Monday, March 23, 2009

Modesty...I has it!

I was chatting with a little bird today and the little bird informed me that a certain blogger had told her that he had 'apparently' got this mail from “me” the other day!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anjali Philip silverine1 at gmail com
Date: Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Hi

To: A blogger

Dear A Blogger,

Just a note to tell you that I love your blog. Though I never comment on your posts, count me in amongst your many silent admirers.



Touching aint it? Now let me tell you all a secret. I get such messages too. Honestly!! Though modesty prevents me waxing eloquent about my “silent admirers” I cannot but share some interesting mails I get with you all. I am not showing off now... mind you. This is just to let you all know how honored I am by the mails sent in by some people. Here's a sample of a few mails amongst the thousands I get.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Barack Obama barack dot obama at gmail com
Date: Sun, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:18 PM
Subject: Greetings
To: Anjali Philip

Dear Anjali,

I have recently started reading your blog from the White House and I must say I love it. As soon as I have sorted out the mess here (you know where) I will make arrangements to appoint you to a key White House post. God alone knows we need a break in here (you know from what).



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ernest Hemingway ernest dot hemingway at gmail com
Date: Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 11:30 AM
Subject: Hello!
To: Anjali Philip

Dear Anjali,




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: William Shakespeare william dot shakespeare at gmail com
Date: Thurs, Sept 4, 2008 at 09:35 AM
Subject: Thy blog!
To: Anjali Philip

Before the lady doth protest too much, let me say that your blog is such stuff as dreams are made on. Thy blog is a dish fit for the gods, a feast of languages!

Yours truly,

Willie err William

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Abraham john dot abraham at gmail com
Date: Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 07:15 PM
Subject: How you doin!
To: Anjali Philip



Yours madly in love,

John Abraham

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bipasha Basu bipasha dot basu at gmail com
Date: Thurs, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:10 PM
Subject: No Subject
To: Anjali Philip

Bitch!! I hate you!



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Angelina Jolie angelina dot jolie at yahoo com
Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:10 PM
Subject:Hello dear!
To: Anjali Philip

Dear Anjali,

You adorable girl….can we adopt you?



I guess you get the idea now! ;) Have a nice week folks!


Arslan said...

I'm first here! And I too have been a victim.. :)

Thoorika said...

I will make arrangements to appoint you to a key White House post.

You going to white house? tusi ja rahe ho? tusi na jao :P

Intern said...

ROFL!!!! :D

hahaa :D, that's interesting :D, especially the angelina jolie part:P

mathew said...

"Willie er William" hehe..
you have put it truely Shakespearian!!;-D

thomas said...

Ha! That's nothing. Look at what I got:

From: Claudia Schiffer (claudia4u at HOTmail dot com)
Date: Sun, Mar 23, 2009 at 12:15 AM
To: Thomas Sebastian

My dearest lil sweet heart,

It’s 15 past midnight here, in Germany, and I’ve been thinking about you. In fact, I’ve been craving for you. I know you’ll be busy with your hectic schedule but I can’t restrain myself from sending this mail. Remember the 1st time when we met in Paris, you completely won me over; and the raunchy nights in Chateau de la Hotel. ;) The very thought about you makes me…….errr… know…… hard to control my feelings for you. I can’t wait to meet you. Please, I beg your pardon; please drop by in here when you visit Dusseldorf next time. Hugs and Kisses.

Yours and yours only

Claudia (or Claudi as you like to call me when in that romantic mood)

Charm…….I hazz it!

skar said...

I have a hunch you also get mails like this?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Idle Grad Student idle dot grad at gmail dot com
Date: Sun, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:18 PM
Subject: Interesting links
To: Anjali Philip

Please give me your opinion on every article in all of these websites everyday! Thank you.

p.s: No, I don't know any of the editors.

Btw, LOL@Angeline Jolie mail

Indyeah said...


Amal Bose said...

i loved the angelina jolie part..
btw does that 'little bird' has an inner meaning?

OG said...

:) LOL.... interesting mail you get Silverine.... :P if only my life was that interesting.... :) hahahaha
Thy blog is a dish fit for the gods, a feast of languages!
you mean appam and mutta curry... :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! You are just too good :D
specially loved the Shakespeare n Jolie parts.. GG!! :)

Abhilash said...


So whats your email id ? i have a gushy 'silent admirer' type email to send as well

Synapse said...

ya right! :D

silverine said...

