Monday, September 21, 2009

Knowledge sharing

While I am not working my butt off playing Solitaire, I relax with occasional chats with the 200 odd people on my G-chat list. Yesterday I was going through the chat archives and realized that it was a veritable Knowledge Bank!!

Here is a fine example.


N: I had a fight with him today!
Me: hmmm
N: He says I do not look good in skirts.
Me: hmmm
N: Earlier he had no problems with skirts!!
M: hmmm
N: Whats with the hmmm?
Me: hmmmm :p
N: Idiot!!
Me: hmmm :p
N: Bitch!
What do I do yaar!
Me: I have no clue!
N: hmmm
Me: LOL!

12 pm

N: Mera skirt wala problem abhi bhee chalu hai aur thu “hmmm’ karegi tho maroongi.
Me: hmmm…ooops! :p
Tu kuch math pehan…problem solved! :p

3 pm

N: Oye!
Me: hmmm
N: Saali $#%^@%@!!!
Me: Interesting! Naya gaali hai kya?
N: Nahi! Bahuth purana hai.
Mere dadu jab school mein padthe the, thab ki!
Me: Phir tho bahuth naya hoga.
N: Kaise?
Me: Tere dadu tho unpadh hai. :p
N: Unpadh hoga tera baap! LOL!

4 pm

Me: Aye! Kya bolti tu
N: Oye! Kya mein boloon
Me: Sun!
N: Suna..
Me: Aathi kya Khandala?
N: Kya karoon, jaake mein khandala?
Me: Arey khaayenge peeyenge naachenge gaayenge
N: Aur phir BF ki taang todenge aur kya?
Me: Bill pay karne ke baad! :|
N: =))

Whatay intelligent conversation! Someone please nominate us for the Nobel in Intelligent and Meaningful Exchange of Information!

Have a nice week folks and Id Mubarak to you all!!


Tech Guy said...


Blunt Edges said...

lol...really phunny!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Outright exploitation of gtalk! We all do it anyway. Hail free services! :D

skar said...

LOL. 9 am aur 4 pm to mast hai! Phir bhi mera favourite 12 pm hai :|

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍||Halfkallan said...

hmmmm ...

He he ... i think "HMMMM" is the most common set of letters ( i hope its not added in oxford) in chat !!!

Sunil Kosuru said...

I have had numerous such interesting stupid chats, which i too read in archives some times, and have a laugh riot :)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

He He :) I am glad that GChat or chat saving was not there when Internet first touched our college. All initial chat history for guys would be like this

Guy : Hi
Other Person : Hi
Guy : asl pls
Other Person : 25 M Elphenta
Guy: (No Response)
Other Person : Hello, Hi, Hi
Guy: (Connection Disconnected) * Like Dileep Answering Meera Jasmine's call in Vinodayatra

------------- On an another window
Guy : Hi
Other Person : Hi
Guy : asl pls
Other Person : 25 F Indiana
Guy: Oh Hai, How are you, what are you doing, blah b;ah blah *(watery lips)

and then it goes on into the night :p

thomas said...

lol, I like the one at 12 pm. I wholeheartedly second your opinion ;)

nobel committee said...

we had been searching for people like you...Nominated and awarded. Please be at Sweden junction tomm 4pm sharp........

hitch writer said...

ROFL !!! too good !!

Useless Bugger said...


Aniket Thakkar said...

Me and my college friends have set up OLBS (On Line Bakar Session). Where we do nonsense chat via chain mails from our office id's. With gmail and gtalk blocked at our office (*sob sob*), its the only thing that helps us get by.

I heard Microsoft sacked the guy who created Solitaire application for them. What a shame. Its the most widely used and the only bug free s/q Microsoft ever created.

Pramod Abraham said...

12 p.m takes the cake ! What an idea sirji

Radhika Ganesan said...

My comment after reading the post -> "HMMMMM" :D!

Haven't seen such a sensible chat for a LONG LONG time... he he...

blah said...

this was what instant messaging was invented for............. intelligent and meaningful conv like this......

Unknown said...


silverine said...

Guy: Thank you! :)

blunt edges: Thank you! :p

Vignesh: We exploit it phully! :p

Karthik: lol! Looks like all the guys liked the 12 pm solution!

ഹാഫ് കള്ളന്‍: You are right! I guess it is a convenient pause filler.

sunny_raju: Never delete them, they are blasts from the past! :p

Dhanush: I have heard a lot of ASL jokes from guys who used to frequent Yahoo chat rooms! :p

Thomas: lol! I guess you like simple solutions! ;)

Nobel committee: lol! :))

hitch writer: Thanks buddy! :)

Parikshit: There is a lot of experience behind that laughter I am guessing! :)))

Aniket: lol! Good one! I think they sacked him because it doesn't crash! :)) And chain mails are the norm these days with Gchat blocked in so may companies.

Pramod: Thank you for the appreciation of my ground breaking idea! :p

Radhika: High five gal! ;)

dsk: I totally agree with your intelligent observations! :|

Pinsandashes: haha good retort! :p

Quest said...

I had a great knowledge sharing session in Omegle...with the result that people logging into it dropped in the 2 hrs I was there :D

You know the meaning of JL? We have a JL group@my company with me as general secretary....and we are going public :D

Rajlakshmi said...

Lolz searching 4 nobel prize commitee s email .. Rofl.. Gt loads of these meaninfl convos

Destiny's child... said...

Why the nomination?
Here Silverine, here is your award! ;)
Keep the 'thank-you' speech ready.
Do not forget to mention the dadu in it :p

Thoorika said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :P

Anonymous said...

hmmm poor guy, lol :) ....
k now i'm gonna check my gtalk archives,let me find something interesting from those good old college days:D

Unknown said...

funny!! yeah so many of our conversations are so "meaningful" in fact I dont even remember the last meaning less conv i had...

Unknown said...

funny!! yeah so many of our conversations are so "meaningful" in fact I dont even remember the last meaning less conv i had...

silverine said...

Quest: What is JL? Do tell!

Rajlakshmi: :D

Destinys child: Thank you! :p

Thooruka: :D

Anish: College days? :-O You mean you do not have meaningful conv nowadays? tch tch

Abraham: LOL!! That was a good one!

Sh@s said...

Lolzzz........i had a good laugh.

Cris Hand said...

hey this was FUn..gud one ...

Sowmya said...

Hey Silverine.. Thanks for posting my blog on 'best of this week'. Kind of feeling honored! LOVE ur blogposts.. Most of the time my colleague catches me laughing at my screen. She s already creating a virtual boyfriend (who is very funny) for me, in her head :)
Enjoying ur posts a lot. Keep up the good work! :)

shail said...

You have my vote! :))))