Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Y Not Generation

The apple of my eye, my god child Ashwini is visiting today. Like most 8 year olds, she is a wannabe Air Hostess and wants to marry Harry Potter and then divorce him for Sean Kingston.

Me: Ashwini please get me a glass of water sweety!
Ashwini: No!
Me: Pleeaaase!
Ashwini: No!!!
Me: Ayye! How are you going to become an Air Hostess with this attitude?
Ashwini: I am going to be an Indian Airlines Air Hostess *hmmpph*

This kid sure has her fundas right I must say. Why get paid to be nice when you can get paid for not being nice right? Bravo just made your Godma so proud!

This is my 200th post here. Dedicating it to your spirit :)


mathew said...

congrats bud on the milestone..keep em coming as always!!

and I sincerely feel happy for your god child..i percieve another silverine in the making there.;-P

Balanarayan NT said...

LOL if u decide to quit blogging someday (in case u blender your entire hand next time) hand over the blog to her.. am sure she will maintain ur standard =D

Neena Padayatty said...

Congratulations on the achievement..may u have many more(blog posts and godchildren (lol)).U are simply great!

Karthik said...

Hi Anjali. Congrats on your 200th post. Keep writing for you bring laughter n joy to the faces of many readers through your posts.

Lol..Your godchild truly has a justifiation fo being a part of the "Y Not" Gen...:-)

Amey said...

Wow 200 posts. Now that's big :D

Today's kids don't just believe what their parents tell them. In fact, they just disbelieve everything their parents tell them.

Seema said...

Although she has the right attitude, your Godchild may not stand a chance with Indian Airlines if she is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the milestone. Wow!!

Dhanya said...

Hey congrats on the milestone and your god child is just as sweet as you.. :)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! What a kid! Got the true Indian spirit in her! :D
And congrats on your 200th post. Glad I chose a milestone post to begin reading this blog from. :)

silverine said...

Mathew: Thank you :)

balu: Blend my whole hand? Keep hoping :p

neena: Thank you dear. Its a pleasure to see you popping in here :)

karthik: Thank you and the new gen sure thinks different :)

amey: Today, parents are just caretakers and accountants. The kids dont anything more from them :)

SR: lol!!! Good one!

rahul: Thank you :)

Dhanya: Thank you! That was so sweet :)

Anon: :p

Drenched: True Indian spirit indeed :P Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered what makes you so popular. The answer is your profoundly irreverent social commentary! Keep it up!

Lithium said...

You write classy stuff :)

Deepti said...

Congrats ... here's wishing u touch 2000 soon :D

Hammy said...

Hmm... That's one smart godchild you have there. Indian Airlines isn't really all that great an experience you'd want to cherish. One of my friends was traveling abroad around a year and a half back. He was a big shot executive, traveling on company expense, in the Business class luxury seat, and just wanting to relax.

He called a hostess and asked for some champaigne, which is apparently complementary for the business class international flyers (How do I know such a big shot guy? Well, I don't really KNOW him, per se. He's a friend of my cousin, Roshan, and HE is pretty much a big shot himself)

The air hostess was a 40ish lady who gave a disapproving frown at his request, but left to get the needful.

She then came back with a glass of champaigne in hand, handed it over to him, and left him to his own business.

Oh, wait. Did I say left him to his own business? Oh, no. That is what she did NOT do. She gave him the glass of champaigne and proceeded to give a 15 minute mini lecture on the evils of alcohol and why he should not touch it with a ten foot pole. My friend sat there agape, listening to the monologue incredulously, wondering if it will ever stop.

It did. So did his tryst with Indian Airlines. The only way he would fly with Indian Airlines now is if some terrorist put a gun to his head and tied him up to the chair.

It's a sad state of affairs.

Alexis said...

Another milestone... Congratulations...
Expecting many for from you...
And Ashwini is really cute...
You have every right to be proud of your god child. I think she is influenced by you :-)

Alameen said...

As usual Awesome :).. I didn't know that you had a Godchild. My cheers to her too..

silverine said...

Thomas: Thank you :)

lithium: Thank you Sir :)

deepti: 2000? *swoon* I will be dead by then I guess :p

Hammy: IA! I guess the very name is self explanatory. Such is the powerful branding and brand recall of the carrier.

Alexis: I left that comment to see if you are alive anakam undo? lol anyways thanks for dropping by. People use Ash's ambition to order her around and one day when she refused to fetch something, her Dad remarked that she was not going to get selected by KF but only IA due to her tardiness. She being the practical girl, simply lowered the bar for herself :))

Al Ameen: Thank you :) I am a popular pick as Godma since I am single and available for baby sitting :p