Friday, February 05, 2010

The no fail diet!

I sat at the cafeteria table and looked mournfully at my lunch. There was rice, fish curry, cabbage thoran and some other stuff in my lunch carrier. It looked most uninspiring. I looked up to scan the Cafeteria menu, hoping to find something more interesting to eat. Just then my colleague joined me on the table and gingerly placed a steaming bowl on the table. My mouth watered at the sight. His lunch looked scrumptious!!

Colleague looked at my lunch, barely able to take his eyes off the tiffin carrier and its contents. He swallowed hard and looked at me.

“You going to eat that?” he said pointing to my tiffin.
“No.” I replied. “What about you?” I asked looking greedily at his lunch.
“ I don’t feel like eating this.” he said making a face.
“Can I have your lunch?” I asked hopefully. “You can have mine if you want.” I said drooling.
“Sure!!!” he exclaimed grabbing my tiffin carrier like an eagle swooping up its prey.

The next half hour, there was pin drop silence at the table as we devoured each others lunch without a word. A satisfied “ahhh” escaped my lips as I polished the last remnants off my plate. Colleague drank the payasam with great relish and closed his eyes in sheer ecstasy.

Then he got up to wash the tiffin while I went and dumped the Styrofoam plate in which the cafeteria people had served his Maggie noodles, in the dustbin.

My belly sighed in deep contentment.

Colleague handed over the clean tiffin, thanked me and we went our separate floors.

Note to self: Next time ask colleague his name.

Don’t look at me like that folks!!! How else will I ping him and catch him for lunch? Hmmphh

Have a nice weekend friends. TGIF!


Unknown said...

Hey, that was cool...I should have done the same thing with my bowl of soup for lunch!

Unknown said...

maggitarians unite!

Pink Mango Tree said...

TGIF...!!! :)
...n the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence!

Anonymous said...

Same happened to me umpteen times in church and during train journeys.It is okay at times,But when this pretty chic talk to me next time as if she know me for ages , then how can i ask "may i know your name" ....

Chandni (Chanz) said...

u really didnt know him..??

Remember, mommy say "Dont take eatbles from strangers..!!"


Vinita Apte said...

hahaha this was way too cool. I cannot believe traded homecooked food for Maggi :)

I am sure you guys will definitely bump into each other in the cafeteria soon. Good luck for many such tradeoffs.

The Holy Lama said...

Maggi is liked till girl gets married. After that too much Maggi and too less real food brings back memories of thoran, payasam and others

Mamta said...

I LOVE maggi!!

skar said...

The Gift of the Maggi by Oh Anjali
Now featuring a happy twist ending

Blunt Edges said...

send the link of this post 2 the "mera maggie moment" thing that comes on tv! ;)

TGIF indeed! :D

The Wanderer said...

Thanks for the tip. Now I know what to take to meet interesting girls ;)

*Note to self: Purchase 12 packets of Maggi RIGHT NOW!*

Nona said...

That was worse than a one night stand!!!!

Isn't it funny that we fall the next one's tiffin box?

Aniket Thakkar said...

Whats in a name? Just throw off your name and I'll grab your tiffin... ;)

I cant remember the last time I carried a lunch box. Missing home food. *sob sob*

scorpiogenius said...

Memories of Maggi again! You know Maggi was once a prestigious dish in our home, mummy used to prepare it may be once a month and we used to love it... I mean, LOOOOOVE IT!

Mummy was of the opinion that such foods were not too healthy for the body, so she stuck with rice, sambhar, fish n stuff. It's funny to think about it now, every now n then noodles are the only way for me to fill my stomach since I'm too lazy to cook...

Find Myself in Peace said...

Hey thats strange, you really don't know his name :) :) :).

Mind Curry said...

wots in a long as he loved your mom's food, hes sure gonna come back looking for you anyway :)

silverine said...

Cutting: :)

Jackson: Let the call go out to every corner of India! :)

$$: You mean looks delicious on the other side? :)

Anish: You are very chivalrous! Lol!

Chanz: We are a big company. So I know many people by sight, not by name! :)

Lazy Pineapple: lol! Thanks!

The Holy Lama: So true says my married colleagues!

mamta: Me too!!!

karthik: :D

blunt edges: You mean those irritating photos and some text on the packet? No way! :)

The Blue Indian: ha ha best of luck buddy! :))

Nona: LOL!! I am hoping it will be a regular affair! ;)

Aniket: We have fourth world war at home if we bring food back uneaten. So I look for bakras to offload the stuff! :)

Scropigenous: Nothing has changed buddy. My mom still thinks it is bad and doesn't encourage it at home. :)

Find Myself in Peace: No I don't! It is not something weird when you work in a large company.

MC: Fingers crossed! :p

Small Talk said...

Though Maggi is my all time fav food.....
Ur tiffin had fish curry and cabbage thoran exchngng tht for Maggi :(
I really wish I was in ur office...I wuld hv happily made u Maggi daily exchange for lovely Ammachis fish curry.....

Destiny's child... said...

I have a totally uninspiring lunch box of rice, koorka and potato thoran and olan and your fish curry meals sound appetizing! :)

Intern said...

dont know his name?? loll

i spent a whole semester with a so - called frend, whose name i only came to know after the end of exams!! loll