Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to the Future

Diary of a blogger. Year 2025


Dear Diary

Got hauled to the court today for calling Onam, The festival of Putting on Much Weight. Judge let me off after looking at his paunch mournfully.


Dear Diary

Got summons from the court today by the Aluwa Haluwa Manufacturer Association (AHA) for blogging about the black halwa from Aluwa. According to the Plaintiffs, it hurt their sentiments deeply. Judge let me off after spitting out the halwa sample he was eating.


Dear Diary

Cannot update blog because I have to attend yet another court hearing. ViceNet TV is suing me for calling their serial Sthree Venom a bad example for young minds in my blog. The judge let me off after watching the serial in horror.


Dear Diary

Have to go to gods own country again for a case against me at the capital court. I pleaded not guilty to offending people by calling the capital roads a death trap. The Judge let me off after I had autographed the plaster cast on his hands and legs and head.


Dear Diary

I have three court appearances in gods own country today. All three are due to my blog. Judge let me off as usual, warning the Plaintiffs to stop wasting the courts time. The Plaintiffs argued that protesting against Sohan Pal being called a ‘has been’ was not wasting the courts time. The judge had them thrown off the premises. He was then seen signing a petition requesting Sohan Pal to quit acting.


Dear Diary

Went to gods own country again. This time a political party is suing me for calling them ‘against progress’. The Judge let me off after agreeing with me solemnly.


Dear Diary

Spent Christmas in prison because I was arrested on 24th and 25th is a holiday. I was being sued for making fun of Kochi Township by calling it a mosquito haven. Judge let me off after he had swatted a couple of dozen mosquitoes hovering over his head. The plaintiffs were seen hopping and jumping during the entire proceedings.

I am hoping that the New Year will bring tidings of good sense and judgment amongst the people.

This post is a commentary on some people dragging bloggers to court over trivial issues because they need to shut down what they cannot shout down.


Paritosh said...


Dear Diary

Spent Christmas in prison because I was arrested on 24th and 25th is a holiday....

Whoa!! Did u really spend that night in prison?

Nice post, by the way.

You can also add the incident when you were produced in the court because you called Jinnah a secular politician or when you called Mamta Bannerjee a communist or Sanjay Khan's potrayal of Hanuman a great take on Hindu mythologies.

Seriously, I am sick and tired of all these buggers who have no work other than to sue people for trivial reasons.

phoenix said...

LOL! Nice dig on some dogs!

Kiran said...

ROTFL :) .. and ya - there are people who are so jobless that they are dragging people to courts left right and center for absolutely no reason.

It reaches the heights when a person who states his/her opinion in a non-derogatory manner is targetted too! My take on the infamous Barkha Dutt episode: EmpTy-TV and Parkha Strutt

And oh! You have earned yourself yet another "Must-read of the week" over at my blog :)

skar said...

LOL@spending 24th and 25th because 25th was a holiday. Reminds me of a hilarious incident with my friend when he was in school. He was rusticated for 10 days for blowing up a bomb in a classroom (obviously when no one was around). It turned out the headmistress forgot that the day she was rusticating him was a Friday and the following Tuesday the Diwali break began! So basically he had a monday off :|

I like this phrase: "to shut down what they cannot shout down.

scorpiogenius said...

The media sure is hypocrytic. They can utter whatever rubbish they want to in the name of 'journalism' and 'freedom of speech'. But if a member of the public, through his blog do the same thing then they exhibit the power of their muscle. What pathetic losers!!

Benny said...

Nice post. There is this group of jackasses at a capital city forum, suing bloggers left, right and center. Reminds me of them!

Anonymous said...

anjali, U'r sense of humour :D .
They are some jobless morons everywhere,what to do

Destiny's child... said...

I am scared. The private/KSRTC bus people are going to kill me. I hope the judge has a ride before giving the final verdict. Can I share your stars for the verdict day? ;)
Loved it! :)

Evil Silverine said...


Dear Diary,

I'm now in the Inferno of Hell burning my ass off. I've been punished by for slandering mosquitoes by calling Kochi, a mosquito haven! It's not a haven for mosquitoes, I didn't realize; even mosquitoes are finding hard to survive there. Please forgive me O great one, for my ignorance!

Annemarie said...

Hits where it hurts! Awesome post!!!

The Holy Lama said...

The Holy Lama sees the judge not able to give verdict on the case about calling Kochi mosquito haven becoz he was lifted and spirited away by the very mosqitoes. Splendid. Brings out the no hope situation to the best. :-D

Guruji said...

The problem with you bloggers and your lazier cousins twitters are that all of you are(now sue me for this) pessimistic, megalomaniac, misanthropist, irrational people of a..a..murky, dingy..ok, Indianrailway-trackish world. All you do is criticize others who are trying to make a living here. If we celebrate our festivals you have problem, If ministers stay in hotels you have problem, if they complain about travelling with cattle you have problem, if we try imposing our ‘values’ you have problem, well what is that you all don’t have a problem with? Eh?

Aniket Thakkar said...

Ah... the good ol' days when 'So sue me' was considered "A Cool thing" to say. Now-a-days they take it literally. :P

Don't worry, if you ever get convicted. We'll at least demand a computer and internet connection for you so that you can continue blogging!

Coming to think of it... your conviction wouldn't make much sense then would it? We'll just try for the heck of it anyroads.

Che Guevara T-shirts are getting out of fashion... I guess its about time we started 'Silverline' t-shirts! I can already smell a revolution.

Rajlakshmi said...

Funny way to look at other side of life :D
enjoyed reading your encounters with judge... sarcasm with humour at its best :)

hammy said...


Against the great land of Kochi! Our Kochi, which does not deny mosquitoes the right to live; the right to breed uncontrollably, have blood orgies and laugh their stingers off on the ineffective repellents marketed to the gullible society. It's animal right protection all the way.

Our Kochi, where we promote the often ignored boating industry by creating sizeable potholes right in the middle of the national highway, all ready to fill up at the slightest drizzle.

Our Kochi, where the Devils in While preserve the sanctity of the barter system... by trading off the welfare of the community for a rise in political clout.

You're incorrigible, Silverine, and PLAINLY guilty. I hereby sentence that you cease operation on your blog for a period not less than one WHOLE minute between 9:01 a.m. and 9:02 a.m. on the 23rd of September, 2009. Unless, of course, you absolutely have to.

And let that be a lesson to you.

silverine said...

Thank you folks for your valued comments. Swolpa adjust maadi and forgive me for not replying individually! Lots happening on the professional front..sigh!

Unknown said...

i especially like your disclaimer..
you certainly don't want someone suing you for predicting the future differently from their astrologer, now do you??

silverine said...

Jackson: :D

Pratz said...


Mind Curry said...

Basically shows a sense of inherent intolerance in some folks.