Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Equal Opportunity

It's been almost 6 months since that fateful Interview and my arrival here. I have made lots of friends and I am already on nodding terms with the Security guys, the facilities guys, cafeteria guys etc. It is nice to forge such strong bonds with the helpdesk staff.

The Security guys actually get palpitations if they don’t see me...say once a week:

Security guy: Miss as usual you left your mobile behind...please come to our office and collect your mobile.
Moi: Oh that is where it is!
Security guy: heh heh Miss as per rules I have to ask you what make is your mobile?
Moi: hmmm Samsung?
Security guy: *chuckle* No!!!!
Moi: hmmm Motorola?
Security guy: *giggle* Wrong!! Try again!!!
Moi: I give up!!
Security guy: It's Nokia!!! Hah!!! We win...again!!!!! Better luck next time err...next week!
Moi: :(

The cafeteria staffs just love me:

Murli: Here you are Miss, a South Indian light coffee, your regular.
Moi: But I want a Latte today.
Murli turning to the vending machine: *tamil expletives*

The facilities help desk guys duck into nooks and crannies when they see me, but I know every nook and cranny in this building.

Robert: heh heh Miss we are seeing a lot of you these days.
Moi: heh heh you can always reduce that you know.
Robert: heh heh Pray how can I do that?
Moi: heh heh by giving me the %^&$ supplies heh heh
Robert: heh heh I haven’t got your mail
Moi: heh heh Show me your monitor!!!
Robert : NO!!! heh heh
Moi: Guess that means you have ignored it again heh heh
Robert: Tell you what, send me the mail again I will send you your requirements heh heh
Moi(taking out my laptop): I will send you the mail RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! heh heh
Robert: heh heh :(

The travel desk staff just adores me!!

Monica: Hello this is Monica from the Travel Desk of INTHERED Corporation. Is this Miss Overmadeup at the airport check in counter?
Miss Overmadeup: Yes!
Monica: That Silverine just flounced outta here as usual because I mucked up her itinerary as usual . She is on her way, you know what to do *giggle*
Miss Overmadeup: Of course *guffaw* Hope you did what you had to do?!
Monica: Of course I made sure she is travelling in an ATR aircraft *snigger*
Miss Overmadeup: And I will make sure she sits right next to the frightening fan blades.
Both: ROTFL their A Off!

This is such a lovely place to work. No matter what your rank or position, you end up getting screwed equally by the support staff.

Note to self: Next time please ensure that you ask for definitions of "all" HR terms especially the term "equal opportunity".


Sanjay said...

its better than our place I tell you. Typical conversation with my admin guy:

Me: Rajesh what is that sitting on my seat???
Rajesh: That poor devil is a new employee. Dosent know what he has got himself into snigger and lots of elbowing here.
Me: I dont care what he is into; where do I sit???????
Rajesh: Your elevated to travelling and on the road status. You will be paid INR 5000 more per month for working... or whatever it is that you do from home.
Me: I dont work at home...in any case I come here to meet some of my pals... I want a seat.
Rajesh: But what about the new guy and our employee turnover and e-sat scores??
This is where I give up and either throw the new guy out or ahem "work" standing.


random said...

Nice one!

dreamer said...

well i guess the support staff is a bitch in every office..

They exist for only one reason

"To make everyone's life a living hell hole!"


mathew said...

Remind me of a recent conversation with the help desk where I had to spell my name for a password reset. Usually to make sure the spellings are correct we spell the letters with country names. Generally I don’t mug up with country names. But this time I just couldn’t get a country whose letter starts with ‘N.’ But in the nick of the moment I got one..

“Errr.. mmmmmmmmm…..N ..N…N for Nicaragua!!”

The other side was all ROTFL.. *what!!!!!!!!!!*

Now I make sure I write down shorter and more well known country names before calling up help desk!! ;-P

As usual good one.. But we want more incidents!! :-)

Basanti said...

Hehehehe, few more months and I'll join you in the company bashing! :P

Neihal said...


despite all, my heart goes out for poor Raabert.... :P

"I will send you the mail RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU"


dharmabum said...

as always, i go back from silerine's blog with a smile on my face!
thanks you.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I have finally come to trust my traveldesk guy.
Now I know for a fact that the taxi wont turn up at any airport, and to save myself the trouble of having to call bangalore everytime, and then wait for half an hour, I have a rickshaw guy's number in Chennai- if he's driving someone else at the time, he always finds me a replacement in 2 minutes flat.

silverine said...

sanjay: We have HR doing what admin do in your co :(

pawan: Thank you and thanks for the comments on the other posts too :)

RJ: Totally agree with you!

mathew: Lol!! You could have tried M for Machlipatnam and N for Nanjangud!!! :p

basanthi: If you cant beat em' join me and bash 'em :p

neihal: Tell me the truth, you are in lurve with Robert! Admit it!!!

dharmabum: Thank you :)

toothlesswonder: "I have finally come to trust my traveldesk guy."
lol that way even our staff are totally trustable not to do their jobs :P

Amey said...

Aah, the conveniences of anonymous blogging... BTW, remember to keep your IT guys happy. They can trace IPs you know ;)

You mistake a Nokia for Samsung or Motorola? :o

Alexis said...

LOL...Nice one as usual. The most important people in any company is the guys in the support and administrative section. If you have a great relationship with them, then you get to enjoy a lot of perks. I see you have mastered the art...except the ATR part :-)

Neihal said...


Oh Boy!!!

Now that u mention, maybe ;)

Mudra said...

Great post. :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

Seems to be a really good place..So, can u refer me there [:D] ?

Jiby said...

haha...Raaberrt must have had some interesting stuff playing on his monitor...real rude of u to interfere!

well u score worse than my dad...after 4 years he atleast knows his cell is a nokia though he doesnt yet know how to store a contact.

i loved the travel desk part the best!

Anonymous said...

the helpdesk ppl really screw u dont they?
or is it with provocation? ;)

Ashwin Raju said...

thats something I dont have to worry about where I work.... Order stapler pins.. it reaches you ..

Even an interoffice customised birthday gift, sent at the last moment reached there just in time so that my frd could take it to the recipient just before 12 o clock...

That was one hell of a surprise worth doing all that stuff for, and a lotta thanks to the support staff .. :)

three cheers for em..!!