Friday, April 15, 2005

( car) pool out of hellish roads!

Left for college early today at the unearthly hour of 9 am. As I cooled my heels at the inevitable traffic pile ups, I couldn't help but notice the staggering number of cars that were lined up with only one occupant..the driver cum owner!

I looked at the various shapes and sizes of these cars and marveled at the sheer waste of fuel to transport just one individual to office/elsewhere. Not to mention the fact that these cars took up a good amount of road space too.

Peppered amongst these cars were chauffeur driven cars with a driver and an important looking man in the rear seat. The important looking man will usually be reading important looking papers on tapping away at an expensive looking laptop. I mentally counted and estimated that about 40% of the occupants at the traffic jam on a Koramangala road were such single owner driven vehicles.

As I weaved my tiny Scooty through the big boys like the Prada's and the Tavera's, I silently thanked my neighbor, a businessman who made it a point to leave his Scorpio at home and make do with a Kinetic Honda within city limits.

May his tribe increase!


An Ideal Boy said...

Read my views about your north vs south view. Check my latest post.
--An Ideal Northie Boy

Amit said...

Thanks for the comment...nice blog this! i liked the "vitamin M" post...that was hilarious!

rathri said...

Decided to sell my Rolls Royce and buy a cycle:)

silverine said...

Sincere condolences:)

QuaTros said...

Hmm...yep, you hit the problem on the dot! I guess in a few years most of the roads here in Bangalore will look like lanes filled up with metal match boxes!

silverine said...

Hi confusionruins!

Went to your blog spot. There are absolutely no collection of sweet guys,no smilies, no thanks or nice talk. I think that just about sums you up!

chupru said...

They should shoot down those who travel alone in their car(esp on hosur road). Wonder if they'll have enough amo!!!