Sunday, August 31, 2008

When he was sleeping...

R was sick. R is a typical guy. The type that doesn’t listen to his mommy. So mommy calls me up and tells me to baby sit her 22 year old sonny boy. Now puhleese folks, R is not my BF, but childhood friend and neighbor. So Sunday saw me take my lappie and head towards R's house as his folks had to go to this temple for some pooja. R was already in bed, snoring... drugged with the meds he was taking. Moiself decided to sit on the other side of the bed with the blanket around me as it is a cold and rainy Sunday here in Bangalore.

Pretty soon I was chatting with friends. A friend called Hira (real name), a simble mallu gal logged in from San Francisco. After the usual round of greetings, Hira concentrated her energies on me.

Hira: You at home or at Nina's place?
Me: I am at R's place.
Hira: R! And what you doing there?
Me: I am in bed with him!
Hira: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Don’t judge me too harshly dee :(
Hira: You alone in the house?
Me: Yeah! His parents have gone to Malleshwaram for some temple festival.
Hira: Anju, this is not right!!
Me: I know :(
Hira: Hope no one saw you coming here.
Me: I think Mallika aunty saw me. :(
Hira: This is not right!! Go home now!
Me: Well…
Hira: Did anything happen?
Me: Yes! :(
Hira: OMG!!
Me: *silence*
Hira: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: *silence*
Hira: O H M Y GOD!!!
Me: :(
Hira: I can't believe this!!! You of all people!!!!
Me: I don’t know how it happened, but it did! :(
Hira: You get back home right NOW! I will call you.
Me: I can’t!
Hira: Why?
Me: I can’t dee! :(
Hira: Why!!! Is your clothes torn?
Me: ROTFL!!!!

I couldn’t continue the charade anymore, not while rolling on the floor laughing my guts out! The accused meanwhile, was fast asleep, not knowing that he had been framed, tried and found guilty of rape "WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING!!"

p.s It is so nice to be bad!! Made my day! *contended sigh*


Hari said...


"p.s It is so nice to be bad!! Made my day! *contended sigh*"
I thought you were pulling her leg & Not being bad. :D

Abhi said...

That's hilarious, how wrong understanding of the right words gets you into trouble. Awesome reactions from Hira.

I've had 2 friends who were once stopped by police after they went for a night show, the driver guy always has a sleepy look and his eyes are red all the time coz of some prob. So the policekaaran's stop them in the middle of the night @ poojapura junction. Policekaaran-evide Poyiedey e nerethu? Friend-cinema kaanan Poyi. PK- Cinema Entha etre late aaye? My friend a teetotaler never thought for a second until he said F- cinema kazhinjitu kazhikaan Poyi. PK- Oho, appo kazhikaanum Poyi. F- athe sir. PK gets the sniffer gadget from the jeep and makes him breathe into it 4 times and then makes him get down from the scooter n walk until he n the other PK's are sure he's nt drunk. The next day we laughed our a$$ off hearing the other guy narrate the encounter. :)

thomas said...

Poor R, Poorer Hira, Evilest you!! :P

Anonymous said...


Cruel girl!! :-p

silverine said...

Hari: I have confessed it was a "charade" in the post! :)

Abhi: LOL!! What a bunch of innocents! Using the word "kazhikaan poyi" with the coppers! :))

Tom: :p

Rahul: But it felt sooo good! I thought I was losing my touch. Now I am a relived gal! :p

Ajith said...

'R' is amazing. On that fateful rainy day he managed to rape someone even though he was terribly ill. The best part is that he did it when he was sleeping!!! ROFL

mathew said...

Thus cometh Silverine the Terror!! LOL!!hey too much..;-D

scorpiogenius said...

bold silverine...

too bold! :)

Anonymous said...

YUM!! It's funny to know that one can have as much fun even by saying the truth. :D
What havoc would you wreak if you started lying. :P

Philip said...

R seems to know you very well. As soon as he came to know that you were going to babysit him, he took a larger than necessary dose of all the sedatives he could find. Smart guy. :D

Now i know you chose the name silverine on purpose. You do know that it is an anagram of 'evil siren', right?

Anonymous said...

You devil!

Kris Bass said...

It will be funny to pull that on someone in my life too. But then everyone knows that I'm a whore. No point then! ;)

Amey said...

Aren't you ashamed of yourself maligning the reputation of an innocent boy? What will he do now?

thomas said...

@philip: LOL!!! Nice one mate!

silverine said...

Ajith: LOL!! That was funny!

Mathew: Thanks for the compliment on my prowess! :p

scorpiogenuis: Nah! This is among the only simpleton freinds I can pull this off with. The others know me too well! :p

Raouf: The possibilities are endless then! ;)

Philip: ROFL!!! Poor fellow!!. Me an evil siren? You are misinformed. I am the angel personified! O:-)

ms cris: :p

Kriss: lol!!

