Thursday, July 24, 2008

Real time training!

This post was inspired from an actual mail ‘exchange’ between our Sysadmin and my Boss.

Dear Silverine's Boss,

Hope you are in the pink of health as you should be, being Silverine's boss ha ha. I am writing to you with regard to her wonly. Ms Silverine is proving to be an invaluable resource for us IT folks in this office. And I am writing to you to request, that she be made part of our team as a valuable training resource for our fresher's and others. I know my request sounds a little odd, but please hear me out.

Whenever I have a fresher join us, I delegate him to attend to Silverine "only." In no time he either quits,saving me a lot of trouble or gets right back to his basics... which I could never get them to do. I have my fresher's now, hard at work re-reading their training course material that they never do otherwise. When they go home, they scour their engineering course material for things they had forgotten or didn't bother to study, as according to them "that girl has the entire computer problems in the world that we thought had been done away with."

It is so gratifying to see the overconfidence in these youngsters vanish after one trouble shooting session with Silverine. In my 20 years of experience in trainings freshers, I have never seen anything more effective than that girl in driving over confident youngsters to their training manuals.

I am also thankful to her, for graciously logging the most number of complaints ever recorded in the history of this company. This will keep my people on their toes and out of trouble for another year or so.

I don't have to scream till I am my face blue anymore asking these youngsters to do routine preventive measures like the dreaded 'windows/system32/config/system file is missing error' by backing up config folder! Now they do it on their own! Amazing!

This girl is an asset and I request that you relieve her of her duties and delegate her to us for our training and readiness purposes.

Yours truly,


Boss's reply:

F$%@ off!

p.s Why do you think I hired her? When the going gets tough and everything appears bleak, I have to only look at her and realize that things can get worse. And then I count my blessings.

Request denied!

Warm regards,

Silverine's boss


~ ॐ ~ said...

LOL :)

good work you are doing !!

Dhanya said...

LOL.. Would you like to switch jobs? We also have a bunch of freshers :P

VENU.K said...

That sounded very interesting.Performers,whether good or bad, never get sidelined probably.They might just get fired.Rgards

Amey said...

Hope you are in the pink of health as you should be

Shouldn't that be "as you need to be"?

It must be very satisfying to know that your talents are appreciated ;)

freespirit said...

You must be grinning away to glory :), to be an asset to the departments u dont work for, quite an achievement! You Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. You are just awesome... :)

Great :D

mathew said...

I understand all that..but the song!!("truly electro shocked");-D

Unknown said...

i only started reading your blog recently, and i must tell you, i just spent the last three working days wasting company time and money reading almost every single post you have written..
time well spent, i say.. can't say so much about the money..

Anonymous said...

Hey not a bad song. And you must be tired of hearing this, but the post was hilarious!

Hari said...

OMG!! You are one hard-working employee!!
How do you manage to balance things? :P

Prasan Shanbhag said... face all the problems in the world on your Windows based system. I wonder what will happen to you if someone dares to give you a linux based machine :)

I was shifted to a linux based system 4 days back and I find myself more at my system admin's desk than my own :)

Anonymous said...

no wonder u dont mind windows : y wud u when u have a very enthusiastic sys admin team :)

btw ... in between the humour u've sent across a nice message ... a gr8 way to handle over-confidant youngsters!

Deepti said...

If any freshers need a challenge we know where to send them ... ROFL absolutely ... The sys admin should be grateful .. he doesnt need to give pep talks and motivational lectures to his brood .. just send them to you .. ;-)

Sriram said...

ROFL at Boss's curt reply! Btw, if your boss knew linux, he would have used a rather interesting way to censor the f-word.
"fsck off"!!

(fsck is the command-line file-system partitioning tool)

Abhi said...

I'd love to hear what the sys admin replied after getting your Boss's nice words! Loved reading the post, really made me pity those poor system guys!

Anonymous said...

this is so hilarious! had me in splits for a while! :-))

Anonymous said...

sorry mole aryande ide vayiche poyi...ende thete... adyete vaychopol thanne IE close cheyyendathayirunu, endo vindum risk idkan ore moham vanu .... ini vaiyya alengil jivithathode ore madip thonum ;)

Synapse said...

heard abt the bangalore blasts. hope you and your family are safe!

Ajith said...

Lol, Poor System guys, they are born to get abuses from the managers. They have the highest degree of patience among professionals.

Zahid said...

Silverine !! I'm sorry to say but just a week ago The new oxford dictionary has made a few changes. A literary scientist has just conducted extensive and rigorous and gruelling research on some of the english alphabets and prefixes and suffixes and phonetics and somehow come out with a scintillating discovery. And that changes the entire meaning of the sysadmin's line:

"I am writing to you with regard to her wonly. Ms Silverine is proving to be an invaluable resource for us IT folks in this office."

This scientist says Valuable and Invaluable are Antonyms. Not synonyms as used until midnight a week ago.

Somehow your boss's got to know this new development before you I think. And hence his resentment.

Tch Tch

silverine said...

Om: Thank you for the encouraging words :p

Dhanya: I would love to switch, but then my Syadmin will be heartbroken :p

Venu K: Interesting observation!

Amey: Oh yes, it is being appreciated and being used for the better good of our LAN! lol!

Freespirit: My Boss is grinning more then me hehe! :p

Himank: Thank you buddy! :)

Mathew: Whats wrong with electro pop!

jackson: Thank you! :)

Ms Cris: Thank you so much dear! :)

Hari: I guess I have the knack, even though I don't know about it! :p

Prasaan: You got Linux, then you need a Sysadmin to sit with you 24/7 LOL!! My condolences! :)

Sandeep: Thank you! :)

Sriram: hehe Boss has a good sense of humor. :)

Abhi: Ah! He and Syssie are old chums. :)

Mathew: Thanks!

Deepti: Syadmin and brood was well described, as he looks like a mother hen with his brood of chicks trailing behind him around the floor! :))

Anon: 8-|

Synpase: Thanks buddy. Nice to see you here. We are all fine far! :)

Ajith: :p

Zahid: LOL!!

Amey said...

Ask not what the company and LAN can do for you, but ask how, sorry what you can do for company and LAN. That's the spirit ;)

Heard about B'lore yesterday. How are you?

Solitaire said...

Hehe! If he wants to confirm that, he can hire me as well.

Tedy Kanjirathinkal said...

:-) Silverline, publish a book before the Sysadmin collates all your cases and publishes one and earn millions. Seen this book ever: Air Mail

nostringsattached said...

hats of to u for pulling out another good one...ur blog is a chill pill...and for me its a stress buster..really appreciate it..

mirage said...

really great.I watched out the video .Really interesting lol...

Talents will never go in vain.Talented people will always be accepted somewhere in the way of life:))

Anonymous said...

hey..thanks for sharing that song silverine. i was hooked to a remake(/remix) of this tune by Basshunter. great to hear the original!

please do check basshunter out though. he takes out the tune and builds on it.

silverine said...

Amey: We are all fine, thanks! :)

solitaire: I think you and me and others like us should start a training academy! :)

Tedy: lol! Now thats a possibility! Maybe I should keep a record of all the complaints I file and publish it into a "guide" for wannbe IT folks! :)

nostringsattached: Thanks buddy! :)

mirage: Thanks for the words of encouragement :p

Poison: The original is better. Glad you liked it! :)

Sreejith Panickar said...

LOL! Fantastic! You have always had a 'liking' for sysadmins, right? haha...