Saturday, April 21, 2007

One of those days...

When it rains it pours they say or something like that. Now if I get sued for misquoting that quote, my day will be just PERFECT! Some days just get worse and worse.

Early in the morning I switch the TV on and get ready to channel surf through the channels that I have arranged in a particular order. News Channels in one line, Movie Channels next and so on. Makes life really easy for me I can watch Star Movies, Hallmark, HBO, AXN together by changing between channels. Believe me you don’t miss much besides you get a separate TV to watch in the privacy of your room…absolutely free!

Anyways as soon as I put the TV on, I landed on Cartoon Network!! Consternation gripped me because I remember that Channel 1 was always Star Movies. The next channel was Nickelodeon and the next was Disney channel. The pattern repeated itself till all my prearranged channels were now showing Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney channel....that is 34 channels of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel over and again! I was hopping mad! My mom tells me rather apologetically that my cousins brothers little daughter was using my TV and had apparently "adjusted" the TV to her liking. Now that meant I would have to redo it all over again :( And for those people who might be wondering why I need to arrange the channels in a certain order, please read the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus unless there is a sale going at Jupiter" to understand this phenomenon.

And to make things worse, the little tyke who perpetrated this catastrophic damage on my TV decided to play Clue Finders on my PC.

Clue Finder: 1+1= What??
Tyke: What?
Me: Four duh!
Tyke: Shame shame puppy shame this chechi doesn’t know anything!!
Me: heh heh Yes dear, now run along and leave me alone!
Tyke: No!!!
Me: Yes!!!
Tyke: *sob*

And so I spent the next 30 minutes answering some rocket science questions like 3+4 = What?, 3+5 = What?, 7-5= What?...and getting them all wrong too! :( ( The poor kid got thoroughly cyber punished and is currently not talking to me.)

My woes did not end here. No siree, the gentleman in the Big House up there was enjoying himself too much to stop now. I take my bike out to meet up friends and the damn thing keeps stopping on the way leading to some minor irritations like traffic pile ups and some major irritations like creepy looking guys piling on to you offering help. After I had given them my best "tere ghar pe maa behen nahin hai kya nayinde mon?" look and sent them slithering away, I was feeling really sorry for myself.

Finally I did manage to reach this coffee outlet, sank into the chair with a sigh of relief when we heard a strange voice speaking sternly.

Voice: Message.
(very loud): MESSAGGGGGE!!!!!!!!!
(screaming): aargh MESSSSAAGGGGE!!!!
Demented screaming: AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

People were looking helter skelter. It turned out to be my phone. SMS ring tone script, kind courtesy my second brother M, voice recording, kind courtesy my cuz Rohan Mathew. While I was getting over the shock there came another shocker. This time it was the phone ringing errr screaming in a guttural voice!

Pick up the phone!
Silverine pick up the phone!
Silverine pick up the phone!!!!

(ring tone script, again kind courtesy my second brother M, voice recording, kind courtesy my cuz Rohan Mathew)

If a genie were to appear right then and grant me a wish then I would have asked for a Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator with changeable rotator blades. (And why you may ask? Because the earth will not open up and swallow me automatically silly!!).

People were smiling, my friends were laughing and I managed to look indulgently amused while inside I was just dying to get my hand on someone's MP3 collection lovingly collected over the years and hitting the Shift+Delete button AND THEN setting fire to the back up CD's and then doing something really bad to Rohan that I will think of when I have cooled down sufficiently. Right now you can fry an egg on my head and get a perfect sunny side up!


രാജ് said...

ഞാനാണോ ആദ്യം? ഇയാള് ദിവസം ഇങ്ങിനെ എത്ര അപകടത്തില്‍ പെടും?

നന്നായിരുന്നു, വല്ലോനും പറ്റുന്നതല്ലേ, എനിക്കെന്താ :D

Jim said...

> I spent the next 30 minutes answering some rocket science questions like 3+4 = What?, 3+5 = What?, 7-5= What?...and getting them all wrong too! :(

Sounds like the GRE quant section... heh!

shruti said...

ha ha ha ..this was aweosome ..made my day girl .. I wish I had naughty cousins like u ..full of surprises ..he he where did those claws come from ..mercy silverine !!

Pratish Menon said...

LOL! But seriously, that's it? No more... what a pity :P

silverine said...

Raj: This was one of those days :)

Jim: GRE quant section? That sounds worse than rocket science!

shruthi: Thanks girl. This is called abuse of technology. I didnt even know that you can record your own ring tone :p My claws are useless girl unless I start thinking like those two :(

Prats: Extremely sorry for not having more misery poured over my head sir!!! :p

Neihal said...


oops...sorry :P

mathew said...

hehehe..any bloggers investing money for a TV show on the lines of "THE SIMPSONS"...dont worry Baba I ll give a huge a paycheck!! ;-P

as usual too good!! "The Philipsons" rock!! :)

Alexis said...


