Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bad ads

Have you seen the Fiama Di Willis Silky Strong Shampoo commercial? Truly an outstanding piece of creative work. Kudos to the advertising agency that made this commercial. Now I know why you guys are called dream merchants.

For those people who have not seen this commercial, let me give you the low down. The commercial shows Deepika Padukone caressing her false hair and exclaiming “Fiama Di Willis Silky Strong Shampoo...” followed by the punch line, “makes my hair silky and strong.”

Whatay punch line!

I wonder what punch line they would use for Sunflower oil? Made from Sunflower seeds and very oily? Which means Strawberry Lip Gloss would be ‘Smells like Strawberry and very glossy!’ and Gauava Ice cream will probably be “Made from Guavas, tastes like Guavas!!”

This is fun.

What about Prestige Pressure Cooker?

Cooks food under pressure!

Maybelline Maroon Lipstick with sparkles?

Makes my lips look maroon and sparkly!!!

St Margaret’s Umbrellas.

Umbrellas made in St Margaret’s umbrella factory!!!

I can do this!!! Advertising… here I come.

Happy Onam to you all! *burp*


mathew said...

What about Prestige Pressure Cooker?

Works even under pressure!! ;-P

offtopic...I do ocassionally get to see some horrible made local ad's...there was this catering college in munnar promising international cusine...kappa and meen curry..i guess...

Anonymous said...

ROFL !!!

cooks under pressure... !!

you bet !!! lol


Meriil said...

When you run out of ideas, state the obvious! :-P

thomas said...

lol! But I blame it all on the macri managers; I mean the marco managers. They need to put in their brains, non-existent though, into more new ideas. Hope all macri managers get the point. ;) :P

Don't 'member which film, but in it there was a spoof of these ads; where a boy who previously used to fail in the class, after consuming a particular brand of sambhar powder, comes hopping and jumping to his mom with a trophy for being the 1st in class. How about that for a sensible ad.

Amey said...

How does "Maybelline Maroon Lipstick with sparkles" make your "nails" anything?

skar said...
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scorpiogenius said...

lol, Fair n lovely: makes you both fair and lovely.
Air India: flies through the air of India and also the air outside India.

Howzaat for sticking to the point? :)))

manoranjini said...

Glorious Onam,Silverine!Missed the connectio between the lipstick and the nails though ..
@mathew-That same ad has Rimy Tomy innocently asking ,"Pathaam class kazhinju enthinaa vere enthelum padikkunne??" *Makes me feel bad every time for my BTech :P

silverine said...

Mathew: "Works even under pressure!! lol!

hitchwriter: :p

Merill: Precisely! :)

thomas: You watch your back young man and do not hurt my knife too much X(
p.s. that ad and many others like that is too pathetic! :)

Amey: Typo. :p

Karthik: LOL!!

Scorpiogenuius: LOL!!! Good ones!! :))

manoranjini: Thank you and have corrected the typo! :)

S said...

hehahaw...err but "Maybelline maroon Lipstick with sparkles?
Makes my nails look maroon and sparkly!!!"

h-o-w ?
is it because the maroon sparkles are SO maroon and SO sparkly that the lips arent enough to accommodate the maroony sparklness and the nails have to take over? aah yes...i get eeet now!

Anonymous said...

This Fiama di Wills ad sounds so much saner than that annoying Hamam soap commercial. And that ridiculous advertisement the Samajwadi Party put up after the N-deal went through. That stupid censor board let these go through. Hence the "stupid" censor board. :P

Grayquill said...

It doesn’t take all that much to entertain you huh? I think you are in advertising or at least have a inclination for it. Pretty funny - I liked Meriil’s comment about stating the obvious. Advertiser assume we are simpletons.

Useless Bugger said...

And how about

Silverine's Blog
- Very Silver. Very Englishy.

Naah... I don't have the midas touch. Let me stick to coding.


Anonymous said...

hehe hilarious....have u seen telebrands show ads for hair oils,this fiama and all will no where closer to that...i don't know who is making all these ridiculous ads....
@ mathew -- munnar catering ad is not that bad,rather it is funny(patham class kazhinghu enthinaaa.....),it is really going well with small kids :)
@ silverine...thanks and happy onam to you too :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Jeez, I missed out on that one. But some of yours are keepers. You should surely send them accross. You could cash in on those and become a millionare! No kidding! :D

It always fascinates me that how big a moron are the people who approve such adds. Do they even watch once, what they have created?

