Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Driving under the influence of stupidity

An intern engineer in our office requested for leave today as soon as he came to office . The conversation between him and the boss went like this.

Intern: Sir, I need a half day’s leave today.
Boss: Why?
Intern: Ahem, I need to meet someone.
Boss: You can meet him or her on weekend!
Intern: No Sir, I have to meet him today at 12 ‘o’ clock sharp.
Boss: You meeting a doctor?
Intern: No!
Boss: Prospective in laws? Heh heh
Intern: No!
Boss: Then who?
Intern: The Police inspector Sir.

Boss picks himself up the floor and glares at him.

Boss: What did you do?
Intern: Err nothing serious!
Boss: Ha! Eve teasing yeah?
Intern: No Sir.
Boss: Ragging?
Intern: No Sir.
Boss (irritably): Then what is it?
Intern: *Gulp* drunken driving Sir! But I swear I wasn’t drinking….

His reply was lost in the wind as he sped down the hallway with a furious Boss in hot pursuit. I haven't seen the boss this livid ever! That was the last we saw of them today!

p.s. if you are wondering why the Boss acted the way he did, here is why. The Boss had told the Intern to take his car home yesterday night you see. He was going to be dropped home by his friend after a party. Intern lives close to the Boss’s house.

That reminds me I am in charge of booking a conference room for the dart game. Gotta go. Have a nice week folks!


Destiny's child... said...

Oops! Caught, isn't he?

Unknown said...

seems like the poor schmuck forgot the old adage: 'if its not your car, don't take it to the bar'..

if i was his boss, i'd sentence him to death by intern-al combustion..


Anonymous said...

poomanam.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz poor he caught huh? :P

Aditya Kasavaraju said...

LOL haha poor guy! Was caught either way :P

mathew said...

whatay a honest intern! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Honesty is still the best policy. May sound stupid. But dishonesty won't take one long.

Ashly said...


May be he has an interview to attend.

Aniket Thakkar said...

lol@Jackson over intern-al combustion.

Well, the police had obviously got it all wrong. After all, he swore didn't he? I believe him. :D

Amit said...

The best thing I read since Morning!
Good & Refreshing post!
Keep it Up.

Nona said...

Didn't he check his garage in the morning?

Deepthi Nair said...

lol....poor thing ..wasnt in his senses after all!!!

The Wanderer said...

LOL! Reminds me of an incident here where a young man purchasing beer at the supermarket was asked for Age Proof and unable to find anything else, showed a recent fine ticket handed over to him by the cops for Driving Under Influence. :P

Pink Mango Tree said...

Hahaha...!! Interesting... this intern is like Jagathy in Mal movies!

Shrutzz said...

chooochweeettt so honest!!!!

Annemarie said...

So cute this is!!! :-) Refreshing post and good read...as always!

thomas said...

I've a strong suspicion that the macri manager might've slyly intoxicated the intern out of jealousy that the boss asked him to take his car instead of asking macri, i mean marco. You never know what macris are capable of.

Anirban said...

I know of a similar situation in real-life when a colleague asked to be rescued from the thana because he had been caught sneaking into the Ladies Only compartment of a Local Train. :))

silverine said...

DP: Poor fellow! hehe

Jackson: lol! It was the boss who had intern-al combustion. Luckily the car was unharmed and neatly parked in the garage.

Anon: Nice to hear that! Thank you! :)

Rajlakshmi: Yes! :p

Aditya: lol! What a predicament!

Mathew: He had no choice! :)

Anon: True! But he really had no choice but to be honest :)

Capt Haddock: :p The cops took away the license.

Aniket: They are strict with checking these days and take away your license if caught! :)

Amit: Thank you buddy! Made my day! :)

Nona: Why?

Deepthi: He was in a 'altered senses' state! ;)

Blue Indian: LOL! That was really funny! :))

SS: Really?

Shrutzz: That is what I thought too! But he had no choice but to be honest! :)

Annemarie; Cute indeed! Like a school boy! :)

Thomas: You watch your back young man. We, i.e. your victims and some marcom people are planning something nasty for you! Prepare to be unpleasantly surprised! :|

Anirban: lol! In Blr they don't arrest you for drinking and driving. But they take way your license.

Blunt Edges said...

lol...n dart game at the conf room ha? well anythings possible when the boss ain't around!

Jeevan Krishnakumar said...

Ha ha...refreshing read!

Grayquill said...

Did the drinking happen at that last dart game tournament?
Silverline, "STEP AWAY FROM THE BAR!" :)

silverine said...

blunt edges: We make very creative use of conf rooms! :)

Jeevan: Thank you! :)

Grayquill: lol! If it wasn't an Intern, that would have been a distinct possibility! :))

Sajith said...

hahah! lol! who said honesty was the best policy! :D