Friday, February 01, 2008

My bad!

"My Bad!"

What a handy pair of words! I use it extensively.Works all the time for me.

Hey da, that girl is not Swetha from Sales.
My bad!

You gave me the wrong artwork!
My bad!

You gave the wrong copy to the ad agency!
My bad!

Hope you sent your aunt the Birthday Card.
My bad...amma!

Correction: Doesn't work all the time. My bad!


Karthik said...

No comments yet!!!! Wow..Short but nice post :-)

Deepti said...

So ur back .. oops .. my bad :)
Howz the finger?

Neer said...

*thwack* i love moms only for this!! :p

Balanarayan NT said...

So you are back.. woo hoo! I thought 'you were not supposed to blog!' =)

Anonymous said...

*thwack* moms are like this wonly!!

Anonymous said...

Is 'what bad' a typical Bangalore lingo thing? dint quite get it

silverine said...

karthik: Thank you :)

deepti: Finger is healing well :)

neers: :)

balu: yeah I am baaack and since when did I started following orders?! :p

rahul: I should have known. My bad!

SV: My bad means "My mistake - I'm to blame"

mathew said...

double thwack one one naughty kiddo!!!!!!;-P

Alameen said...

don't ask me the meaning.. Nowadays i am using 'holy fish' very extensively...

'Fish'- I got from OSO... Then I just added a 'holy' :)

Btw, this is too short a blog for the weekend.. waiting for a long one..

Anonymous said...

A friend used to end each sentence with " Ablo " which I later found to be " I believe "

Hammy said...

I remember the first time I heard the phrase. It was pretty confusing...

"Sorry, my bad"
"My bad"
"You're bad? as in you are bad?"
"No. My bad... my mistake... You've never heard the phrase before??"
"No. It doesn't make sense."
"What's to make sense? Mistakes are bad... My bad. My mistake. Simple."
"But... but... it's not logical. My bad. The bad is mine??"
"Uh uh..."
"My bad - It doesn't make sense. It's BAD English!!"
"Oh? It's bad English, eh? Hmm... Ok. Sorry. My bad."

Of course, since then, I've heard and used the phrase so many times that it's part of acceptable lingo. Still better than ending a sentence with 'na'.... as in 'The boss is coming, na?', and I use that too...

Alexis said...

After a long time... I missed a lot of action both here and at TP ;-)
Nice one as usual and that last "thwack" was a really good one...

Anonymous said...

trust u to make such an incident hilarious!

hope and love said...


Manohar said...

i added that phrase to my vocabulary.. :-)

silverine said...

mathew: "Taare zameen par" :p

annie: :)

al ameen: Holy Fish? Does it get you out of trouble?

Anon: lol!!

Hammy: I still find it a stoopid phrase, but then it does the trick every time err correction, that should read "most of the time" :p

Alexis; And you were missed too!! :)

HnL: :)

Manohar: You lucky guy!! :p

Jive Talker said...

(Furiously waving white flag) Hey!! Sorry to piss you off. Didn't mean to...My Bad :-)

silverine said...

Pri: Thank you :)

Jive Talker: lol! Apology accepted! :)

skar said...