Thursday, December 03, 2009

Unhealthy musings...

Why are things that are bad for you so delicious...and so addictive? Ever heard of someone getting addicted to veggies, skimmed milk, lean meat, fatless cakes, wheat grass juice and exercise?

At a de-addiction clinic:

Inmate: What are you in here for?
Othe inmate: I am addicted to Whole Wheat bread. And you?
Inmate: That’s must be tough!! I am here for a spinach addiction!
Othe inmate: Ouch! My neighbor has just got back from a detoxification treatment at this swanky clinic.
Inmate: What was his problem?
Other inmate: OD’ed on steamed veggies!
Inmate: Tch tch poor guy! Hope he is alright.
Other inmate: He is, but doctors say he will have to keep off steamed veggies if he wants to live.

Life is definitely unfair.

Advance wishes for a great weekend folks. Knock yourself out senseless with some boiled water. Don’t overdo it please. I will miss you.


Abhi said...

I can't manage my veg diet for 41 days when people here are speaking about refinement in even veg food :)

Good one for the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Weekend? Already? Lucky ppl

As for me, I look forward to knocking myself out with pure oxygen and triple distilled 100% pure water and organic grains.

Ashly said...


Anonymous said...

ok another spinach addict soul here :) ..... between have a great weekend to u too ....

scorpiogenius said...

hahaa thats true..Life sure can be unfair :)

Have a nice weekend :)

Blunt Edges said...

the govt should ban veggies!

skar said...

@blunt edges: Yes, I agree. After all, as any rural mallu would assert, there are people in our country who indulge in the horrible art of vegcraft!

RGB said...

I guess that's just the way we're made. When mama says "no" to something, we have the temptation to do it, good or bad. Blame it on Adam & Eve. They started the whole thing, I tell u!

silverine said...

Abhi: lol! I guess thats why they are called health freaks! :)

indiashoes: Attagirl! Thats the 'spirit'!! :p

captian haddock: Amusing isn't it? :)

Anish: So you are our very own Popeye the Sailor Man!! :) So what do you when you do not get your fix? Go cold turkey? :p

Scorpiogenius: Sigh! Dont rub it in!

blunt edges: I love veggies! pfft

Karthik: LOL!!! That must go into the urban dictionary!

RGB: True, though I never rebelled against veggies as my mom makes them real well..or the devious woman she is, I guess she makes them the way I like it!

Merill said...

That conversation was hilarious!

Guruji said...

Remember the saying – “All the desirable things in life are illegal, expensive, fattening or married to someone else”.

Life is definitely unfair – but only for the skeptics, pessimists, atheists and the likes. For a ‘god-fearing’, optimistic person these temptations are all god’s tactics to verify whether you are fit to be accommodated in heaven in your eternal life. He(How chauvinistic of him - to be a man!) gives us good food - eat, you will be dragged into hell. He gives you good booze - drink, again dragged. He gives you beautiful, beetroot-juice-drinking women and fit-for-jockey-ad men – wed, hell guaranteed - instantly. Truely unfair!

hammy said...

That's a touchy subject. As in things-I-don't-want-to-touch-with-a-10-foot-pole kinds. 11 feet.. maybe, but again, it's not something I'd prefer doing. And yet, part of my ongoing 2 day old forced diet, I have to encounter them on a daily basis now.

I don't mind the veggies (In fact, I love many from that family), but when the other food gets a bad rep in contrast, it just gets on my nerves. They're like the saintly sibling who gets all the goodies cos nothing you do ever matches up.

"Look, mama. Muscles"
"That's nice, dear. But move to the side. Sweet ol veggie darling's showing how he reduces cholesterol"

Steamed veggie addiction. Ugh... I almost choked on my KFC leg piece and fell face first into my pepperoni Pizza.

Incidentally, I DID know someone who was a fanatic about bean sprouts. It was shameful, and I'm trying to shelve that memory out of my mind.

