Monday, March 28, 2011

Dead and alive treated alike

Sign outside a tent selling native medicines on Bannarghatta Road:


Next time you want to check if you are dead or alive, you know where to go.

And if he pronounces you dead then...

  • You can buy your own coffin!
  • And dig your own grave!!
  • And if you are a Hindu, then you can go shopping for wood for your funeral pyre.
  • And get a good bargain too!!
  • Besides the unenviable opportunity to decide whether you should bury/cremate yourself or pay the 20 rupees and go back home.


p.s. he has medicines for a 'sexless' life too. Just take a dose and see your sexless life becoming a "sexess" err I mean success.

Music - Check your pulse and see if you're alive


Anonymous said...

But if he pronounces you dead, shouldn't you get him to refund the twenty rupees on the promise of never haunting him again?

Rajlakshmi said...


Hari said...

:D Hilarious!

hammy said...

Finally. An establishment that does NOT discriminate against the dead.

It's one of the worst cases of discrimination all around. And the fact is... it's not even a minority! The dead, who are by FAR the majority, are summarily buried by the living. They simply don't have a voice, if you don't count the charlatan psychics.

Sure, it's probably not a critical requirement from the dead... I doubt if they want their pulses checked periodically. At best, they'd want it checked before the next Resident Evil instalment, but still... it's a good start.