Monday, December 21, 2009

Gullible's travails

“Hey!! There is a Facebook community called Incorrigibly Good Looking Mallus” said my friend excitedly!

“Yawn, so what else is new”, I remarked listlessly, the tiredness of the busiest year of my life, pinning me down to the couch.

Dekh na” insisted this Gujju Mallu gal. “Let us do some vayinokking (ogling) yaar.”

“Not interested” I said, turning to the other side and promptly falling asleep. The other two girls in the room did not take their eyes off the TV.

There was peace for an hour or so, and then I was brutally woken up by friend shaking me violently. Her eyes were wide and she looked like she had seen a ghost.

“You won’t believe what I found.” she said cupping her hand to her mouth.

“What!!!” I asked, sitting up straight, sensing something to be terribly wrong. The other two girls left the TV in alarm and were also looking at friend with questioning eyes.

Friend was looking at the members list on the community.

“What happened for god’s sake!” I shouted. Perhaps someone had cut and pasted her photo or maybe somebody else’s we knew. Panic gripped me. We have had experiences of the same in the past.

Friend tore her eyes from the laptop monitor, looked at us with extreme distress and moaned…

Everyone here is so ugly!”

We chased her around the house with a rolling pin. Grown up girls who fall for such bullshit need an ar** whooping.

And by jove she got one!!

We are hoping that we have ushered in a much wiser individual into the New Year.


Unknown said...

well, they probably meant 'mallus who are incorrigible and good at looking (at women)'.. or something like that..

that's what i love about english.. such a flexible language.. :-p

Unknown said...

First one to comment YAY!!!:) finally cud beat the tough competition..!!:D ever tried those matri sites..?? you will end up in splits...if you go through the pics and 'about me' sections...
my fav..Age 45/50/55 but looks much younger...!! :)

Rabi said...

characteristic silverine post!


hammy said...

Yep, of course... that's how one ushers in wiser people into new years... by whopping them on the head with rolling pins.

I love the title, but madam gullible, the travail in question was mostly inflicted on the teller of tales, wasn't it?

Or am I getting the meaning wrong. I keep doing that these days. In case I don't get to establish contact before C day, let me wish you in advance. Merry Christmas. :D

Be a good girl, and you're gonna get a big fat gold encrusted book from Santa titled "How to become less gullible"

You DO believe me, don't you?


RGLM said...

I agree with your friend! ROTFL!!

Destiny's child... said... have inspired me enough to check out that community!
Wishing you a very happy new year! :)

Nona said...

Remember "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" (or something of that sort!). :)

Anyways, you taught your Gujju friend the word "vayinokking". Fabulous job. :)

thomas said...

Bloody gujju girl! I'm not that ugly! **frantically searches all the folders for a better pic.....topless and with a rayban glass**

A Redneck From Wyoming said...

yo! ah've won this Date AnJolie raffle. ya take no worries, gal. this friday evenin ah'm gonna pick ya in ma 1986 dodge pickup. we'll go to a dawgfight! ya do pole dance? then we'll go to that bikini bar. y'all ladies look good after a few beers. later we'll go to ma place n smoke some pawt. aww-eyye?
- Big Joe Gravedigger

Sh@s said...

Wish ya a Happy new year in advance.

The Wanderer said...

Tell your Gujju-Mallu (first tell me what does this mean!) friend to create an account on and have fun. I made one just for the heck of it and now everyday they bombard me with profiles of girls so ugly I'd rather turn gay! :P

Ashly said...


The Holy Lama said...

May God bless you for spreading the light of wisdom.

aayanman said...

Good post, it is also true that some people base their future lives on some of these pages.incorrigible.!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Hahaha.... I burst out laughing on reading this. My my. What a community. If it had some good looking guys then I would surely have logged onto facebook and sarchd right away. But since there is nothing of that sort, so i'll just let it pass..


Sharon said...

Hilarious! :-D

I'm just wondering who joins a fb comm titled Incorrigibly Good Looking Mallus. That's just asking for it...

Shama said...

Freakin hilarious!! I think the community is called, Ridiculously Good Looking Mallus! =))

silverine said...

Jackson: That was brilliant!! Let us look at the positive side! lol

Sweta: "Age 45/50/55 but looks much younger" LOL!!! Girl, I am getting myself an account asap!

Rabi: Is it? :) Thank you!

Hamish: ha ha yes that is our chosen way of ushering in wiser people into new year... by whopping them on the head with rolling pins. :p And I am not the gullible one, but Friend :)

RGLM: lol! Thanks for the link to the community. I think that is a tongue in cheek name for the community. :)

DP: You maybe disapointed or maybe hit pay dirt! ;)

Nona: She is a mallu, but lived in Gujjuland her entire life...and knows the choicest mallu "literary" words. :)

Thomas: Guess who is the member of the community! LOL!!!

Redneck: I am fed up of Redneck jokes and now there is one on my blog!! *sob*

Shas: Thank you girl! And wish you the same!! :)

Blue Indian: That was hilarious!!! :)) Cmon things are not that bad!

Capt Haddock: Merry Christmas Captain! :)

The Holy Lama: Thank you O Holy One! *bows deeply in respect*

Gyanbaan: Yeah, right on that one!

Chanz: Nice to see another wise gal! :)

Sharon: lol! I heard it is a thriving community! :p

Shama: Thanks girl!! :)