Thursday, September 27, 2007


Every night when I am sitting at my comp, I can feel a steady gaze burning into my back from beyond the windows and the dark of the trees in the night. A shiver runs up my spine as I feel those eyes upon me….. I dare not look around. Because I know what is. I do not have to turn around to see who it is. It is Satan!

Satan is a chubby two year old Alsatian, who, according to the paperwork is my brother M’s dog. He is a highly obedient, intelligent and well trained dog.

M: Here Satan, come here boy!
Satan: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
M: Good boy Satan, come here Satan, $%$^#& I said come here right now you mangy critter or I will hand you over to the SPCA!!!!!

(I forgot to tell you that he was trained by his owner)

While he is not guarding our house he spends his free time trying to figure out the mysteries of his doggy life like why he is kept out of the house while the other two dogs enjoy the comforts of the house. Arguments like “you are a watchdog” doesn’t seem to hold water with him and he is currently pursuing advanced training in getting into the house without getting caught

Now you might wonder why a house that already has two dogs would need another one right? Well there is a story behind Satan’s arrival in our house. One dark stormy night as the stray dogs howled in the darkness, a robber scaled our walls and promptly fell down and broke my mother’s precious pots. The incident jolted all of us out of our reverie and reminded all of us how fragile pots were and we collectively decided to get a watchdog that would guard the house and warn us of approaching pot breakers.

After a frantic search in the Kennel section of all the newspaper we zeroed in on a jolly old Colonel whose dog had littered. Jolly ‘ol Col Sharma was a true dog lover. Not the money making, over breeding their dog kinda dog owners.

My dad: We want an Alsatian puppy.
Col Sharma: Sure, the males are Rs 50,000 each and the females 49,990/- each.
Dad: *swoon* *thud*
M: Thank you Mr Sharma. I afraid I cannot afford such prices.
Col Sharma: Ok ok 5000 and he is yours!! *Hindi swear words*

That Sunday Satan nee Veerappan all of six week old ball of fur came home to a rousing reception. And as is the practice in my house, every new puppy is greeted with great joy and affection after which everyone goes back to their routine leaving yours truly holding the baby dog. After everybody had left, Satan and I faced each other. Satan had a “groan so this is the stupid human who will look after me?!!” kinda expression on his face while I had a “I would like to do something painful to this dogs owner” kinda expression on my face. The dog’s owner had an “It is so hard to get a good maid to look after my dog” kinda expression. To which Satan had a “ I agree but I wish you could do better?” kinda expression. To which the dog’s owner sported a “ I know buddy, but something is better than nothing” expression. The “something is better than nothing” had an expression which cannot be printed here for obvious reasons.

As you can see from the above example, Satan was very good in verbalizing his feelings and we had frequent eye to eye chats.

Satan: I hate carrots in my food.
Me: Go tell your owner!!! grr
Me: ok! Ok! Stop howling. No more carrots %^$^#%@*
Satan: *satisfied smirk*

(We didn’t see eye to eye on most occasions.)

I am sure dog and dog owner did some high fives behind my back and celebrated every victory with a beer and a bone.

Satan however had a problem or more rightly a medically untreatable grave defect. "HE WAS THE WORLDS MOST FRIENDLIEST DOG!!” He couldn’t bark leave alone bite to save his own life or his masters life. He was just not programmed to be a dog. A bug in his creation ensured that he spent his life thinking that he was a Teddy bear. A large woolly Teddy Bear that liked to slobber everyone including cats. Many a cat in our neighborhood migrated to Canada due to the ignominy of a dog having lovingly slobbered all over them. Somewhere in Gods assembly unit a Test Engineer lost his job or got a really bad appraisal when Satan was born.

But a watchdog he was and like his illustrious Alsatian ancestors, Satan too won many awards in the Watchdog Category. Chief among them were:

1. Most Friendliest Watchdog Award, given by the Bengaluru Robbers Association
2. Most Harmless Large Dog Award, given by the Bengaluru Petty Thieves Association
3. Best Watchdog Award, given by the All Karnataka Dacoits Association

(The awards are too many to mention here)

Bathing Satan was as easy as ABC...multiplied by XYZ, divided by EFG. In other words it was not very easy. Satan knew the meaning of the word B.A.T.H in 27 different languages. If you were to carelessly remark that you were going to give Satan a 'bath', then you would have to apply for annual leave to go search for him. On the other hand if you were to remark that you were going to give Satan a “LIC Retirement Policy” he would not suspect a thing!!! And it is thanks to LIC Retirement Policy, Max New York Pension Fund, HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund etc that Satan manages to have a bath every Sunday. (Never underestimate the power of investments!!)

Though he is very friendly, he is a very good watch dog and has prevented many burglaries in my house.

Robber one: Let’s loot Silverine’s house tonight!
Robber two: Are you out of your mind??? That is next to impossible!!
Robber three: You are right! There is no way we can get in or out of that house without getting doggy drool over our face.
Robber one: ewwwww

( He is a mean one one alright!)

