Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative dead ends

Take a look at this outdoor advertisement for a leading cement brand. What do you think the security guard is trying to say?

1. Look! I can lean sideways!
2. Look! My left hand is bigger than my right hand.
3. Look at me you stupid elephant!
4. Jazz hands!!!!
5. All of the above.

Now look at the elephant. What do you think it is thinking?

1. If I ignore him, maybe he will go away.
2. Hope he leans a little further and falls down hehehe
3. Moron!
4. I need to change my agent. This is the stupidest advertisement ever.
5. All of the above.

What do you think the adman was thinking when he made this ad?

1. *blank*
2. *blank*
3. *blank*
4. This has to be my worst work ever!
5. All of the above

Those of you who chose No 5, clap your hands, you just won yourself the reassurance that you are still sane. The rest I am sorry to inform, have successfully been brainwashed into drooling zombies by our advertising agencies. Have a nice day!


Destiny's child... said...

I can't make head or tail of it. What is the product? :/

silverine said...

Destiny's child: It is a Zuari cement advertisement.

Bikram said...

why .. is that a ad I thought that was a elephant ok .. and the guard is just standing there on a real building :)

I could not decide on the reply I am BLANK :(


Anonymous said...

these were my answers

guard is thinking: and to think i used to crib about the stray dogs at my old job..

elephant is thinking: 'aana' hazare is fasting again? interesting..

advertiser thought: [drool]

i think: that's one big-ass newspaper..


Destiny's child said...

Zuari Cement??? :D

It is the wonderfool of the beautifool! :p God knows what the heck the adman was thinking!

Neeraj Singh said...

Ohh!! I think I got the add .. guess my mind is rotten already .. :(. The building can bear elephants weight.. !!

claytonia vices said...

I was thinking, "Why do they keep using African elephants in our ads? Can't they use Indian ones or don't they know the difference?"