Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rising above the ordinary...people

On August 25th, SK was abducted by the dreaded terrorist outfit TIS. SK like any other ordinary Indian citizen was on his way to work when the incident happened. The news sent shock waves amongst his friends and family members. A pall of gloom fell over his village.

SK was a well liked man and had numerous friends. His family had every reason to be proud of SK. He had done well in life and had bought a name for his family. Which is why it was hard for his friends and family to digest his abduction and detention. The abductors in a letter released to the press said that he was a threat to their cause.

With his abduction and detention on August 25th began a long ordeal that plunged the family into a state of turmoil. Eventually a crack team of expert “Negotiators” won SK freedom from the terrorist outfit. Unverified reports say that he had to pay a huge ransom in return for freedom. The TIS has however threatened to abduct him again if they think that he is acting against their interests. It is very evident that the TIS is beginning to flex its muscles and enforce their dikats.

Wearing a white shirt, jeans and a grey cap and carrying a bag, SK walked out of the abductors jeep and waved at his friends who clapped and shouted slogans in his support. The henchmen of the militia outfit had a tough time controlling them. The local media gave wide coverage of the incident. People watched in stunned silence as SK walked to freedom. Nobody thought that he would come back.

Earlier, the local unit of the TIS, the TRP which released SK said “I hope this serves as a warning to everyone not to mess with our laws”

'We had full faith in the negotiator and finally we have been proven right.” SK’s cousin said.

Ecstatic scenes were witnessed after SK’s release. His family though moved by the release maintained a dignified silence in public. He was greeted with joy by his numerous friends. Crowds thronged his residence in his village and celebrated the triumph of good over evil. He was given a hero's welcome

SK (Salman Khan) in the meantime is still haunted by the specter of TIS (The Indian State). But he told reporters that he has decided to live a normal life despite the continued threat to his freedom by TIS. “It is better to die once than always be afraid of death” said SK quoting Julius Caesar. “And it was inspired by this quote that I put an end to the misery of that poor Gazelle. It was on the endangered list you know!?” he exclaimed.

The vociferous support of his friends was a show of strength to the TIS (The Indian State) and its local unit the TRG (The Rajasthan Government) and it’s militant arm TRP (The Rajasthan Police) that people like SK are above their law.

In an unrelated incident actor Sanjay Dutt said that he will soon be joining politics. When queried by reporters on his sudden decision to join politics, he said “The move was not sudden. I have only recently obtained the required qualification to become a politician.” He was of course referring to his recent conviction and imprisonment in a criminal case.

p.s Noted film maker Dubash Bhai declared in a Press Conference today, that he will soon be making a movie on SK’s capture and ordeal at the hands of the TIS. The film is tentatively titled “101 ways to cook Venison


shruti said...

he he ...good one wonders that today the meaning of justice seems blurred ,,, if the sureme court of India was not to uphold it as far as it ossibly can be the sanjay dutt case or the reservation pressure by govt then one of the pillars on which India is still balancing would soon fall ...maybe perhaps the only pillar that is keeping itself from biting the dust ...

Aparna said...

when i started reading this post, i thought 'man, this time it's a really serious post...'. but u did it again!

TIS shouldn't have let off SK this fast. now people have no respect for TIS regarding capturing people who violate their laws, and punishing them.

and yea, Sanjay dutt is now definitely graduated enough to become a politician...

mathew said...

ROTFL!!..cleverly written.. ;-p
I knew..I knew .SK would attain redemption!!!!!!!!!

now i will tell the "Aam Gopalan Verma" to make his remake of "SALMAN KAUN REDEMPTION"..

Anonymous said...

She has removed the copied posts, but you can see a snapshot here! :-)

Serendipity said...

Wow very nice :)

Santosh said...

Hey.. I am smart.. well a bit.. i had guessed SK would be Salman Khan in some way later in the article :-)

Nice sarcasm....

ap said...

When started reading ,I was just wondering why this post is in silverine instead of your think pad.....

kudos well said!!!!

Amey said...

Good one... The miscarriages of justice are increasing these days, what with such public figures being put behind bars.

I wonder, if this happens to such famous personalities in broad daylight, what will happen to "aam adami"?

Adorable Pancreas said...

That was really funny. I'm surprised they managed to put him inside for a few days even. Crimes committed by rich and influential jerks aren't punishable, apparently.

Alexis said...

Ha ha ha Nice one. You managed to keep the suspense till the end.

@mathew: It will have the same fate of the remake of Sholay :-)

Abhi said...

"This is a different post" that's what i tought when i started reading! But then time an again you are coming up with awesome stuff which just brings me close to tears(khushi ke aanso hai, darna mat)

TIS always has this problem of letting go good guys like SK, Mr Q and a lot of other chamchas and people with money. For them TIS is jus another tool to be manipulated for their whims and fancies!

Anonymous said...

why?? shouldnt public figures be punished?? are they above the law.??whyy should the law be any different to them??

i dont understand the hue and cry around the arrest of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan, what is the media saying?? should they be given lighter sentence coz they are good actors.?they got what they deserve.

what the hell...

and hey great blog here.. i love ur writing style...really funny and though provoking..esp my-think-pad..
go achayati go!!!

Anonymous said...


FX said...

mmmmm Nice post .
Well all are equal some are more equal ..God save INDIA

Unknown said...

“And it was inspired by this quote that I put to an end to the misery of that poor Gazelle. It was on the endangered list you know!?”
... great line that is!

This is little different from your regular post but awesome as always

Abhay said...

we're talkin abt a guy who ran over some homeless street urchins whoz roaming arnd freely and dancing bare-chested with damsels.
did u see the way he reacted to the q's frm the journalists :O ... humility, decency elude this fella.

silverine said...

shruti: Without the Supreme Court we are all khallas!

krish: Cant blame the TIS completely. Our laws has too many loopholes. But then on the other hand TIS can always amend laws.

mathew:Thank you :) The media and fans made Salman out to be the victim. That was so annoying!!

Anon: Thanks :)

serendipity: Thank you :)

Santoz: Thanks buddy :)

AP: Thank you :)

fleiger: Our laws needs to be changed and fast!

AP: The rich and powerful can buy good lawyers and pay off witnesses.

Alexis: Thank you :)

Abhi: Thank you! The TIS cannot hope to bring the guilty to justice unless they plug the loopholes in the laws.

Anoop: I think the public needs to rally like they did for Jessica Lal and make sure that criminals are tried.

Anon: Thank you :)

Anoop: Thank you. I think the rich and famous should be bought to book as an example to the rest of the country. What better way to advertise that crime doesn't pay and for FREE!! :))

ashley: Thank you :)

Abhay: It is disgusting to see the things he has got away with!!

SP said...

This was a brilliant post! Well done!

Praveen said...

great post! sarcasm ebbs and flows.... ;)