Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blue Screen Nirvana!

The other day I came across a vigilante know the kind that has news and updates about bad boy Microsoft, that we all read and then promptly forget about, when our Internet Explorer hangs or system reboots. Our "memory" is short and hence MS rules the hate waves bobbing up and down as swell and after swell of love-hate currents keep it afloat.

So I was at this site called Windowsvistasucksdotcom. I wanted to leave a comment asking why he uses Vista if it sucks and if he doesn’t use it then why is he grumbling, but comments were disabled.

The home page had brief snippets of articles titled, “Microsoft Sucks” and “Microsoft Sucks Big Time” etc with a clickable link to read the full story. There are people who click these links peoples. Yes, the types that are optimist that for once there will something new here like:

Microsoft is a rat
Microsoft is a donkey!

So here I was like a good Netizen reading up on the big bad wolf that we all hate to love and love to hate, when something caught my attentive eye. It was the layout of the news:

Dell refuses to discontinue Windows XP!

Dell, a major partner of Microsoft has categorically refused to discontinue Windows XP in it PC's and Laptops, due to consumer demand.....

Read more at BoycottNoveldotcom

The article at Boycott Novell also was truncated with:

Read more at CrushLenovodotcom

and then onto

Read more at Appleisnotbigdealdotcom

Read more at DecimateIBMdotcom

Read more at KillInfosysdotcom

Read more at TCSManagerssuckdotcom

Read more at StoneAccenturebecausetheyrejectedmyresumedotcom

Read more at CTSisaslavedriverdotcom

Read more at DownwithNarayanaMurthydotcom

etc etc

Notice anything strange here? Naah? I thought so.

Anyways after clicking through those links I finished reading the entire piece on how Dell refused to give up XP and then I came upon an interesting piece of news at annihilatetheworlddot com. It read....

"Microsoft has irked consumers and corporate customers with the most recent version of its Windows operating system,"

Wow! I thought. All the Windows haters must be dancing with joy right? Vista will kill Windows after Microsoft kills XP!! So I read on breathlessly...

Windows Vista requires, hefty investments in PC hardware and offers a paucity of compelling new features in return. Now there are signs that companies' are reluctant to install Vista so why oh why Steve Balmer are you killing XP *sob* Please don’t do this to us. Pleeassseee. How can you idiots ignore consumer’s demands!!! I hate you all!!! Microsoft sucks. Why do we bother with Windows when we have Linux and Ubuntu. Please Balmer, don’t scrap XP. I am begging you.....*boo hoo*

I couldn’t read a more...there was an awful noise coming from the site. Some .mpeg file I guess. I closed the Window and left. I can’t stand the sound of whining!!

That reminds me of this conversation that took place between me and Sam:

Hi Sam, got a minute?

I am busy da!

But you are doing nothing!!

System rebooting you see


Hey Windows is back again, we can talk now!


Wait...some fatal exception has occurred.


Oh no! Local scripting has been disabled!

You take your time Sam!

My Device Manager is also reporting an error! #$%@ Windows!!!

Why don’t you install Linux or Ubuntu???

Err hmmm ahem my system wont support them you see. These $#@ PC manufacturers are in cohort with the evil empire!! I hate them all!!! Oh thank god, Windows is back again!!

Now I am neither Pro nor Anti Microsoft as I have stated before. But I do believe that people who have a choice don’t crib. And those who crib, really don’t want the choice!


Abhi said...

Hey nice compilation. I wonder how u get time to go through all these sites when ur supposed to be a got shot employee in the it world.

On a different note i'd like to know what's running on ur system. :), so that i can direct some HAVE MAIL to ur said as well.

Anonymous said...

I love XP.. playing with registry files, crashing it, then reinstalling XP, all the drivers, games, applications, wow what a kick I get out of it..

(Yes I am seriously jobless =P )

Philip said...

I thought I liked the look and feel of Vista. That's before my bro showed me what the latest versions of Ubuntu could do. And I was left wondering, 'Why am I paying through my nose for something as crappy as Vista?'. So am I another cribber who doesn't want a choice...hmm...looks like that.

Vivek Menon said...

excellent investigation into such sites. Some of my friends lead a no-windows existence, although I coexist happily in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux worlds. In my opinion, "" is stretching it too far... LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really hate Vista and so I'm still using XP. So can't say I hate Microsoft.

mathew said...

I think all this fuss is overblown..c'mon we used floppy disk few years ago and people are unhappy with 100GB hard disks now!!

windows 2000 professional anyone..aas boring as bland as it gets!!!;-D

silverine said...

Abhi: For the first time, I didn't understand your comment! :p But I use Vista in my lappie and lately coverted my PC to Vista too! :)

balu: LOL!! Such fun no?

philip: I am yet to see a Ubuntu or Linux guy who has totally given up Windows! :)

Vivek: That site actually had a boycottnovelldotcom link! lol!!

Aravind: XP has become an icon of sorts now due to its stability I guess!

Mathew: Its cool to be anti MS so I guess the fuss will continue!

Jim said...

I like to use Linux as a day-to-day OS. I have it installed at home, and all the machines I use at work on a regular basis (which number about twenty different servers and workstations). However, I can't completely stay away from Windows because of two reasons. One, each time my professor asks me to do Powerpoints, I have to use MSOffice. If I use OpenOffice, the formatting can get slightly off. Second reason: a PCB layout program I use for work needs to run on Windows.

Now I don't crib all the time or anything, but there are times when XP's stupidity drives me up the wall, for example, the endless "Windows has just been updated and will now reboot" messages, right when I'm in the middle of something important.

