Monday, June 09, 2008

When you can't beat them...

Email exchange between me and my Laptop service center.

Dear Mr Support Engineer (SE)
XYZ Laptops
Sub: Laptop battery explodes!!!!

I had purchased a Laptop XYZ 123 iix from ABC Electronics in December 2007. I reported the first complaint in January. Since then the laptop has been attended to three times to no avail. I would like to bring this to your notice for a speedy resolution of the problem.




Dear Ms Silverine,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Mr Fixit will get in touch with you shortly. Regarding the subject of your email, please hand over the battery to Mr Fixit. We will have it replaced at no cost.


Support Engineer (SE)


Me: Thank you! I was not at home when Mr Fixit dropped in. My brother was however satisfied with the repairs carried out!

SE: You are most welcome. Please do get in touch if you face anymore problems with your Laptop. Do let us know when we can pick up the faulty battery.

Two weeks later:

SE: Dear Miss Silverine. Trust you are in good health and the Laptop is working satisfactorily!

Me: My lappie is not recognizing the DVD/RW drive!!

SE: Mr Fixit will be at your house shortly!

Me: Thank you! I was not at home when Mr Fixit dropped in. My Dad was however satisfied with the repairs carried out!

A month later

SE: We were unable to collect the battery since you were not at home. Please let us know when we can have it collected.

Me: Thank you! I have another problem! The wireless card went out!

SE: Mr Fixit will be at your house asap! We can arrange to have the battery collected from your office or home. Please let us know a convenient time.

Me: Thank you! I was not at home when Mr Fixit dropped in but my maid Devi, was quite satisfied with the repairs carried out!

Three months later

SE: Gentle reminder! Please let us know when and where we can collect the battery!

Me: Sure! I am not in station at the moment but my brother tells me that the AC power adapter has gone out twice.

SE: We will have it attended to immediately ma’am!

Me: I am traveling but my mom was quite satisfied with the repairs carried out! Thank you!

One month later

Se: My mobile number is 98765432100 and landline number is 12345678. Please drop in a mail or call me when you are in town so that my staff can pick up the battery!

Me: Sure!

Another month later:

Me: Dear Mr SE. The laptop is un-installing my printer now and then.

SE: Mr Fixit is on the way!

Me: Thank you! I was not at home but my doggie Brandy was quite satisfied with the repairs carried out! Thank you!

A week later:

SE: Dear Silverine. Hope the Laptop is working satisfactorily now! Could you please hand over the battery, so that we can send it for a review!

Me: Oh that! I am so sorry. It wasn’t the battery that exploded. That was my neighbor, bursting a Diwali cracker! Thank you for your concern. The laptop is working fine now!


When you can’t beat ‘em frustrate ‘em

..old laptop sufferer err…user saying.

Here's what a blogger is going through because she dared to raise her voice against plagiarism!


Safari Al said...

Poor SE!

Anonymous said...

I feel so good after reading this!

...another old laptop sufferer err…user


Deepti said...

my desktop ( ok I am technologically ancient) crashed yest and I am sure its not the Diwali cracker :(
Nice post :D

Sriram said...

How about, "Oh sorry, it was just a dream! These things happen..."

Try that next time :)

(The author of this comment refuses to undertake responsibility for any consequences arising sa a result of his comment, nor shall any medical bills be reimbursed)

Anonymous said...

ee silverine aalu puliyaanu ketto!

Amey said...

Now you know why people sometimes spell it as "wo(e)m(e)an"

DD said...

"my doggie Brandy was quite satisfied" hehe, nice line

Unknown said...

Poor guy! Hmmm...may be I will try this out with our IT guys, they seem to be not so poor!

Philip said...

Neat job. But beware, the SE is plotting his revenge. They are not the kind to sit back and let it pass.

skar said...

Now, I expect what Philip says will come true. I see them using the next oppurtunity for repair to break and mangle your laptop. But what interests me is who will win the case in a consumer court if you were to file a complaint of 'Battery' :)

phoenix said...

LOL!!! Good one!

viswajith.k.n said...

excellent post....ROFL

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...toog good :)

Way to go girl..

Princess Stefania said...

Your dog's named Brandy too? What breed is he?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

ah good to hear that you harassed them for a change. its the other way round usually

Inder said...

i would never want to be an SE :P

scorpiogenius said...

doggie Brandy! heheheheeee

nice name... Thats a good one..:))

mathew said...

You still didnt have to write mails like I did..

Dear Mr Support Engineer (SE)
XYZ Laptops
Sub: Laptop missing from desk!

I was using the laptop for 8 months without any problems.Today morning when I arrived at the office, the laptop was invisible at the regular place. Please HELP!



P.S. Btw I found a broken door and a cut cable nearby...My mouse was found half a meter away!

Neena Padayatty said...

Funny post...:) and that link was just appalling !

Abhi said...

I'd say that th SE really likes u for some other reason n tht's why he's so eager to help u out no matter what all stupid complaints he sends. I'd say that either SE or Mr Fixit will be shortly coming to ur home to carry out a commando operation. :) Brace urself. ;)

That link was gr8. Keep the fight going on. :)

Anonymous said...

Beware of the revenge of the SEs...
Mr. Fixit may come home with a set of spanners and hammers with other agendas... Good thing you have Brandy by your side.

BTW.. the issue...

Shocking. Apparently, there has been a LOT of victims over the matter. I can't understand why justice is delayed. Evidence is abundant and clear...

Anonymous said...


LOL. Laptop missing. Put hands on head to continue...


silverine said...

@Mathew and Hammy: This is my home laptop and not the office one. Hence the attempt to harass the service center like they harass me. They were very impressed and gave me a spot job offer. Apparently I am just right for the job. :p

Safari Al said...

Is brandy's extended family called Whisky, rum, beer...etc?

Or is it just the fact that mallus seem to have a thing for brandy that gave the doggy his name? Do I sense a hand of thine brother in the naming?

g-man said...

lol good job...i've been wanting to screw with them for ages now :)

KiKS said...

poor fella must have drunk lots of water... ;-)

azeera:) said...

man u too good. ur blog is a little addictive must say. especially wen one is doing atupid intern at a stupid MNc in stupid hyderabad. loved eerything i been reading so far. fAQs on keral :) awesome!!

Athira said...

that feels totally wonderful... how much trouble my laptop has given me.. and makes me want to stuff it at their face when they act like they care..

Care my foot!

Anonymous said...

goose,errr hammer reporting :) yeah, these days 'servicing a customer' is nothing beuind attending his calls/queries and giving him false promises/deadlines. I am happy that you found humous in this too. I am off blogging or rtaher u could say due to lack of readers my blog(s) are off the radar. I am confused abt my life and my writings, more than ever and often unsure what is it that am looking for at the blogosphere. Hope n love mentioned to me abt your comment there and i am happy that you still remember me ! :) thanks

Vikas SN said...

Poor SE :)