Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Age 10: Beg, plead, cry, sulk, beg, plead, cry, sulk, and scream till your parents get you a point and shoot camera.

Click away happily taking some awesome pictures.

Age 18: Beg, plead, cry, sulk, beg, plead, sulk…. till your parents give in and get you a DSLR camera.

Click away happily and realize unhappily that you cannot click away happily till you've learned to set the camera.

Click away unhappily as you miserably fail to get the hang of the ISO, F stop and a trillion other settings.

Look wistfully at the nice-nice pictures you took with your old point and shoot camera.

Look wistfully and wince at the horrible deformities you took with the DSLR camera.

Discard the DSLR camera and go back to happily clicking awesome pictures with your point and shoot camera.

Age: 20: You are still trying to convince your parents that the awesome pictures you took after age 18 were with the expensive DSLR camera and not the point and shoot camera and that the lack of difference in the quality of the pictures was because of their err...amateurish eyes.

That was a blast from my past.

Of course now I am a DSLR pro. All the awesome pictures I have taken are not from Corbis. I swear on my DSLR!!


Anita Jeyan said...

Hmm...we have a Nikon D7000 and my husband spent months on reading pdfs and studying tutorials and going on photography expeditions until he got a hang of it. However it is still underutilized I will say. However my little one is now on the move and this camera is too heavy with its settings and flash..Photographing children can be done better with a point and shoot I guess... I am now on the lookout for a good point and shoot camera ! And its not age 10 or age 18..its age 28 and realization dawned late !

Anonymous said...

Age-10 and you convinced your parents to buy you a camera. Thats crafty indeed.
Kindly enlighten us with the awesome pictures you clicked.

Sunil said...

Point and shoot was so easy, but I do get a nice short using my DSLR once in a while.
You got a DSLR at age 20? I got one last just last year and I had to pay for it. 6 months EMI.

Unknown said...

I still use my iphone. It's the best for those spontaneous pictures at awkward moments .. because I never have my actual camera around when I need it the most!

MindFreaK said...
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MindFreaK said...

Also, I like this part " Beg, plead, cry, sulk, beg, plead, cry, sulk, and scream..."

It's so natural, that many of 'em still do ,in spite of having jobs !

Anonymous said...

You have to link this statement to the last post - " Beg, plead, cry, sulk, beg, plead, cry, sulk, and scream..."

At age 20+, this is not for a DSLR but for money to last you through the rest of the month after your salary dries up. :)


Sriram said...

Gee. People get a DSLR *before* they know about ISO and Fstops? :D Something about the subtle game God played on the man who could throw a stick and his buddy who couldnt, comes to mind :P

PS: back here after quite a long time and things havent really changed. Ahoy there! :D

Binny V A said...

In my case there was another step as well - putting the DSLR in auto mode and getting a lot of abuses from my photographer friends until I got a a hang of it. :-)

Maathan said...
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silverine said...

Anita: Hehe I was adamant and finally got it right, though I must say I cheated. I used auto-focus and learned from the camera. I have a Canon btw.

Anon Abraham: I wish I could bit I am scared of it being plagiarized. It is THAT good you see :-|

Sunil: :) Guess your Dad is a smarter cookie than mine. But I love my DSLR, it forces me outdoors and I have taken millions of bird pics.

Arti: Same here. Most of the good pics I have taken have been spontaneous shots with my cell phone camera :)

MindFreak: Err I didn't have a job when I did that. Dont hate me too much :-S

Browser: Now, where have I heard that before, I wonder hmm :-|

Sriram: Great to hear from you buddy! How you doing!

Biny: I did exactly that, got cursed too, but auto focus taught me a lot plus some classes with an ace photographer courtesy free classes by Canon :)

Sunil said...

I'd like to think you were born with a silver tongue while all I had was the normal flesh & blood type.

MindFreaK said...

Hate you too much ?? er ... i didn't get you !!

Job or no job...its still fun to do all that in front of your parents, that joy is different!!