Monday, May 30, 2011

Interviews: then and now

Interviews Then

Interview Time: 11 am
Candidates arrives: 10:30 am
Interview begins: 11 am.

Interviews Now

Interview Time: 11 am
Candidates calls up to inquire if she can come next week: 10:55 am
Candidate says she is in native place and hence got delayed on the way back home: 10:58 am
Candidate asks for another time: 11 am
Interview fixed for next day after furious rescheduling of conference rooms, other interviewers etc : 12 pm

Candidate calls and says she is stuck in traffic jam: 10:55 am
Candidate calls again and says she is still stuck in the same spot: 11 am
Facility manager throws you out bodily out of the interview room: 11:05 am
Then he throws the laptop on your head: 11:06 am
Then he throws the laptop bag, your phone etc in the trash can: 11:07 am
Candidate calls and says that she is stuck in an altercation with the traffic cops: 11:15 am
Interview fixed for next day after furious rescheduling of conference rooms, other interviewers etc : 12 pm

Candidate calls and says she is stuck in traffic jam: 10:55 am
You bite back the epithets straining to get out of your mouth and wreak hell on the candidate and instead lie to the candidate in a sweet voice that the post has been filled up by another candidate “WHO ARRIVED ON TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW!!!!” :12:05 pm
Hear with sadistic pleasure her disappointed "oh": 12:06 pm
You run behind HR for more resumes to fill in the post: 12:07 pm... to for like forever!

A day in the life of a humble IT communications mule.


Sam, the Real Reader said...


Nona said...

What has changed between then and now? Are there more opportunities? Are there more body hunters trying to maximize their chances of finding a body?

sandeep said...

could not agree more :)

Anita Jeyan said...

LOL..what an interesting job u have...:D

Anita Jeyan said...

LOL..what an interesting job u have...:D

hammy said...

Well, there is an additional problem here... Escalation.

Knowing well the tendancy for such behavior from prospective candidates, the companies then try to outsmart themselves by scheduling ahead... I imagine they wink to themselves in the mirror and then put the interview time as 10:00 am when they fully know that nobody would be expected to turn up before 11:00 at best.

But seasoned candidates would then one-up the self-winking management back-patters... They would assume that management is already padding up their timeline. So when they hear 10:00 am, they automatically process the time as 12:45 am, and work towards that goal. Their entire strategy would consist of coming fresh and hearty to a room full of exhausted candidates who simply wasted their entire day from 10:00 am... Their dream of the interview would go something like this

Interviewer: Wow. You totally knew we were bluffing about the 10:00 am slot. Clearly, the others who showed up on time were mere idiots. I don't have any questions for you, other than when can you join up? And here... here's a bundle of cash as a joining bonus.
Candidate: Thank you.

Of course, this in turn, escalates management's padding of the time. It's a never ending cycle.

(Hi, Silverine... Been a long time since I've visited.. My new job has been... well.. taxing :)

Harish P I said...

lol.. tough job, right?

Grayquill said...

Yikes...good workers are so hard to find. But I gotta say the interview I was rather effective. You found out all yo needed to know without atcually meetint the person. I would say you should get an A+.

diyadear said...

good one :)
well i hope u'll write one soon from the candidates perspective too where afer a lot of gate crashing and avoiding stampede, the candidate arrives the waiting room and waits for 4 hours to get a response "technical panel not available"...:)

silverine said...

Sue: I didn't find it very funny :( I will punch that girl's face if I meet her :)

Nona: The change is evident in the post!

Sandeep: :)

Anita: I hate hiring :( Other than that my job is interesting :)

Hammy: lol! And thanks for all your other comments. Your comments are most entertaining :)

Harish: You bet! :)

Grayquill: Thank you!! I feel much better now :)

diyadear: Ouch! Did that happen to you? In this case she was given an interview time. And thank you for your comments on the older posts :)

AS said...


liked ur blog.. that was funny!

i like ur coffee post as well :)