Arslan: So there are others too? Glad to know I am not alone! :p

Thoorika: I promise to blog from the White House! :|

Shimmer: Interesting you say? You mean you don't believe it? :-O *sob*

Mathew: I am a literary genius!! ;)

Thomman: I soo believe you! :p

Kathik: You are clairvoyant!! How did you know!!!:-O

Indyeah: :)

Amal: No, it has no other meaning! :)

Ordinary guy: That was a collection of Shakespeare's quotes I strung together to make a sentence! :))

Himank: Thanks buddy! :)

Abhilash: Nahiin, not anymore mails please!! :p

Synapse: Thanks buddy for your belief in me! Touched! :|

skar said...

@Thomas: Check the 'From' properly pal! It might just be 'Claudia Schauffeur' and you can trust the German to misplace the 's' :|

--xh-- said...

wow, you published my mail...
i thought u might throw it away coz i just said, "MARRY ME!!!"

ps: am still waiting for the reply...

Quest said...

I didnt send any mail from john dot abraham at gmail com to you...
I seriously believe this to be the handiwork of a hacker :D

Or did Obama had some role to play in this ;-)

My wonderful mail spam settings scans away all my secret admirers ;-)

Twism said...

Hey, Even I have received a lot of such mails. On going through the comments posted, I see that a lot of people are victims to this evil.
Maybe we should form a Self Help Group. We could even think of contesting the elections, post which in the unlikely event that any of us actually win, we could even form the Fifteenth Front complete with our own prime ministerial candidate!

Philip said...

The last time a Democrat President appointed a lady to a key White House position, things didn't end too well. Let's see how it turns out this time :D

btw, BO signs his mail as Barack, and he normally sends it from his Blackberry. At least he did so the last time he mailed me to send over some kannimanga achar.

What's In A Name!? said...

"Thy Blog" LOL! And Angelina's adoption request! ahahah!

Jackfruit said...

I too am a silent admirer :D:D ..

btw I think you should take John Abraham's offer seriously :P:P

Sumit said...

ROTFL! John and Bipasha... lol...

Nice writing!! :P

Pramod Abraham said...

The John Abs did not sink in but the Bips one really hit hard.

Abhi said...

Awesome. Loved the mails. Esp the Shakespearean drama and the Angelina jolie one. Was waiting when Osama's mail will come up, with him asking you to write mails in praise of the Jihad :D

Bullshee said...

Which one would you like to get the most?? In real life. Fo' shiz.(whatever that means)

Please don't tell me its the John Abraham one! ps - watch Little Zizou. Not bad.

P.p.s - more of these than frandshap emails?

Anonymous said...

Anjali,you have posted a highly confidential information about me offering you a White House Post. You realise the implications if it reaches the press, don't you? I do not want more mess being created at "you know where".

P.S. I still love your blog.

Anonymous said...

... And I will write the foreword for it!!

Anonymous said...

Et tu Anjali. Thy blog is famous here in heaven (yes I went to heaven) and an email to you was permitted on the condition, it will never be leaked out. Et tu Anjali...

Anonymous said...

Now the whole world will know...

Should we fix the date next month? Do you believe in Kundlis and stuff?

Super Madly in love...

p.s. I broke off with her...just not talking about lest the press will pester all three of us.

Anonymous said...

You havent replied dear...can we adopt you?

We have another person in mind adorable little boy who blogs at

though yes we love you more dear...

will be waiting for reply...

Soon to be your mom...

Anonymous said...

Bitch I still hate you...

But I have to admit..u write well and I too am a regular reader of your blog. Infact it was me who introduced John to your blog.

Anyways the fact that I like your blog doesn't change anything between us.

I will soon have my revenge!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog will create a revolution. Join Us.

Waiting for your reply...
{Hint: 9/11}

hitch writer said...

I didnt get the point... but it was utterly hillarious !!! !

lol... ha ha rotflol...

Anonymous said...

Lolz at the John Abraham and Bipasha exchange.

Do let us know if Obama is like your current boss and Michelle's reaction on his forgetfulness!

B. said...

Modesty, You definitely have it.. :D..

And as quoted by Ernest Hemingway "YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK". :))

thomas said...

@karthik: Ok so you think it's Claudia's chauffeur. But the chauffeur can still be a beautiful sexy gorgeous German lady right. Possibilities man! Yes, I'm a die hard optimist! :P

silverine said...

