Monday, February 01, 2010

Brotherhood lurve

My mom was watching a cookery programme with great interest yesterday.

“Anju come here, see this” she said with a look that means she has spotted something interesting.

I wandered over to the sofa where she was sitting and saw a Chef teaching a young guy to cook on the television.

“He is teaching that guy to cook so that he can prepare a meal for his brother on his birthday!’ she gushed.

“What’s the big deal ma!” I said getting up.

‘Sit down!” she said pulling me down to the sofa. “He is making salads. You like salad recipes no?”

I sat and watched as the Chef prepared some mouth watering salads and salad dressings and laid them out in pretty dining ware.

He then looked at the camera and said “And now we will let Paul invite John for lunch.” Shaking Paul’s hand and bidding him goodbye the Chef walks away. The camera pans to the door and ‘John' walks in. My eyes pop out. He is white. Paul is American Chinese.

“So sweeet!” cooed my mom smiling indulgently at the TV, head tilted to one side.

“Err ma” I said quickly. "I think something is burning in the kitchen!"

“Tch tch” said my mom, getting up and hurrying towards the kitchen. Splits seconds later, below the picture of John and Paul came the legend. John and Paul, Life Partners.

By the time mom came back from the kitchen, they had finished looking dreamily into each others eyes while battling the desire to make wild passionate love.

“What did I miss?” asked my mom.

“Oh nothing” I said dismissively, trying not to show the utter relief on my face. “He surprised his "brother" with the lunch.” I said avoiding her eyes.

“Awwwww” said my mom again, totally bowled over by the scene.

"Ewwww" went I, in my mind totally nauseated by the scene.

I left her gushing at the TV...when the program ended.

That was a close call! *phew*

There should be some control over what is shown on televisions these days. We cannot let our parents watch such shows unsupervised!! It will corrupt their tender old minds! What if I wasn’t around? I demand some answers from the government as a concerned child, NOW!


skar said...

Except for the slight oddity that it was salad in stead of some sort of soup, this incident is in perfect accord with the old maxim which says, "Too many cooks spoil not only the broth but also the brother" :|

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha ..
Nice One.

As good as always!

Every monday morning 1st thing I do is to open reader and read your blog.

Kiran said...

Ok the post was funny; but the ending was hilarious :) :) :) .. or was it? I seriously think we need CG (under Child Guidance) ratings for movies.

I dread the moments when I'm watching some music channel with parents; and up pops Kats wearing what can only be described as a petticoat, gyrating and imploring the viewer to touch, hold and kiss her (not that I'd mind that one bit .. but thats a different topic isnt it ;) )

And now that my mom has learnt to use internet, I am desperate to install a parental filter on my PC .. any suggestions? :P

Guruji said...


Apart from commenting on the relevance of the socio-ethical context of this post that highlights a different dimension of 'parental control', I must thank you for clearing one of the biggest confusions that I had lately - What could be the worst thing to watch on TV over a weekend - I got it now -"Gay man learning to cook a meal for his partners birthday" (They can be called 'Brothers in Arms')

Unknown said...

outrageous! once again, its the foreign channels that are showing such culture-less programming, intended no doubt to brainwash our youth into following their perverse agenda of deviant behaviour..

we must ban all foreign channels, and force everyone to watch wholesome programming that conforms to indian cultural norms, such as roadies, and that celebrity gossip show (show? isn't that what the entire channel does?) on zoom..

but i propose we make an exception for the exercise show that zee cafe airs at 1 am.. we need to exercise, especially late at night, and especially as instructed by bikini models grinding to annoying dance music..

and now, i think i hate all tv..

Unknown said...

also, just out of curiosity, was it a tossed salad?


Sabarinath C said...

"We cannot let our parents watch such shows unsupervised!! It will corrupt their tender old minds!" - Awesome way of putting it and turning the tables on parental guidance

Anonymous said...

The point is understood. I won't mind educating my parents on this.

The Holy Lama said...

ROFL. Seriously what can we do?

Cris said...

Enjoyed the humour part - in the last para. But dont understand what could be so nauseating about a man cooking for his lover. If it was a man cooking for a woman I suppose everyone would have went "awww" the way your Mom did. Guess it will be a long long wait before people accept same-gender couples.

Anonymous said...

ROFL ,yeah yeah we should censor the programs and make it suitable for 'parents' view :) ...we shouldn't let there tender old minds corrupted....

Dominic Issac said...

The wrold is changing, so the tv channels must keep up. We now live in a world where hmoosexuality is becoming more and more "normal. why shouldn't it be expressed in our everyday lives if it is affect only a minority people.

silverine said...

