Monday, January 04, 2010

Maternal connectivity

My brother who was attending the Sunburn 2009 in Goa, decided that he will drive to Goa for the festival with his friends. Mom was very apprehensive as she thinks the roads are dangerous at “this time of the year” (viz 365 days of the year as far as she is concerned). But I never realized how apprehensive she was till my brother returned safe and sound, and showed us his mobile in some exasperation. Wondering what had got to him so much, I read through the SMS’es. It was mostly from Mom and made a ummm rather interesting read.

Day One

Where are you?
Where are you now?
You had lunch?
What about your medicines?
Don’t tell lies!
Have you reached?
Have you reached now?
Great, Take bath and go to sleep! No going to the beach. Newspaper reports high waves in Karwar.
Goodnight. God bless!
Are you awake or asleep?

Day Two

What time did you sleep yesterday?
Don’t tell lies!
What do you mean I woke you up so early? It is 12!!!
When is this festival?
How many of your friends have come?
Make sure you stay with the crowd. Goa unsafe!
Have you reached back to the room?
I called you, you did not pick up!!!
Good night and God bless!

Day Three

When are you leaving?
Dad says check your bike before leaving.
Because I am your mother that’s why!
Where are you now?
Did you have lunch?
If it is late stay in Hubli. Don’t drive in the dark!
Where are you now?
And now?
Don’t swear young man!!!!

I am not going to mention bros response to all this. But it was a study in great self control and usage of the most civil words possible under extreme circumstances to convey extreme irritability, annoyance and suicidal frustration!

Note to self: Thank God, that bro does not remember who gave his mom the phone with a stylus for easy text messaging. Phew!


Pink Mango Tree said...

Hilarious at its peak!
Yeah... moms never change, especially if they are from God's own country! :)

Great start, girl! :)

Bullshee said...

Ha ha!!

I understand what your brother went through. Went through something similar earlier in December.

Moms get so pissed off when they don't get the answers they're looking for!

Shrutzz said...

hehehee, how much I can connect to this...My MIL is two times this :)

sandeep said...

he he he ... i am expecting another post when ms silverine is out somewhere and mom takes out that same stylus :)

thinking again ... isnt sms better than calls!

The Holy Lama said...


Indian Pundit said...

Hahahahaha....super funny.......

Moms are just like that.......

Cheers and Happy New Year

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍||Halfkallan said...

Ha ha ha .. . !!! Moms wont change :-)

Blunt Edges said...

lol...took an extra effort 2 avoid laughing out real loud in the office! :D:D:D

wonderful! happy new year :D

Ashly said... sounds more like my wife's messages to me, when i am out.

Destiny's Child said...

Moms everywhere are the same. :)

Sorcerer said...


Awesome man!! awesome..

moms!! they quiz till they get the answer they want..haha

thebanalsprite said...

*sigh* Lucky children only y'all are. My folks gave up on me. Same "No use at all, kanna. That's why." to repeated requests to show me some parental affection.

Anonymous said...

Hehe , i'm damn sure ,most of them reading this went through the same at least once in there life time .....Don't know y these moms are so over protective and over concerned..especially mallu mommies

Nikhil Menon said...

Hilarious!!! :D omgg.. :P
Mom is actyually naturally concerned,but the way she puts it is funny.. :))

Happy New Year!! :)


Quirky said...

Lol.. A tot. 'connect-able' post!

Amey said...

Aah, cellphone with easy text messagin - the gift that keeps giving, huh?

What am I saying? Of course it was intentional on your part, to get your brothers in (even more) trouble.

Mind Curry said...

man..tell me about it! or perhaps, as they say, mums the word :) but werent you also at the Sunburn? heard it was awesome..37 DJs eh? guess where i spent my new year? at home..and i was the DJ to a crowd of 7 kids..all below no paul van i think it was the best new year's eve party ever..i did a fab fireworks display for them too.

Synapse said...

parents are the same everywhere!

Indian Madder said...

These mothers I say!! :)

Wait till your bro starts living away from home..... maternal SMSing will become an art form by then!!

Shal said...

No wonder my kids keep patting me on the back!! *Halo around head* :P Besides, I am too busy (and lazy)!! OMG your Mom has so much energy!! :)))

Rajlakshmi said...

hehehehe mom will be mom... :P
hillarious :P

WA said...

Do have some sympathy for my son. If I don't get a response (the limit to my patience varies, sometimes the panic sets in after a few mins of no response) I then start texting all his friends

Lash said...

Dont tell lies! :D

The Wanderer said...

LOL! I feel like writing (most probable) replies to all those messages...but I'll spare the torture ;)

HaPPy NeW YeAR!!!

Aniket Thakkar said...

There's no cell phone connectivity in Goa. None at all near the beaches.

Yes. That's the truth that my brother adn I vouch for on our Goa trips. Don't you dare tell my mom otherwise!

PS: Going to Goa from 21st to 26th. Everyone's invited. Yay!