--xh--: You are right. I do like to be wined and dined and courted and hence had to throw away your mail! :|

Viajero: Ah! This was THE John Abraham you see! ;)

Nitram: You are right! Maybe we should! :p

Philip: lol! Dont worry this time there wont be any problems this time! ;)

whats in a name: I see you spotted it! Kudos! :)

jackfruit: I am considering his proposal! :|

Sauron: Thank you! :)

Pramod: Yeah...she is real J thats why! ;)

Abhi: lol! Thank god he did not write to me asking me to be his 744th wife!! :p

Bullshee: In real life I would love a mail from John Abraham! :)

Obama, Ernie, Willie,Angie,OBL et al: Thank you for your esteemed comments. I will reply individually to you all soon! :p

Hitch writer: :) Well this was my way of telling some people that even I can hit the fwd button and change the name in the email field to make it look like people like Obama etc had written to me. Someone did that to convince someone that I had written to them! :)

WSW: I will tell all soon! :p

Binsy: When Ernie has personally requested me I definitely will! :p

hitch writer said...

geee... i did get it... but tried to say something funny but seems its your forte !!!

but thanks for the explanation... lol

we try the same trick !

Hari said...


Did that REALLY happen? And there seems to be many Bips's and Hemmingways in your comments box! :P

Lucky you! :P

Anonymous said...

modesty thy name is silverine! :)

Sparkling said...

Modesty bhi bahut 'modest' doses mein deyti ho! :D

Ms.Philip, you sure have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about you.

Brilliant laughter pill once again!

scorpiogenius said...

Hey, thanks for putting up the Tharoor widget... thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks...

in many millions! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn. Now I have to fight John Abraham too?

Got to strategize. He looks like a guy who works out far too much. I don't think I can take him head on.

Maybe I should cheat. Lace his diet coke with... coke. Yeah! But that plan could take years. No.

No. No. New strategy. I'll sit on him. YES! I'll just sit on him. I don't care how much he works out; he'd be begging for mercy in under ten seconds. The perks of morbid obesity.

After that, the path is clear; I can go ask Angelina Jolie for your hand...

Hmm... I've seen some of her movies. Maybe she'd take my request literally. No good. Groan... Another roadbump. Strategize. New plan... Let me think... Hmm.... I got it! No. I don't. Think more.... Will get back to you...

Useless Bugger said...

Pssst... You still have that amorous love letter I sent you stashed away in you inbox rite? You are not gonna show that one to the whole world right? *Tremble tremble* ... *Fidgety fidety* ... *Bundle of nerves*

Amey said...

Meh... I would have been more impressed if you got similar mails from both John and Bipasha.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. loved the ending!

Sashu... said...

ROTFL...!!! Hehe!! I esp loved williez mail :P hehehe!!

Janus said...

Hmm..remind me to send you a mail like this..asking you out for dinner!

Solilo said...

Ha..ha..ha..oh boy! Why is Bipasha sending mass e-mails? I got one too *looking mad*

BTW is the "person" reading this one? ;)

Rahman said...

To: Anjali Philip

Bitch!! I hate you!



ha ha! I wanna join Bipasha now! LOL! Back to blogging and ur's the first blog I open!

mythalez said...

interesting that everyone uses gmail except for angelina who uses yahoo !

possible reasons? :P

Destiny's child... said... still lol-ing....! :D

silverine said...

hitch writer: :p

Hari: Oh yeah it did happen like that letter from me to the blogger happened! :p

Sandeep: lol! Thank you! :)

scorpiogenuius: The pleasure was all mine! :)

Hammy: LOL!!

Parikshit: oops! I wasn't supposed to show it everybody? Sowwy! :(

Amey: Aiyyo! :-O

Anon: Thank you sweets! :)

Sashu: hehe Even he has to move with the times I guess! :p

Janus: Sure! ;)

Solilo: I am sure he is! ;)

1.618: Welcome back!! :)

mythalez: Perhaps the lady doesn't like to take the beaten path! :)

destiny: Thank you dear! :)

Nave said...

HAHAH :D had a hearty laugh with this Silverine :P humor queen you are :D

Mind Curry said...

gawddd..i just couldnt stop laughing..especially the adoption note from brangelina! lol! brilliant stuff, miss communicator!

i was a bit worried if you will put up my mails too! ;)

DPhatsez said...

modesty...thy name be silverine

I'm not a silent admirer just a fellow blogger :)

Anonymous said...

pacific ocean among the waters of humbleness....


sob sob!

i bow down to thy awsomeness!

loop said...