people wanna spoil the happiness in his life?

PS: Thanks for the link up to my post.:)))

Jim said...

This would be funnier if it wasn't happening to me :/

skar said...

How about settling down chets!
I am well settled kuts.
Not on the sofa cheta.

LOL@last line

Arun said...

I was mad at someone but this post worked like Saridon.. Tylenol.. Naariyal pani.. pacifier.... whatever. Now don't ask me to take a loan and repay the debt. Just accept my thanks!

--xh-- said...

lol.. aa last line adipoli :)

Anonymous said...

wow even i call my sister kuts :)...
hehe good one as usual :) ...in between you should stand with your brother...poor guy badly need support.......

Aniket Thakkar said...

Ah. The pains of zeroing down on THE ONE. Its a tough tough job.

Matrimonial sites to little but to add to your misery. My parents have been trying to convince my bro. to find one too. He rejected the first girl coz she had given a rediffmail id on her profile. Who uses rediffmail these days??? I supported him, but parents didn't take it too kindly. Its been war ever since.

Funny lines in matrimonial profiles we encountered:

Girl wrote: "I want a loving and caring panther"
Yup. Not 'partner', she wants a 'panther'. My best wishes to her.

Another one said:
"I am slime and beautiful"
Err. No matter how beautiful the slime is, we'll pass.

And this is the best one:
The girl was apparently writing in phonetic Gujarati trying to say 'I whont a hasbend who kane haelp me in my bed tymes'
What she wrote was "I want a husband who can help me in my BED times"
Erm. Thats what husbands do right? I mean you don't ask the neighbors for help in those matters.

I still have atleast a couple of more years at my hand. But I am so afraid that if I don't find a girl myself, what sorts my parents and these sites are going to bring in front of me! Scary thought!

Grayquill said...

Choose one? Yikes! Does that mean I will have to give up the rest?

You are definitely not ready! Ten years to find a mate - Ha Ha - that is bad.

Anup said...

As someone whos going through this harrasment, I clearly know how annoying it is... :-(

Thoorika said...

Lolz! Awesome! Poor M !! :D

Guruji said...

Luckily this is 21st century India, there is a solution for all your problems. One way is to express your solidarity to the rainbow party, even if you are not one, parental pressure will shift to stop you from getting married thereafter.

hammy said...

You know my stand, and my the ongoing quest numero uno at the parental house these days. So you'll forgive me for taking sides with your bro.

Word to the wise -
Hold the fort, there, buddy. It's going to be a long battle, so pack provisions. The sofa is not going to be a safe enough refuge soon.

Of course the last para was for ur bro. I DID say 'word to the wise', didn't I? ;)

Blunt Edges said...

hahahaha...so wen's lollypop gettin married??? ;)

Useless Bugger said...

Been there, done that. Please convey my sympathetic-pat-on-the-back to your brother. :-|

Destiny's child... said...

My sympathies are with M...God bless!

Unknown said...

"What’s the purpose of tying the knot?
You can stay together, procreate, fight and then divorce."

Gawd!! what happened to good ol Indian morals...:)

A very good post!! so has he wilted under pressure or still a free bird?

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍||Halfkallan said...

He he he .. njaanum atharakkaaran alle .. ;-)

Nona said...

Good One! Is chets(1 and 2), achan and amma reading this blog?

Lively said...

Good one Silverine. Have been here many times but commenting for first time. Love your sense of humor :)

Sriram said...


Well your chettans seem real nice guys to me.. The elder one's reasoning is perfectly sane! :)

thomas said...

Mind transferring one of the umpteen girls in ur bro's list to mine? Or maybe 2. Or 3. Please forward my untainted resume to them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Guy! Marriage trouble is like another of those growing up problems - not something that anyone can escape or have a neutral opinion on!

Anita Jeyan said...

Oh no M is getting married...? Wasnt he on an auction held by you? :D Lovely post, yet again!

silverine said...

Thank you for your comments folks! Really appreciate it. Apologies for not replying to them individually! Been a lil busy lately.:)

Anita: Thanks! And he is not getting married as far as I know! :p