Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupidity Quotient

There is this lovely program airing on one of our local FM radio station called 'Music Quotient". It is a music contest that tests your knowledge of Bollywood music. The questions are reasonably tough and prizes really good. On certain days they have Bollywood stars taking part and the contest is made doubly tough for them considering the fact that they are from the industry. Last week we had Neil Nithin Mukesh.

RJ: *Plays a song from one of Neil’s recent movies Gaddar* Neil you have to identify this song! This is a tough one!
Neil: This is indeed tough!! So so tough. Lemme guess. This is a song from the movie Gaddar!!
RJ: OMG!!! You got it right!!! Amazing. Such a tough question too! Congratulations!! *canned applause*
Neil: Thank you. You are right! This was a tough one. *whew*

The week before that we had Bipasha Basu.

RJ: *Plays a song from one of Bips’s recent movie Bachna Eh Haseeno* Bipasha you have to identify this song! This is a tough question I know.
Bipasha: This is a tough question indeed!! Lemme guess this is a song from the movie Bachna Eh Haseeno?
RJ: OMG!!! You got it right!!! Amazing. Such a tough question too! Congratulations!! *canned applause*
Bipasha: Err thank you!
Listeners: :-O

Next week we have Mr What's-his-name!! Who cares who he is. We Bangaloreans, are already blown away by his brilliance.


Narendra Naramala said...

hehe... bet many of the movie stars won't be any smarter.. :D

Narendra Naramala said...


heyy..thts my blog...
thought it 'll get some publicity if put it in ur comments section.. ;)

it's rarely visited by any.. :(

Jinguchakka said...

I too listened to this, but didn't listen enough to notice all this you mention.
You must be having a longer drive home. :-)

scorpiogenius said...

lol, not surprised. The radio-wallahs must be really looking out for some serious talent.

Some of the channels used to tickle us with some similar contests, but we could easily see the pun in it. Its just for gags.. One Q was like,

# In the movie Kal Ho Na Ho, Shah Rukh sings the song 'pretty woman' intended at:

1. Pretty Santa
2. Preity Zinta
3. Not-Pretty Santa
4. Not-Pretty Zinta

But the one in your post the Q does make one think.. :P

The Wanderer said...

Oh come on... do you expect these 'stars' (when did Neil Nitin become one??? :O) to try attempting KBC-type questions and make a complete fool of themselves on air? BTW do you remember the "quality" of questions that were thrown at these "intelligent" people when they came on special episodes of KBC?

Vinita Apte said...

eeu eeu eeu.....truly stupid....they could not get more innovative!!!

Destiny's child... said...

Heights of stupidity indeed!

Unknown said...

well, here's one way they could keep the format and make it more entertaining: play songs that even the stars will be too embarrassed to admit were in their movies..

eg, play 'you are my chicken fry, you are my fish fry' to govinda etc..

actually, scratch that.. they'd probably just wind up inviting govinda every week..

Ashly said...

We Bangaloreans, are already blown away by his brilliance ---> add my Sd/- too under that.

The Holy Lama said...

Just think how intelligent we feel listening to that. Good job, radio channel:D

Pink Mango Tree said...

Or, it could be...
What is Shah Rukh's next movie? Fill in the blanks - "My Name is ____"

Anonymous said...

They always do those kinda craps :).
Who knows whether it is real neil or bips.And after all who can able to remember the dumb movies of Neil nithin....Between this is far better when compared to there those 'mind bluffing jawks'

Anonymous said...

Theirs is a world of pretension. Their shocked expressions are close resemblances of their fake worlds. No point blaming them.

Quirky said...

Roftl @ the parting shot :)

Tall Guy said...

The RJ certainly believes that stars suffer from short term memory, no wonder the easy ones.

First time here, seeing the traffic diverted to my blog from here with one of my post in the "Best of the Week"

Just wondering if you posted the link or was it the trick of the widget.

Kiran said...

Self-righteous - thats the only way I can describe these actors who shamelessly do this kind of marketing for their movies.

And I remember one episode of KBC in which Preity Zinta was the special guest. There was a question about rupee coins and denominations .. and the lady did not even know that there exists a 2 rupee coin!!! What right do these peopke have to appear on such shows and insult our intelligence?

I'm absolutely LMAO at scorpiogenius' comment :D ;)

And BTW .. thanks for linking to my post in the "Best of this Week". Made my day :)

Blunt Edges said...

lol :D

Grayquill said...

hmmmm...could this be a sign that the radio station is in trouble? or the host is just really having a tough time coming up with new material. Hey, if the music is good - put up with the weak dialogue. Suffer on:)

Shrutzz said...

they are out of IDEAS.....SAD!!!
These stupid marketing skills do no good to these actors...

silverine said...

Narendra: I guess the questions were made keeping in mind their smartness! :) Will surely drop by your blog!

Jinguchakka: I listen to FM Radio during my evening walk with the doggies. That's how I get to hear the full thing. :)

Scorpigenius: That reminds me of MTV quizzes. Exact same questions! :p

The Blue Indian: I remember the Star's KBC. But the money was going for a good cause so did not mind the 'rigging'. :) But here the questions are tough for listeners, besides it is insulting to our intelligence.

Lazy Pineapple: Yeah, wish the stars lost gracefully!

DP: Yep! :)

Jakson: LOL!! Hope the radiowallahs don't read your comment! :p

Captain: :)

The Holy Lama: Hey didn't see it that way! I guess the stars invariably made fools of themselves! :)

SS: lol! Good question, and a very tough one indeed! :))

Anish: I think it is the real stars. But they should realism this is a Blr audience not a rural audience who will fall for this.:)

Partha: hmm true in a way.

Quirky: :p

The Survivor: I did link your blog as it was a really good read. I wish the widget would do the work for me though! :p

Kiran: Omg! I cannot believe she didn't know about the two rupee coin. After her teams debacle in the last IPL she must be an educated soul now! :p

Grayquill: Your have a point It is not easy to keep listeners engaged.

blunt edges: :p

Shrutzz: Very true!! Lack of ideas and stupid marketing ideas indeed!

Tall Guy said...

Thanks a lot for linking my post to the your blog and thinking that it was worth a read for others too.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Well everyone takes crap and spreads crap when they are at work. We know it, they know it and they know it that we know it its crap!

I am joining a new firm as a web developer. Wanna know where? wait-for-it... Balaji Telefilms. :D I hate the work they do but well, they pay real good. :D :D

silverine said...

The Survivor: My pleasure buddy! :)

Aniket: Best of luck with the new job. If it pays well, then it is worth doing :)

Karthik Ragotham said...

LOL.. :) too good...just out of curiosity... which star were you referring to in "Mr.Whats his name"..?