And your post also reminded me of one clinic patient in the TV medical drama, House MD - Where a patient comes in all orange... Yes, he's orange all over. The diagnonis was that he was used to taking megadoses of Vitamin C and ridiculous amounts of carrots. I said it served him right! Dammit, carrot OD... Hrmph!!

Grayquill said...

You are so weird...
First off you mind is not supposed to work this way. Second - what is your not so healthy addiction? You got me curious.
This reminds me of - why don't we have to teach two year olds to lie, or steal.

The Holy Lama said...

I know. I know. someone addicted to wheat grass juice. she was agog describing it to mom.Promoted it well to make mom buy one. And earned her incentive.

Pink Mango Tree said...


I love ur blog... and i have cast my vote for u - for the best personal blog!

Cheers! :)

silverine said...

Merill: Thank you! :)

Santhosh: I missed you out while replying to the wedding post. My bad!.Your comment here reminded me of a hunk of a guy in my friends circle, whose grand mom tried to get him married to ordinary looking girls because she felt that good looking girls were bad! Stupid woman. :)

Hammy: lol! Did you spill the extra thick double cream shake too when you fell face first onto the pizza? :)) It looks like you have a chronic case of vegitimitis! I remember reading about a gal who went orange on an OD of carrot juice! :)

Grayquill: Well, I was musing aloud why healthy stuff are not bad for us and not vice versa!

The Holy Lama: Ah! That is money addiction honey! Wheat grass was just a bait! :|

Shalini: Thank you dear! I do not know how I got nominated and for some reason I am not comfortable with the labeling of Best, Fair or Bad to blogs, as they are just personal musings and should not be open to literary scrutiny! :) But thank you all the same. Appreciate your gesture!

hammy said...


How did you know about the cream shake?? Are you spying on me or something?

KFC.. Pizza... Shakes...

Sob sob... I hate my diet. And it's only day 2. I vote Euthanasia... Where's Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?

manoranjini said...

On the contrary,me here has taken quite some liking towards fruits and plan to spend the weekend fishing for new types of fruits available in the city.But then fruits don't figure under vegetables,do they??

Aniket Thakkar said...

I am happy to die early if its the Pani-puris, the samosas, the vada-pavs, the idlis, the pizzas and the beers that kill me!

It'll be a noble way to die indeed!

I can't eat any dish that doesn't have potatoes in it. Am crazy over potatoes. So much so that my first mail id was: :P

I think its still active. My bro. took mahantomato. :D

Small Talk said...

Ohhh I m reeling under the guilt of eating a choclate tart for breakfast....I dnt want to eat anythgn for the rest of the day to compensate for early mornign indulgence..
To divert myself I strt surfing and read ur blog....isnt tht too much of co-incidence tht u choose to write on a similar topic ...
U wont belive I have how to eat healthy google page open on my next window....
Want to loose sum weight before Christmas....doesnt seem to be hppng :(
Anyways u hv a gr8 festive season a ahead !!!!

Jen Kumar said...

Nice take!
In fact- I'd love to work up to the 'wheatgrass juice' hangover! ;) I love wheatgrass but here in US where I live, it's a bit costly....
Hey do you get wheat grass juice in Kerala? ;) I'll have to try it if so on our next trip!

silverine said...

hammy: lol!

manoranjini: They do! Hope you find a good de-addiction clinic! :|

Aniket: I love potatoes too!! I can live on potatoes alone..and egg too another addiction.

Small talk: hehe what a coincidence. Luckily me do not like cake, biscuits or chocolates. But I am addicted to egg!

Jennifer: I have no idea about Kerala as I live in Bangalore...and here most people grow their own wheat grass!

hammy said...


You do not like chocolates, Anj????

Hmm... I guess nobody's perfect. It should not come as a...

But chocolates???

Damn, I suppose I can't expect you to be absolut per... COME ON! Chocolates?

Wait. Maybe we're talking about different things.. When I talk about chocolates, I'm talking about that sweet brown chunk of solid heaven... the legendary economic savior of companies like Mars, Cadbury's, Toblerone... the center point of Willy Wonka's factory... Please tell me you were talking about something else.