Karthik: hehe Something new I learned today :p I am talking about the saying! :|

Anon: Thank you buddy! :)

Kiran: I agree that we need CG rated content nowadays. I would hate to see the sullying of the innocent minds of our elders and I am serious. :) TV watching with parents are out nowadays. Unless it is news or cookery shows. Parental filter was too good. Patent that! :))

Santhosh: "the relevance of the socio-ethical context of this post that highlights a different dimension of 'parental control'" haha Loved that! I just love the way you use jargon to convey a funny comment! :)

Jackson: "wholesome programming" lol! That cracked me up. Our channels are a good preview of our Indian culture! After all we show ourselves as we are, don't we? :) And I am sure lots of readers here would be thankful for the lil info on the zee cafe show that airs at 1 :| Tossed salad ewwwwww

Sabarinath: Thank you. But don't you think somethings goes way above our parents heads? :)

Partha: A liberated soul I see! :)

The Holy Lama: Am glad you agree! :p

Cris: This is the reality in most Indian homes. And I have said it the way I feel. I am not going to make politically correct false noises here. The day I am comfy with this you will read it here.

Anish: lol! Some stuff is too much for them to digest! :)

Dominic: I can give a better speech than what you have given here on the same topic. But till I believe in it, I will not. btw love your spellings.

Unknown said...

sorry, i just couldn't resist it.. :-)

Blunt Edges said...

lol...i did silverine is homophobic ha? that's news!

Nikhil Menon said...


Just missed.. :P Or prolly had she come seeing u watching INTERESTINGLY,things wuda been different too..Thank goodness that din hpn.. :P


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... good one silverine
@Jackson - tossed salas was good one! :D

Anonymous said...

> We cannot let our parents watch such shows unsupervised!

Destiny's child... said... suffice, seriously!
I am with you on this one. I won't let television disturb my parents mind.
Still lol-ing....

mathew said...

not as bad as the instance when i had to shout..

"LOOK AMMA..LOOK APPA...THE POPE!!!" pointing in the other direction when a potential display of brotherly was imminent during a stroll in Rome.........

Nona said...

I second you! Where is govt when we need them?

The Wanderer said...

Damn... how inconsiderate of you to send your mom to the kitchen at the most important moment... I am sending DVDs of Kal Ho Na Ho and Dostana for your mom. :P

Pink Mango Tree said...

exactly... their mind too becomes corrupt! :)

Gomes said...

@ Silverine
The only time I found your humour a bit off colour.
It is not about political correctness, it is about insensitivity to a basic human rights issue and setting double standards.

Ashly said...

Oh...God..."What if I wasn’t around?" true....that was a narrow escape for your mom.

dude....u rock!!!! LOVED the last part!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand what's nauseating about this?

Ed said...

The government cant do a thing, after all they are old parents to. I as well am a clueless parent and just can not figure out some of the twisted shows the kids watch.....just as well.

jobypk said...

Well, it isn't like there are no famous gay/lesbian couples in Kerala. Your mother must surely have heard of Nandu and and Sheela. The popular TV show "Nammal Thammil" even had an episode in which a number of gay/lesbian couples were invited to discuss their lives and the difficulties they face, with the audience. Ask her about them. You maybe surprised. :)

Grayquill said...

Yip a sure sign fo bad things to come, when Mom needs maoral supervision.
Good - Creepy post!

silverine said...

Jackson: No probs! :)

blunt edges: No, I am not hmmpphh. Just not used to PDA from them. It is not a regular sight. :p

Multimenon: My interesting things are rather tame affairs like movies and cookery shows :)

Anon: Thanks! :)

Binny: Thank you! :)

DP: Absolutely! We cannot sully their pure minds :p

mathew: LOL!! I guess you had it rougher than me. I can imagine! :))

Nona: hehe

$$:The world is changing too fast for them actually! :)

Gomes: Please! My post is a simple narration of a situation that happened. That's all!

Capt Haddock: Thank you Capt! :)

Anon: You don't have to. Really!

ED: Love your blog. Thanks for dropping by! :) And yes, some things are changing too radically for the older gen! :)

Jobypk: Both my parents do not watch 'any' Malayalam programmes and that includes news. In fact they hardly watch any TV. I like the mallu news channel though. They still follow the straightforward reporting of yore! :)

Grayquill: haha and here in India it is worse as we are more conservative.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Hehe. Though it seems like you have dived into controversies here. But I do get your point.

My grandma unfortunately has seen such stuff and since then has always supported my hanging around girls. Makes her feel 'Aal Iz Well'. :D :D

hope and love said...

silvie great to know that u r still going strong.. :)