Friday, July 18, 2008

Badwill hunting!

Have you noticed the web advertisements of a job portal with this really catchy headline?

Fed up of your boss/colleague? Refer him to us!!

Very innovative no? What an incredibly devious way to get people to refer colleagues!!! Heh heh

And now...who was that %#$@ who referred my name to that site!!!!

Kindly raise your hands so that I can chop it off!! grr

Have a nice weekend folks. I will be very busy this weekend. Please pray that I catch him/her. And when I do....pray harder for him/her!!


Vivek Menon said...

LOL..can we advertise this way to get rid of roomies??

Deepti said...

Ok we are praying ... have a great weekend :)

Zahid said...

I raise my hands silverine.... Isi bahane ek bade blogger se mulakat hojaayegi unless unless you dot he spanking via net by referring to that site !!!


Have a gung-ho weekend !!! :P

mathew said...

"Please pray that I catch him/her. And when I do....pray harder for him/her!!"

The vengeance cometh!!!;-P

TERMINATOR IV starring Silverine Schwarzenegger!!

*In background a deep voice.. "Will she save the world and catch the crook!!"* ;-D

Neena Padayatty said...

I know it isn't good to laugh at someone's misery...but u make even misery sound hilarious.:)

Have a nice weekend

Hari said...

OMG!! Were you serious about being 'referred'??! :-o

May that *@# die in hell!!

All hail Silverine!

Anonymous said...


silverine employee up for grabs.

maybe now is the opportunity for me to get you dragged into MY company.

and THEN you can understand what torture really means. he he he...

Abhi said...

I wish that someone fries in Hell, but then i have a strong suspicion on Foxy! Watch out, he might be on a revenge mood!

Amey said...

Happy hunting! I suggest you start from the sysadmin, and your search may just prove short one ;)

Sriram said...

lol... loved the ending smallprint!

Bharat Rajawat said...

i liked your blog

Anonymous said...

have been reading ur blog for more than a year, but just noticed "bengaluru malluge". curious as to what it means?

silverine said...

Anonymous: This term has been inspired from "Mysore Mallige" which means 'Mysore jasmine', a type of jasmine native to the Mysore region.

Safari Al said...

The fact that 'something' else for a brief period of time (possibly even now) made Mysore Mallige famous.

I have a colleauge who studied in that college, and everytime he says he studied there to someone, the first thing they ask is "Oh...that one!!!". so much so, that now he says nothing about education whatsoever.

scorpiogenius said...

not me...not me...!

Anonymous said...

ok.. thanks for the clarification. but it is "mallige" not "malluge".. i initially thought malluge was the short form of "mallu gerl"(gerl = mallu pronounciation of girl.)

silverine said...

Vivek: heh I guess you can :p

deepthi: Thank you! :)

zahid: Weekend was gung ho indeed ;)

mathew: Terminatress is still on the prowl :(

Neena: Thank you! :)

Hari: I hope he is rotting in hell! :p

hammy: hehe that bad huh? Guess I will stay put! lol!!

Abhi: You have given a solid lead. Today I shall interrogate him! :|

Amey: LOL!!! Good you reminded me of my old enemies! :p

Sriram: Thanks buddy! :)

Bharath: Thank you! :)

Safari Al: Intriguing hmm

Scorpiogenuis: *whew* :))

Anon: That is exactly what I was referring to. I made "mallige" into "malluge" viz is meant to convey mallu gal.

Arunima said...


Anonymous said...

good luck with that..


Anonymous said...

once a Dilbert always a Dilbert! :D

You have only gotten better

Nikhil Narayanan said...

It was jus the other way round in my case.My boss referred me.Too good I am.


silverine said...

Arunima: :)

contunual timeshift: Thank you!

lash: Thanks buddy! :) Good to see you here!

Nikhil: Your boss referred you? :-O Mine has threatened me with dire consequences if I leave him! :(

Ajith said...

I recently read an artice in times of india, regarding 'Outplacement' which is an innovative method of firing employees. The HR manager will coordinate with an external consultancy and make them call his own employees and offer them attractive job offers. Thus by placing them in other companies instead of actually firing them. It will save the reputation of the company.

I dont think any HR manager will outplace Silverine, coz she is way too talented.

hope and love said...

great as usual.. nice to see my fav blogge is still going strong..!!