Thursday, April 14, 2005

Vitamin M (men)

Yesterday the girls had a heated discussion about ..who else but MEN!!! And it got me thinking. Ask any self respecting woman about men and the reaction is same. Horny, insensitive, lazy, mama’s boys etc. etc. In fact a married soul announced that men had outlived their usefulness on this planet. “If Nature is perfect then how do you explain Men???” She asks plaintively.

I think the presence of men in our lives give us various advantages. For instance in the case of procreation, today most woman can chose to be pregnant or not. However in the absence of the male human species women will have to face the inconvenience of letting Nature to the procreation bit.

Imagine a world without men where women procreate by bionary fission (cell division) like bacteria ???

A typical day in office would go like this.
“Hey where is Shanthi?”
“ She is on leave today. She is going into bionary fission today.”
“ Oh, God. Poor thing. She had just multiplied last week.”
Another voice “ I think I am also going into bionar fission. I just can’t afford another me. I have already reproduced twenty times this year!”

Or imagine if women were to become pregnant automatically when they reach maturity. Another typical day in college/office would go like this:

Tina:” I think I am pregnant again….! This is so inconvenient. I wish I had greater say in these things. Wish my body should realize that I am simply not earning enough to produce a kid every year!”

Ramya: “True, I am thinking of getting a hysterectomy done as soon as possible.”

My regard for the male human species has gone up considerably after penning this blog.


chupru said...

Nice blog,

and don't you worry......
As long as virile,gallant Anoop species walk the surface of earth; the feminine clad doesn't have to be worried about their celibacy issues.
(do excuse my sense of urgency ......ahem desperation)

no seriously the write was nice, can't wait to get my sister to read this.

silverine said...

This blog is an acknowledgement of guys like you, without whom this planet would be so genderless and colorless:)

Pradeep Nair said...

Good to see this. Those fictious scenarios, were really interesting. The planet would be colourless -- not just without men but -- without women too.

I always felt too much of debate about equality between men and women is meaningless, because actually men and women are complementary to each other.

One is incomplete without the other.

silverine said...

Very true. Recently I stumbled upon an article which states that the male species were on their way out and in a few thousand years from now there will be only females left on this planet.
Check out this article!

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Getting the fairer sex pregnant is the only use you could find of men? Well if that means sitting at home, living in your wife's money and making females pregnant from time to time, it just suits me!!!! Sounds fun!!!

Yeah, I am back.

silverine said...

Hey Welcome back! and what a comeback statement !!!!!

I have merely pointed out one area where the absence of men could lead to problems for the womenfolk. That's all. And don't get any other ideas :)

claytonia vices said...

I will never tell you about the research which promises to one day pave the way for procreation without men!!