Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The terrible thing about good memory

At precisely 10 am this morning the Boss’s phone rang!

Boss: Hello dear!
Wifey: #$@%@$@!!!
Boss: *gasp*
Wifey: &%$#@*!!!
Boss: Yes dear!
Wifey: *unprintable*
Boss: Yes dear!
Wife: *more unprintable*
Boss: Sorry dear! :(
Wife: *SLAM*

At precisely 10:15 am my phone rang!

Me: Hello Boss!
: Silverine! Ahem… have you forgotten something?
Me: hmmm I don’t think so!
Boss (gently): Ah! Think again my dear!
Me: Sorry...I don’t think I have forgotten anything!
Me: *gasp*
Me: Yes Boss! :(
Me: Yes Boss :(
Me: Yes Boss! :(
Me: Sorry Boss!
Boss: *SLAM*

Note to self: Next appraisal meeting please ensure that you ask for suitable remuneration for your additional responsibilities as Birthday/Anniversary Reminder Service Provider for the grey haired farts in the office!

p.s the quote for the week in my email template is “The heart that truly loves never forgets.” tee hee


Twism said...

The things that we have to do, in order to get a good appraisal!!!
Well considering the way everyone is going to get single digit hikes this year, I too have stopped providing such niche value adds for my boss!
P.S. I hope that these niche value adds were not the reason they hired me in the first place, if that is the case, then I am so fired!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not grey haired! I use Godrej Permanent Powder Hair Dye-Natural Black. Idiot!

flaashgordon said...

What are Outlook calendars for ? These bdays and anniversaries should be set up early enuff in the year

hitch writer said...

lol... !!!

Sumit said...

IF I get my dream job on graduating from here, I shall be more than willing to provide these niche services to my boss...

*hoping some future bosses somewhere are reading this*

Kunjootty said...

'sigh'... the things one has to do to please the boss ... or rather boss' wifey!! ;-) There's only one chance at revenge. Marry the Big-ger boss (ie in case hes a bachelor still) and slam 'boss' similarly (evil laugh)!
anywayz, better jot down all the important dates now itself just in case anything else comes up before appraisal day!! :-D :-D

Unknown said...

Reminds of me of my previous boss! Thankfully I scooted with my life before he got married!

Thoorika said...

Your boss surely wont kick you out of the office however bad the recession period is !!!

silverine said...

Nitram; Single digit hikes! lol!! Good one. I think I am still not fired due to my niche services! :)

Boss: Sorry Boss! :(

flasshgordon: Good question!! :|

hitch writer: Glad to see that you got the humor in this :)

Sauron: You have the right attitude and the aptitude of a potentially good employee! :|

Kunjooty: Well I have exaggerated! :p He is a sweetheart! And he said all this mock anger! :)

Rockus: That was fast thinking lol!! :))

Thoorika: Thank you dear! :)

Amey said...

Add another note to self: Before next appraisal cycle, remember to remind boss of his anniversary, wife's b'day, anniversary of first day they met,... (you get the idea). Remember, making boss' wife unhappy is injurious to health.

Alyosha said...

How about calling his wife and apologizing? Well you get a chance to tell her who get to- remember his anniversary. : P. Anyway some grey hair is going to be like a ‘miao’…’miao’ tonight. Definitely some expensive gifts are most likely being hurriedly bought from Shivaji Nagar or KR Market ;) and the unsuspecting driver gets to choose the flowers today as well; all part of a frantic mitigation plan. :))

I was wondering….what if after a few more years…the grey hair has to be reminded, “Boss, look at that lady in the lobby....”
“Oh No! not that Mamooli Sherabat …the one with no laugh lines and CT scan eyes.”
“Didn’t get her?”
“ Let me try, you both used to have a common kitchen and a bed….Anything ringing?…” “Ok. One more, the hearsay.. She delivered the babies you call your own….” : P.

Indyeah said...

lol@ the quote!
Good one:D
did ya tell that to the boss though?:D

Abhi said...

What all one has to do to get a good appraisal!!

Enthokke droham's. You could've given him a gift for gifting his wife on their anniversary. God how i wish one could get a rememberall as in Harry Potter to remember things like this :D

Arslan said...

I'm so bad at remembering dates that I think I'll be that boss someday!

Anonymous said...

Miss Anjali...

Do you know when exactly is the memory improvement course I enrolled for scheduled to begin?

Anonymous said...

@ Big Boss : The course is already over. You forgot to attend it. No Refunds!!

Pratz said...


silverine said...

Amey: Note added! :)

Aloysha: That was brilliant! LOL!!

