Sunday, June 05, 2011

Corny capitalism

"One coffee please" I said to the cafeteria guy.

"What madam, not having two coffees like every day?" he said looking shocked.

I felt irritated at his question. Why can’t he just give me one coffee for gods sakes!!

"No thanks!" I snapped.

"Take ma. You can pay me later." he said understanding my dilemma. I didn’t have enough money to buy two coffees. I took the two thimble sized cups of coffee and walked back to my seat.

Next day I looked at my woeful looking purse. I still didn’t have enough money to pay him. I decided to save some money and pay him back for the double coffee he gave me this week, knowing very well that I may not be able to do it.

Finally after a week of saving and scrimping and tightening the belt, which was the hardest thing I did considering my financial circumstances, I paid him back.

He picked up the fifty rupee note I had kept on the table and remarked. "The extents you go to save your five rupee coins and ten rupee notes is commendable."

"And the lengths you go to ensure you do not give away small change by insisting on exact amount is also commendable." I said sarcastically before walking away.

Another week, another battle won against greedy corporate houses (however small) to whisk away my five rupee coins. Bloody bourgeoisie!


Harini said...

I save my five rupee coins too and am forever broke for change :-) Enjoyable read!

sandeep said...

i am more particular abt 10 rupee notes :) 5 rupee coins are ok :)

Nona said...

If you had 10 cups of coffee, then there is no issue of small change. :p

silverine said...

Harini: I am possessive about five rupee coins too! So it just breaks my hear to part with them. :)

Sandeep: I wont part with 5 or 10 rupees if I can :p I once paid 34 bucks by card to avoid shelling out change :))

Nona: That is what I did here and paid a 50 rupee note after some desperate measures that yielded a 50 rupee note :) Even 50 Rs notes are getting scarce :(

Destiny's child... said...

Oh it breaks my heart to part with those new golden five rupee coins! I understand.

ra said...

i remember i paid 1 auto guy 20 rupees and expected him to return 10 back to me .

he checked all the pockets and finally when he didn't find any change, he said : 20 complete charge...night time....night charge

i said WTF!!! it was 9 pm not even the clock touched 10....

i asked him to return back my 20 note and i gave all 10 1-rupee coins i took out from my bag...

damn these greedy guys they think every other person in the world is fool and they'll take all our money!!!