PPS: While discussing whether to go by train or bus, friend says: let me check the mortality rates. I love living among geeks. :D

silverine said...

Shalini: Thank you!! Heres to a yappy new year to all of us bloggers! :)

Bullshee: That was new information. We thought only our mom was this way! :)

Shrutzz: OMG!! Poor guy! :p

Sandeep: :D Well...this happens only when we are driving long distances! Otherwise she is fine. Phew!

The Holy Lama: Thank you for dropping by O Holy One! :)

Indian Pundit: So it seems! :D Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for visiting.

Halfkallan: :) Then we need to learn to live with it!

blunt edges: lol! Happy New Year to you too!

Capt Haddock: Aiyyayo...wife also? My sympathies! :)

DP: Looks like that to me now from the comments, so mine is not gone cuckoo as we thought! Happy New Year to you too! :)

Sorcerer: In fact we call her Quiz Master at home! :))

thebanalsprite: lol! Lucky you!! I am sure there are many of us who would love to be in your shoes.

Anish:From the comments here it doesn't look like it is confined to mallu mommies. I am so happy that others suffer the same fate too! hehe :p

MultiMenon: Her righteous indignation at any rebellion she is caused is really funny. :)

Quirky: Ah! Another sufferer I see! Nice! :)

Amey: LOL!!! Spot on always!

MC: Cho chweet! I am sure the kiddies had a lot of fun. We had a house party too, in my friends ancestral house in Goa. The best NY ever!! :)

Synapse: Happy New Year buddy! Nice to see you here after a long time. btw missing your blogs! Please blog this year! :)

Zahra: We are a tad lucky that way. The flurry of SMS's happen only when we are driving long distances. She needs a milestone by milestone SMS report hehe.

Shal : You observed right. She has more energy than all of us. So we let her do all our work lol!!

Rajlakshmi: Thank you dear. Always a pleasure to see you here!

WA: :)

Lash: Maa Kasam, I say the truth and wonly the truth! :| Happy New Year buddy! :)

The Blue Indian: ha ha that would be an interesting read!

Aniket: You and your brother are geniuses!! Damn!! Why didn't we think of that!!! :(
Lol'ing at your friends observation!! Geeks are fun. One day I will blog about the geeky encounters I have had! :)

Grayquill said...

Very funny - I could hear your brothers responses just as if it were my own son talking to my wife.
opps - I didn't say that :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the post.
My son aged 14 read it too. He had a good preview of what to expect a few years hence - I guess.

The Wanderer said...

Here are (what I feel) your bro's responses would be:

(Keep the momma's sms-es in front while reading these)

Day One

Reaching Goa in a hour, mom
Mom, it's been just 30 minutes since you last asked that.
Yeah...took them!
NO!!!! I'll tell you when I reach.
Ok mom.
So? I am NOT in Karwar!
Good Night :)
I WAS asleep until u woke me up with this sms

Day Two

Yeah, 12 is early! I am on holiday!
It's today, you know mom.
All of them
Yes, I will
So? I said I reached, right?
Good Night :)

Day Three

Today mom. You know it, right?
Why do u have to always keep telling me these small things?
OK Whatever!
Started from Goa an hour back.
It's NOT lunchtime yet, mom.
Why not? My bike has headlights
Reaching home in an hour
What the Hell! Told u na reaching home!
OK. Sorry!

(You can add these to the post itself if you want to!)

Aparna said...

I have a daughter who is 14 and I am on my way to become exactly like your mom. At least she let your brother go....

jj said...

wow...its true gal!!

P.H.A.B said...

It's the "divine right" of parents to butt in their kids' life nd make a mess and tht of the kids to bitch abt it (or get new foster parents)..

Useless Bugger said...


Bechari auntyji aur bechara tera bhai! :-)

Absolutely loved this post. Still laughing.

Binoy said...

When I go on bike mom asks me to take the car.If I use the car she asks me to go by train.If I go by train she might prefer a flight over it. And then she tells its better not to travel and recalls all the accidents that happened to near and dear ones.

Nowdays I will be worried if mom doesnt start her usual hysteria before travelling

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hhahha - yes, and it is usually easier to tell them exactly what they want to hear - yes of course I'm asleep mom, it is just 3 am here!

Srinivas said...


long time since i saw ur blog anjali..

the monologue just tells you everything.

silverine said...

Grayquill: So things are not that different in the US yeah! I am sure my brother would be happy to hear that! :)

Neela: :D Glad I was able to help!

Blue Indian: :D You must be a very patient guy. Good compilation. My brothers responses were monosyllables! :p

Aparna: :D We will count our blessings henceforth!

Jiju: :)

PHAB: hehe dont we drive them crazy too? :p

Parikshith: You said it, bechara both! :p Thanks buddy!

Binoy: A confession. I am the same when someone from home travels! :(

Sudipta: Hey that sounds like a good idea!!

Srinivas: Nice to see you buddy! Happy New Year! :)