Indyeah: I mail him at least 400 times a day so he will definitely see the quote in the email! ;)

Abhi: Gift for gifting his wife? My boss will never get that as he cannot remember anything and that includes appraisal meetings! :p

Arslan: LOL!! You have made it sound so logical!

Big Boss: First my Boss then you! I am honored by thy comments. Unfortunately as the Course Instructor pointed out, the course got over last year itself! :))

Course Instructor: Thank you for the clarification! :)

Pratz: Thanks buddy! :)

skar said...

I usually don't forget people's birthdays. I only forget their names. :|

OG said...

good one... but I guess that you did not see the humor in that... :)

Praveen said...

god...he asked u to remember his wedding anniversary?:P
one awesome guy that is!

Anonymous said...

aah..that just explains why I forgot the salary rise I was planning for you...anyways never mind!!

@Course Instructor
hahaha..btw you are fired!!;-D

Anonymous said...

say what?

i'm never leaving school.

Philip said...

Don't start remembering too many things or the Boss' wifey will start getting jealous. It's a fine balance you'll have to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Wedding Anniversary, Birthday !!!!! Is that why my wife will not talk to me on certain days of the year??? Boy I'm dense :-(.

Good one though. Should try it out with folks working with me. Wonder if they will run to HR with haressment written on their faces?

Rajlakshmi said...

LOL ;)
good one... this year i will get my appraisal... I dnt know what all to remeber ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Lolz at the post...and nice clean look for the blog too(err..not that it was dirty earlier :) )

Quest said...

What if the Boss forgets even to have his lunch...
Takes his car, goes to the canteen, comes back after parking his car there, misses lunch ;-) :D

Amal Bose said...

it makes me wonder.. are all bosses like this - forgetful, dull and hot tempered?
certainly im not !

Alyosha said...

Sorry, I still couldn't gulp the title actually and I savoured some alternatives….
-“Tale of two appraisals”
-“Conveniently blind”
-“Sweetheart and the law of diminishing returns”,
-“Boss, na ghar ka, na ghat ka”,
-“A dog that runs after two bones……… catches neither”

silverine said...

Karthik: lol! Now that should get you into the Guinness book! :))

Ordinary guy: Oh yes I did get the humor specially since it was said in mock indignation. Else it would have been irony and not humor:)

Praveen: He is an awesome Boss alright! :)

Big Boss: LOL!!

Rukmini: hehe Its not that bad girl! :p

Philip: Reserve your warnings for fools or the really desperate! I am neither! :p

Browser: LOL! You sound like 99% of all married males! :p btw our HR has a greeting service and their mail greetings reminds many a men that it is their anniversary/birthday on the day! :p

Rajlakshmi: Best of luck for the appraisal! :)

WSW: Thank you! :)

Viajero: Why stop at missing lunch? I am sure there are a zillion other possibilities like forgetting his car, forgetting who he is or getting lost on the way to office! :p

Amal: Mine is certainly not! :)

Aloysha: The title of the post summarized the post that some people take a friendly service for granted. And boss sort of drove home the point with his mock indignation!

Vaudevillian said...

marriage and memory. the terrible things about marital memories. marital everything, actually!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Shail mentioned your blog, and I think I found the right one. Thoroughly enjoyed it, nevertheless. Will be back for more :-)

Anonymous said...


Now wait till next time he takes you shopping for his wife's Diamond ring.

Sriram said...

Sad... I'd have thought that Boss, being a man, would depend more upon his Balckberry (or something similar) than on women! Hope he learnt his lesson now :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Missed the action when it released :)
Lol. The humour, if any , would have now revealed itself I guess, but from your vantage point, the view can perhaps be a little misty :)

Great quote. Hopefully the grey haired f**t has read the mails till your signature :D!

Alyosha said...

Thanks! You are aptly right. Cheers.

Sparkling said...


I'm totally disappointed with you woman, you said SORRY!!!! SORRY???!!!!


Deepthi Pola said...

lol... nice one.

What's In A Name!? said...


I'll keep that in mind whenever the need arises! :D

silverine said...

Vaudevillain: Well put! lol!! :p

writerzblock: Thank you! :)

Solilo: I am dreading that already! :p

Sriram: Dude you dont know men I guess. They will use the BB for more important stuff than remembering bdays and annivs!! :))

Usha: Thank you! :)

Alyosha: :)

Still thinking: hehe I guess I should have done a 'wifey' on him and shamed him! :p

Sweelee: Thank you dear! :)

Whats in a name: :p Glad to be of service!