Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Poverty whines

Salary days are well....salad days. But salary discussions are well...quite over the top specially when you take your payload home in a truck.

Very well paid exec in our office: If my salary is delayed by one day, there are four cheques that will bounce.

Another disgustingly heavily paid exec: If my salary is delayed by two days, there will be six cheque bounces and I would have got an eviction order (he has his own palatial flat bought in cash).

Another deplorably over paid exec
: If my salary comes on time, then all my cheques are paid and by day 11 I am looking for people to borrow heh heh.

Poor me who is disgustingly and deplorably and miserably underpaid : If my salary doesn't come on time, I have my savings *looks around smugly expecting to see the faces round me turning red in embarrassment*

Execs: Wow! Now we know who to borrow from midmonth.
Me :!!!!!!

Note to self: SHUT THE EFF UP!


Sunil J said...

If my salary doesn't come on time, no cheques will bounce and I won't be evicted.
Where should I send my account no? It is good to have another source to borrow from other than my mom. :P

Arun said...

This always intrigued me. It took the wisdom of AnJolie to get this out to the world.

Anonymous said...

Yeah rite ..disgustingly and deplorably and miserably underpaid ?

Ennatha koolipani aano?
Even they r well paid these days I guess.

Anonymous said...

Join CITU. Nokku Kooli is a very nice thing......

silverine said...

Sunil: I am now as poor as everybody :-p

Arun: Join the "wiser" club :-)

Kariyachan: You are right, They are paid well and that too for just 'looking' at work :-)

Arch said...

okay, why cant ppl have ECS days on 5th of every month?

MindFreaK said...

@ Anonymous - nokku kooli idea isn't a bad idea pakshe not applicable at bangalore!

Silverine: better transfer the salary to some indian 'swiss' account and pretend to be pauper !