The purpose of this long winded post is to wish Satan a very happy 3rd birthday! According to good ‘ol Col Sharma, he was born in the last week of September, on the day the BMP garbage truck failed to arrive. Apparently Satan’s mommy gave birth while Col Sharma was out cruising the city in the night looking for a place to furtively dump his garbage.

I am not at home and I am missing him soooo much :(( Hope people at home give him a nice time and hope his owner for once in his lifetime takes Satan for a WALK!!

Happy Birthday you adorable naughty ball of fur! I love you so much! *muah*


Annemarie said...


I am going to kidnap him one day. He is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I so want to pet Satan!

Ps: Did I just say that ^ :P

cafm said...

he he :)

Happy b'day Satan(that sounds oddly funny :P)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did Satan fail to win an award from All Karnataka Burglars Association while winning from others? ;-)


Arunima said...

Goodness you made me miss my dog soo much!

mathew said...

that was so funny..
btw I liked the name of your other dog more!! :-P

I guess this watchdog is the one that welcomes theives and barks at policeman...

Adorable Pancreas said...

Col. Sharma left his pregnant-soon-to-give-birth dog alone to dump his trash? Tsk-tsk. True garbage hater, I suppose?

Loved it! :)

Dhanya said...

I too have a black German shepherd back home and your description would fit her as well :)

InTeGeR said...

Another nice post...

"A bug in his creation ensured that he spent his life thinking that he was a Teddy bear." Ha Ha!

Amey said...

Naming a dog Satan? Now that's something.

And given your description (I mean, the description you wrote), he is very successful as watchdog. Maybe God was trying a Dog 2.0 with chnaged specs and all.

silverine said...

Annie: He has knocked you down lovingly one too many times. It's your funeral :p

haas: Well, I will do that for you :)

CAFM: I know! :))

Anon: awwwww :))

Hyde:"(The awards are too many to mention here)"

Please note :)

Arunima: I know how you feel :(

mathew: We had a Pom once who was called "Whisky" :p

AP: Thank you :)

Dhanya: They are adorable aren't they? Satan is perhaps the naughtiest of all!!

Integer: Thank you :)

fleiger: Bravo!! You said it. This must be God trying out Dog 2.0! LOL!!! :))

Janus said...

Brilliant ! Hats off to your creative prowess! I will surely run out of adjectives one day !

ap said...

@Fleiger God trying out Dog 2.0.....
and naming it thats something!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You didn't get it. Never mind. :-)


the rain tree said...

awww....i wish i could have him.

i too got a pet at home. he never bark at females :P. n even bit me once. still i love him a lot.

Abhi said...

It was a humorous post as usual! I've never had any pets and i've always wanted to have one, but my parents aren't allowing, mainly its coz of my attitude of neglect to my other possessions. I loved my bike the day it was bought. I used to wash it every other day, then it became 1se in a week, then a fortnight, then a month and then the only wash it got was from a rain or from some water sprayed on it by a passin bus!

But i still feel tht having a dog is a nice feeling and i wish i could play fetch with th dog or take him along on my morning walks. [still i dnt wanna wash him :-)]

Sriganesh Murthi said...

Ah Satan! You could have posted a pic of him along with the post, but nah, you painted quite a picture with words itself. :-)

Amey said...

@Silverine and ap: That was going to be my next comment. That would probably be considered the textbook de(i?)finition of "irony".

silverine said...

Janus: Thank you :)

Hyde: I got it :p

the rain tree: aww he sounds sweet :)

Abhi: Just you wait till you get a dog, you will change overnight :)

sriganesh murthi: Thank you buddy :)

fleiger: Very true!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. the description sounds soo cute..
Happy belated Budday to the cute guy!!

And can I please get to see his pic??

Di said...

Hugs to Satan!! :) Now who'd think id ever say that!! :D

Anonymous said...

Man! Such an Evil name to such an adorable creature??! :) Is there a story behind that as well? Hehee ;)
Awesome post btw..! :D


AnneK said...

Is his name really that or did you just make that up?

Princess Stefania said...

My dog died a month ago. I think this is the first time I've come across the word 'dog' and not started crying. Uncontrollable laughter is more like it. Thanks for the post, It really cheered me up.

silverine said...

princess stefania: That bought a tear to my eye! :( I hope your chweet littel doggy woggy is gamboling in heaven now. I so know how you must be feeling. No dog should die!! It is just unfair!!!

coco captive: Thank you :) I was not at home for his budday :( So could not take a pic.

Di: I have hugged him on your behalf. He slobbered all over me :p

Rosh: He is an adorable little devil :)

AnnK: His name was given by his owner.

Ashwin Raju said...

Never underestimate the power of investments!!


I'll get my first dog in my life maybe in the next few years. A guy needs a companion!