I love the cult adds from salad days. At least they were horribly bad in a wonderfully entertaining way. The evergreen Zandu Balm song, the babes in Vicco Turmeric add (awesome lyrics), Dabar Lal Dant Manjan (Arey Raju tumhare dant to motiyon jaise chamak rahe hain!), Surya Bulb, Parag Saree, Daandi Namak (tripple refined wala), etc. I miss them. :D :D

I have a friend in advertising business. Guess she can take a tip or two from you. Tee Hee.

slash\\ said...

Though I agree on the stupendously low IQ levels of these ads, i don't think it's fair to target the agency alone. (yeah, pretty obvious i work in one). there are a lot of "client inputs" which come in the shape of "the ceo's wife doesn't like the colour" to "the md's dog barked at it disapprovingly". so the final product that results is often something everyone in the agency wants to wash their hands off from.

PJC said...

LOL! Nice post.. And nice comments too!

Pramod Abraham said...

@ Mathew- LOL

silverine said...

S: That was a typo! :p But your description was lol! :))

Vignesh: :) Thanks for the links!

Grayquill: I guess I notice the ridiculous faster than most people! :)

Parikshith: Bravo! That was a good one! You are ready to be a really bad copywriter! lol!

anish: Telebrands are howlarious! But they are not made by ad agencies! :)

Aniket: I wonder too, how these ads are approved! :-O And you bought back memories with those ads. Your friend is welcome to take tips! Because I bet if she is good, she will not survive. :P

Slash: I know! I have done my stint in ad agencies during pre univ so know all about it! :)

Prathik: Thank you! :)

Jeseem said...

poomanam's blog ad..

the blog is like the poo and maanam of the blogworld.

Guruji said...

I like the ones where Miss Leggy Fleshly(That’s what I would like to have her name as) comes and says “Because you are so special”. Now there are only two people who are likely to say that to you in real life, one your mother while you were still a diaper-wetter. Two, those oldest ‘professionals’. Since I don’t deal with the second category, it evokes some sort of maternal love and stuff like that towards Miss Fleshly, and I go buy the thingy that she’s trying to sell, apply it wherever it’s instructed to be applied and that’s it, I get my childhood back! Of course all this will end when I see Miss Fleshly again in the birth control ads…nobody wants a mother who’s trying to kill you, that too even before you are born, you see.

Hemish said...


hammy said...

One. That's all it takes. ONE typo, and the world jumps at their laptops and comps ready to fight toot... I mean lip and nail. I guess it's the bane of being under the proverbial microscope of thousands, which brings to mind one very important question - do they even HAVE proverbs around microscopes? I can't think of any.

Happy Onam, Anjs. Great to see your workload isn't keeping you away from us too long. :D

The blog is like poo? Hmm... That doesn't sound right. There are some words which shouldn't be split up at all... Particularly when you're trying to switch between English and Malayalam without warning... ;)

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

“Cooks food under pressure” I love that.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I forgot. I’ve a visual suggestion based on the tagline. Here it goes: A timid wife cooking under the watchful eyes of a short tempered hubby.

Destiny's child... said...

Lol...stupid ads...when will they stop maing them?
The latest stupid one i saw was somethign like this...

The ad shows a girl on her way to elope (lol)and on the way remembers the good times she had with her parents. Her parents meanwhile find the note she had left them and the dad is standing with his fists clenched when the daughter finally drops the eloping idea and comes back home. She gives him a hug and starts crying...the dad hugs her back. Appear text...Kalyan Jewellers. Vishwasam Athalle Ellam...

You know malayalam, don't you?

Happy onam...:)

silverine said...

Jeseem: That was sweet, thanks! :)

Santhosh: lol!

Hemish: Thanks for dropping by! :)

Hammy: :p....and Happy Onam to you too! :)

Arun: haha that promises to be a really good ad! :p

Destinys child: That ad is the pits!!! Absolutely hate it!

Anita Jeyan said...

LMAO!!! That was real funny one!

Pink Mango Tree said...

This was hilarious :)

kedar said...

have you ever been to a meeting with a client? you should listen to some of them talk. it's not funny, it's outrageous. you wonder who hired them to run such big businesses they care so little about.