Sunday, June 26, 2005

Coffee in heaven :)

You'll be greeted

by a nice cup of coffee

when you get to heaven

and strains of angelic harmony.

But wouldn't you be devastated

if they only serve decaffeinated

while from the percolators of hell

your soul was assaulted

by Satan's fresh espresso smell?

John Agard


Jake said...

i live on coffee.

well, atleast i used to, when i worked nights. and that is a nice poem indeed.

mmm .. dark mocha ...

Matter of Choice said... tea in heaven???

well then i prefer hell to heaven anyday!!

Sujith said...

extensive imagination!

Its said that sound is important in his poems. But who will sing this for us to hear.. :-)

Recover old blog said...

you are better when poetic :)

Recover old blog said...

ha ha.... sorry. didnt see john agard. pass my compiments to him. compiments for you choice. :)

Praveen said...

I am not a big coffee lover, so probably might not like the welcome drink that much :-). However i prefer heaven to hell any day :-)

N David said...

espresso rocks anytime.. And Satan you rock too. Well as heaven and hell are nowhere but right here, choose ur coffee wisely ;)

Lost in trance... said...

Depends on whether you like espresso. Its the choice that makes the difference. Red pill anyone?