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus unless there is a sale going at Jupiter That is a classic.

Your brother and cousin have a really fantastic sense of humor!! Still ROFL...

So, did you have your revenge?

You captured the mood really well, I could see the events unfolding...Can't stop laughing...

Great post...Super!!!

Wanderlust said...

Would you like to outsource these two brothers of yours ?
Such talent needs a bigger audience surely.
I will raise the RFP and you can set your own conditions .
Cheers !!

raghav said...

cousins can be fun .. but the " i gave them the ... nayinte mone luk" . thats classic ..

U are lucky that ur bro did not use more expeltives embedded variants of the ringtone *grin*

Unknown said...

Hey..why dont you put up the 'silverine silverine' ringtone up for sale :P

Cosmic Voices said...

Does your brother offer any crash courses on the testing tool, PatienceOfGirls 2.0?

Alternatively, I would like to subscribe to his RSS feeds if he is blogging on the same issue.

Sujith Philipose said...


SP said...

I heard your mothers ringtone was changed to the Hail Mary in Malayalam. Would have loved to see her reaction!

Binoy Valson said...

I liked it! I really, really liked it!
You had a really "nice" time!

Sanjay said...

Did you check the chain on the cycle??

by the way deleting MP3's is pure sacrilege and inevitably results in max punishment, unless you like sitting in front of a PC and re-burning for a zillion years


Anonymous said...


This might cheer you a little.


abhishek said...

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus unless there is a sale going at Jupiter"

Haha...I like my channels in order too...Does that make me a man from Venus?

In the land of women, the channel-ordering man is king, I suppose.

Rebelzz said...

Well, just be happy that the recorded 'ring tone' did not swear! My friend's 'ring tone' swears at her if she does not pick up the call in 2 rings!!!

Sh'shank said...

Oh man
this was too good
If I can confess I essentially wouldnt mind the three cartoon channels being there. BUt I guess 34 channels of cartoons can be quite a jarring experience...
I want to knwo how you would have answered if the kid had started asking why does the fan revolve the other way??

silverine said...

neihal: :p

mathew: "philipsons" lol!!!Awesome creativity!! Methinks it is the singular though as the rest of us are quite sane :p

Alexis: Thank you :)

Annie: Yeah the two are going great guns in their old age :p

wanderlust: Go right ahead and if possible keep them with you too :p

raghav: They would never use expletives.

Joe: Like I told you dear, you should be in marketing and your offer to be my chief marketing officer is rejected :p

cosmic voices: I am sad to report the failure of PatienceOfGirls 2.0 :))

flipflop: :)

biby: Thank you!

SP: ahem details of the same over phone ;)

binoy: And I really 'like it' your comment! :p

sanjay: I stand warned :)

GG: A big *hug* to you for that link.

Abhishek: "In the land of women, the channel-ordering man is king, I suppose" LOL!!!! You are absolutely right!!

s-currently a cynic: That must have been nasty! :p

Ricky: Thank you and I have some experience in handling kiddy questions :)

shruti said...

Your cousin seem have a cool sense of humor ..Hail MAry indeed ... would love to meet them !! he he .. maybe we can hatch some nice plots together against the PHilipsons ...guffaw !!

Sachin R K said...

Will have one double bullseye...and dont forget the black pepper.

Hilarious post :)

wanderlust said...

too good, what a hilarious day. trust me, you will laugh over it one day.

meenakshi said...

Cousins and brothers and lines of nieces and nephews have eternally been the reason of people's troubles.............and these technological advancement only add up to these:D

Arti Honrao said...

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus unless there is a sale going at Jupiter"

Well! I still remember I was having coffee in Barista with my ex-bf and suddenly his mobile screamed
Abbey Gadhe Phone Utha...
and he did not know what to do ...
[He shd hv answered the call, which he didn't ;)]


Arti Honrao said...

And oh yes forgot abt the channels ...
best is get Tata Sky
Isko laga daala to life jhingala

And yes, they ARE paying me for promoting them ;)
Hritik's taking me out for dinner!


Maria George said...

funny started of with the nayinte mon... good read especially when you are bored sick in class

Jay Sun said... always... :)

Di said...

have heard that ringtone!! so here's some pity..and some more of it..

hope and love said...


Anonymous said...

"tere ghar pe maa behen nahin hai kya nayinde mon?".........hahahhahahhahahhahahhaROTFL

Anonymous said...

kya nayinde mon, and in hindi form too, was the most funny part of this post. my mom and i. exact translation to hindi aanallo!!

Anonymous said...

presumably that someone is ur brother M. err, a doubt, is he the one in the james bond series?

~ ॐ ~ said...

needless to say, you are a brilliant writer !!!

loved the two posts that I managed to read !!!

awesome !!!