Amey: I am very me! >:)

Sriram said...

Hira: OMG!!
Me: *silence*
Hira: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: *silence*
Hira: O H M Y GOD!!!
Me: :(
Hira: I can't believe this!!! You of all people!!!!
Me: I don’t know how it happened, but it did! :(

HAHAHA...ROFLMAO! YOu're getting evil, girl! I pitied ur brothers earlier, but now my sympathies are with R :D

--xh-- said...

rotfl... athu kidu aayirunnu... paavam Hira...

S said...

:D Saucy!!! ;) i think u should check if she is on the next flight to Blore or not! (just to check if u were actually fibbing!) :D :D

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! I sympathize with all the guys whom u know silverine ...

on second thoughts ... why guys??? I sympathize with all poor souls u ever knew :(

Nikhil Menon said...

hehe..das bein a bit too bold..anyways..,u gotta cool blog..first tym ere and its nice.. :)

am addin u to my floaters.
cheers pal.. :)

Anonymous said...

poor gal am sure she went to church n prayed for u afterwards.ur really getting evil..

Unknown said...

that was pure evil!! Didnt know you could do this kind of damage and that too just by telling the truth.. ha ha ha. had me on the floor!!

BusyAtNothing said...

Awesome posts. This one and all your previous ones! Really appreciate your style of writing :) One more addition to the long list of silverine fan club :)

Did R get to know what "he has done"? :D

Asterix said...

To quote an oft-spoken girlie dialogue, "you are sooo mean!!!!"

My sympathies for your poor friend.

D said...

Hey please excuse my ignorance what is ROTFL?

Mind Curry said...

hilarious stuff..too funny..i do these things occasionally, but then end up burning my finger. especially when you try it with our malayali brethren - they spread the word faster than wildfire, and you wont have time to even say it was a prank :|

@ philip - evil siren! what a brilliant thought! although i agree, shes the angel personified :)

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

Phew..Tat was good..

Have u been reading a lot of thomas Sebastian's post ?? I can see some "evil" coincidences.Or were u his guru in the first place ??

silverine said...

Sriram: What to do, we younger siblings get street savvy with elder siblings like you! :)

XH: Thanks for dropping by! :)

S: lol!! I wouldn't be surprised if she is :p

sandeep: What would one do without gullible people! :)

multi menon: Thank you! :)

Kumar: :)

Abraham: Lol! I told the truth and she went on the misinterpretation spree!

Charan: Thank you! And no R never knew what happened :)

Asterix: Great to see you buddy! Was going over your posts and guffawing in office! :))

Divya: "Rolling on The Floor Laughing"

Mind Curry: Thanks doc! :) You attempt these pranks with mallus? You are a brave heart! lol!! And thats why I keep these pranks with close friends! :)

Superficial pratterer: Well, this was an actual incident! :)

sjgregory said...

Reminds me of the incident "Who stole my door" from Feynman's book. I am sure you have read it (Link attached in case you havent)

sjgregory said...

Guess the entire incident wasnt there in the link :( I should have checked. Please read "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!"

§Rêê said...

Howlarious... a devilish streak huh?

Sriram said...

God.. I want to see Hira's face when she reads this!

And who's gonna break this to R?

PS: Changed my template.. what do u think of it?

The one who has loved and lost said...

awesome post :-D

RukmaniRam said...

people say R for?

Anonymous said...

sounds just like the kind of thing i'll do :)

Sangeetha Mugunthan said...

I cant stop smiling...superbly hilarious

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this!!! You of all people!!!!

Yeah, you... the self professed bona fide angel personified....

Tut tut tut

You ARE trouble. But trouble in the right amount. I like that.


Divs said...

navigate navigate navigate n I found a ROTFLing Post..
Devilish! :P

skar said...

ROFL_MAX@Hira: Why!!! Is your clothes torn?

Amey said...

Doesn't look like it. What would R's parents say to him?

Deepti said...

ROFL absolutely ... was jsut imagining the look on ur friend's face .. :D

Tony Sebastian said...

hmmm looks like someone else needs a dhyanam too :P

Anonymous said...

Erm why would you want to babysit someone who's knocked out? hmmm...and no song this time at the end? :)

silverine said...

sjgregory: Thanks for the link! :)

Messed up: :p

Sriram: Nice template dude!!

the layman: Thank you!!! :)

rukamni: ?

Chandni: I think most of us gals do this with our simple friends! :)

Hammy: Thanks buddy! :)

Divs: Thanks for navigating and reaching my blog. Welcome! :)

Amey: err ignorance is bliss I believe :|

deepti: :)

Tony: LOL!! That was funny! :p

Loup: Precisely why you should baby sit them! :) And song will be put up soon!

Vikas SN said...

Awesome post :)
Poor 'R' hehe

Salil said...

Very funny indeed.
(as I kick myself for not being here earlier)

Smilie! said...

how i loved it! lol...