Monday, March 14, 2011

Technology to the aft

Today I saw the very first Indian TV commercial for a Home Pregnancy Kit. The commercial is shot in a typical Saas Bahu serial setting. The bahu, who seems to be a village girl comes tripping down the steps in a heavily embroidered ghaghra choli holding a uric acid dripping test stick, and nods to everyone present with a suppressed smile. The nodding I presume was to indicate that 1) She was pregnant and was very happy about it. 2) She was not pregnant and is much relieved.

The ambiguity of that smile ensures that both married and unmarried girls are covered in the commercial. How ingenious!!

I can almost visualize the impact this kit will have on many Indian families.

Saas: Bahu!!!! What does the test say?
Bahu: *blush* You are going to be a grandmother maaji.
Saas: Does that test tell you if it is a boy or girl?
Bahu: *gulp* Nahin maaji!
Saas (slapping her): Kalmui. What is the point of this test then!
Bahu: *sob*

Cut to year 2030. India is now a scientific super power. The pregnancy test kit developed by Indian scientists is a highly developed contraption with multiple services added to it.

Saas: Bahu! Are you pregnant or not?
Bahu: Yes I am maaji *blush*
Saas: What is it? A boy or a girl?
Bahu: A girl maaji. But don’t worry maaji. The pregnancy test kit has care taken of it. It is programmed to detect and terminate female fetuses immediately!
Saas: I am so proud of your bahu! Best of luck with the next try. I shall be rooting for you.
Bahu: *blush* Thank you maaji.
Husband: *groan*

Come to think of it, such pregnancy detection kits might be just the ticket for a happy family life in many Indian homes. When it comes to using technology to further reinforce our prejudices, blind beliefs and superstitions, we Indians are tops! Jai ho!


Sajesh said...

..pregnancy kit has taken *care* of it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Cheers for a home pregnancy kit taking care of females immediately. Though even in 2030 I think the bahu will still get a slap and “kalmui!” from her sasuma for even producing a female foetus.

Narendra Naramala said...

All this sexual discrimination is bad.... :(

In fact today's young guys are suffering because of this..!

The ratio is so less..! and competition more...! :(

Nona said...

:D Thanks for the post! It is good to start "Monday" with a smile!

Harish P I said...

Hope good sense prevails..

Rex said...

@Narendra - Blame years of prejudice for skewing the sex ratio - we guys are paying the price for discrimination by the previous generations. All hail Darwinian selection, not that I'm complaining :)

scorpiogenius said...

Not a bad idea! ;-) Perhaps we needn't have to wait for as long as in 2030 for the second scenario

Anonymous said...

how about the value-added pregnancy kits which send results to 'interested parties' via SMS?
for an extra rs 5, you can get it to play a celebratory song for a positive result (if positive is a cause for celebration, that is)..


Guruji said...

Quote of the day!

"When it comes to using technology to further reinforce our prejudices, blind beliefs and superstitions, we Indians are tops" ~Silverine

Binny V A said...

Jai ho, indeed.

Anish said...

what an idea sirJi ..........

silverine said...

Sajesh: Thanks :)

Gargimehra: You are right! How did I miss that!!

Narendra: The competition is not doing anything to stop this madness sadly.

Nona: :)

Harish: Amen!

Scorpiogenius: Scary scenario :(

Jackson: :D That sounds real interesting!!!

Santhosh: :)

Binny and Anish: Thank you :)