My question to you is "How would you categorize users like me"? (Vista: User Jim is asking you a serious question, cancel or allow?)

Binny V A said...

As full time Linux user, let me just say...

Hari said...

Wow! That was the first time I saw someone take a neutral stand. Especially, Now that it's kinda fashionable to diss windows by the minute. (Duh, even I did that!)

As you rightly sum it up:
"Our "memory" is short and hence MS rules the hate waves bobbing up and down as swell and after swell of love-hate currents keep it afloat."

The neutral one was certainly a whiff of fresh air. But I *did* notice a Windows Enthusiast amid all your 'neutral' words... *evil grin*.

The sad fact, nevertheless, is that your tribe is dwindling! Whee!

Vikas SN said...

I like XP itself. Somehow didn't try other os at all :). Tried linux once but was too complicated so uninstalled it and living happily on XP now :)

Anonymous said...

Nice points about OS-fanatics and heights of linking for a single story :D

mirage said...

Interesting post silverine.
I like WindowsXP & use the same:))))


silverine said...

Jim: Question allowed! lol! I guess you would come under the "Why me God?" category of users! :p

Binny: :)

Harishanker: I am a Windows user alright till I find something better. What I cannot stand is this endless cribbing :) Reg dwindling users, I guess we are all used to that cliche now! :p

Vikas sn: Thats what most people I talked to say...that when it comes to user functionality, Windows is anyday better. Besides, they have slashed prices too.


Mirage: I used to too, till sometime back. Now I am on Vista! :)

Sriram said...

Bluescreens, crashes, unexpected random errors... well life goes on eh, Windows user?

I dont believe in senseless M$ bashing.. It's just pity for people stuck onto that OS :D

But if u ask me, XP is the most stable windows till date. Guess it was one big stroke of luck for them!

Anonymous said...

lets face it ... windows is our only option, if u r talking abt serious work, coz of the application it supports. but its also a fact that new versions of OSs from MS is a nightmare and as buggy as u can get. it even have issues with copatibility with existing routers /servers ... for example, we had to rewrite our access point data path just to support the way Vista disregards existing DHCP protocol

so ... what i wud do is migrate to XP only after 2000 is no longer available with new hardware and atleast two service packs are released for it. Same with Vista ... am still using XP in my lappie, though I had an option to get a brand new lappie loaded with Vista :)

In my opinion, Linux / Ubuntu is seriously good for embedded and development platforms ... but not so much for day to day (in laptops ... etc)

And yeah, Mathews comment reminded me that abt 10yrs back, 16MB of RAM and 100MHz CPU was awesome and now even 1 GB and 2GHz wont do. Isnt it that the OS is gobbling up all the resources since we dont really see our PCs to be faster? Hail MS ... intel / amd makes faster CPUs and MS eats up everything and doesnt give it to the user so that he buys more hardware :) Dont u see a cohort here?

Athira said...

oh .. i had a bloody time with vista as well .... it just crashes when it feels like it. until it killed my motherboard and i had to get it replaced. wow.. i almost never use vista nowadays just XP, it never gets the blues, unlike vista. Though with Microsoft's plan, wonder what is to happen! :-(

Sriram said...

@sandeep: what do u mean, Linux / Ubuntu? As if ubuntu is not linux! If you still need to use that forward slash please say GNU/Linux.

I have been using linux for two years and I use XP only for an occassional game of GTA. I emphasize ONLY. And I use it only because I have no hard disk space left to do another install of GTA under the program called 'wine' in linux.
With your 16MB of RAM and 100Mhz CPU, you CAN get a completely powerful linux system running.

Hope I've made my point.

Safari Al said...

openSuse 11.0 rocks. Screw windows.

Amey said...

From what I see, Vista seems to be a descendent of Windows ME and not XP. That said, the few PCs in our office running on Vista have nt had any problems yet.

And yes, XP is going to be taken off the market soon :D

Praveen said...

i salute your patience in clicking through all those links and eventually arriving at the content you wanted...I would surely have left half way through:D

and abt microsoft, some of this is mindless bashing at best. am no microsoft fan. I do have my reasons to hate them. But u have to give credit to them for making such a dumbed down version of an operating system, if not for which many of us wudn't be blogging or chatting as we do now. More than that, the PC wud've remained alien ...

freespirit said...

Well, get the best of both worlds. I like ubuntu when i am in the techie mode and windows when i am chatting/gaming . I have both of em on my machine and I am singing happy happy me ! :)

Abhi said...

So sad! :((

Anonymous said...

People love to crib.

We had similar whiny outbursts when XP was launched. People took time to move out of 98. Now you can't find people who prefer 98 over XP unless you dig up graves.

That being said, I have to agree that MS shouldn't pull the plug on XP. Give the consumers what they want. Let the transition to Vista be the consumer's choice.

I haven't really tried Linux ever. For some strange reason, it scares me. Oh, don't let the smiles fool you. Those penguins survive in a hostile environment. They're bound to have defense mechanisms. They are bound to be dangerous.

I'm not trying to be paranoid here, but I have a feeling some penguins are hiding in my closet. Hmm.. I think I'm babbling now. Time to stop.

Anonymous said...

Righto about the last line!

My take has always been this - If you hate MS so much, then dont use its products. If you use the products, then dont you dare talk about them,
You might want to read this mail I wrote to a friend sometime back, coz he was cribbing about Vista.. :)

--xh-- said...

"But I do believe that people who have a choice don’t crib. And those who crib, really don’t want the choice! " - So true.
Ubuntu is a good alternative for windows, and in many counts, is far better. but then again, people have their mental barrier to crack - whn they hear teh name linux, they shiver thinking itz all geeky stuff...