Friday, May 23, 2008

Life is like this wonly!

Jacob, a cousin bro, who has recently been placed with an IT company here, was staying with us till he secured his own accommodation. His elder sister calls him up now and then from the US, to check on him. Conversation between Chechi (elder sister) and Aniyan (younger brother) goes like this!

Chechi: How is work!
Jacob: Great! Training is going on now!
C: And what do you do on weekends?
J: I drop in here.
C: Good! So you must be going to church with aunty right!

A few weeks later when Jacob got his own accommodation!

C: How are you mone?
J: I am fine chechi. How are you?
C: I am fine. My due date is any day now. Please pray from me.
J (emotionally): I will chechi. I pray for you everyday! *sniff*
C: *Sniff* And don't forget to go for Mass ok?
J: Ok!

A few days later!

C: How are you kutta?
J: I am fine!! Dying to see our vaava (baby)!
C: ha ha He looks just like you. Reminds me of you when you were a baby!
J: Please send me some more snaps of him. I can’t get enough of his photos.
C:lol! Ok! Please pray for you nephew too when you go to church!
J: Of course!
C: You are going regularly to church no?
J: If course chechi!

A few weeks later when Jacob is at our house for lunch!

C: How are you?
J: I am fine! How are you and chetan and vaava!
C: We are all fine! Vaava's christening is on 10th. I know you will not be able to make it. But pray for him huh!
J: I am sending some stuff for him through amma!
C: Don’t send anything for him. Send some kudampulli instead!
J: lol!
C: So what else?
J: Everything is fine chechi. I am now in the Development Center!
C: Great!! Ok I gotta go now. Love you loads kutta!
J: Bye!
C: Hey wait!!! I got to tell you something!
J: Ok!!
C: *silence*
J: Helooo?
C: I am back! Had to go open the door for your chetan. What I wanted to say was, don't miss Sunday Masses okay!
J (under his breath): @#$%@
Me: ROFL!!!

Jacob tries and fails miserably in giving me his dirtiest look!! What else did he think she will say? "I got a cute gal for you!" :p

*sigh* wish I had a chechi :(


Anonymous said...


Been there. Not with a chechi per se, but I've got cousins and uncles and of course, parents, who get concerned about my Church habits... the nonexistent ones.

They seem to have given up, though. All except mom. She still pleads once in a while. Moms never give up, do they?

mathew said...

hehehe..and every vacation was invariably the time to spend to attend a "dhyanam" somewhere..My parents used to be quite particular about me going to church when I was a kid..Though i was a big crib at it then, i must admit now that I enjoy going without being forced on to..but not regularly though or just for the sake of it..

and what are you doin on a is feast of saint Rodriguez..its too "holy" to be missed, so better be there..

Safari Al said...

Tcha...I thought there was some punchline coming.

If you do retire, will you take up blogging as a full time profession?

Anonymous said...

well, safari, if that were true, then she'd have been under intense pressure to retire, wouldn't she? ;)

Tony Sebastian said...

ah been there! :)

Deepti said...

ROFL .. exactly similar case at home.. bro stays far off and poor guy has to reply abt his religious endevours to my parents on a weekly basis...

scorpiogenius said...


appears all too mom too always signs off with such 'prayer' advices...

Ah, it doesn't bother me now!:))

Philip said...

Thankfully I didn't have to undergo anything like this. In fact, in my family none of the people ever talk about praying for something or invoke names of saints or gods although all of them (except a couple of oddballs like me and my bro) are firm believers.

btw, how did you get to know what was being said at the othe end? Hmm... :)

Unknown said...

and just what would u do with a chechi? my sister wold advise u not to go in for any such wishes.
u want a chechi to tell u weekly to go to church?? :O

Abhi said...

Well i don't rem th last time i went to a temple, eventhough my mom asks me to go each day she calls me.:)

Your posts on friday's are too good n gimme a gr8 start to the weekend. U rock:). Do think abt th question posed by Safari Al. Many of us feel so, bt then even while being on the job u get so much time to blog. Also we'd miss the posts where u make a dig at some colleague, or boss:)

g-man said...

heh heh, my friend anand and i have this habit of calling people over from really far away, and then saying hi :D that feels very good too :P

Neena Padayatty said...

The new lawyer in Mumbai wouldn't tell us what church (Catholic or otherwise)he went to last Sunday."It was in Marathi,and they didn't mention"...well,guess one can't have everything.:)

freespirit said...

Your title should have read "chechis are like this wonly" :D. We are really the kind hearted, ever ready with a word of advice types :). Ur cousin seems to a good boy with a patient ear to listen up. You should see the look on my sisters face when I start with my act of 'being the good chechi' :)

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

"J: I am sending some stuff for him through amma!
C: Don’t send anything for him. Send some kudampulli instead!"

LOL... :D

So very true. I have heard my cousins abroad asking my Mom and Aunts to send dabba full of achars, mulaga podi, manjal podi, and all sort of podis... :P

Naveen Roy said...

Haha...but its good to have a "chechi"!!

Safari Al said...

@hammy: I thinks that we are not putting enough pressure on her. Personally, I think she has already developed a severe case of sysadmin- and boss-psychosis. It's high time she quit before she burns out completely. Think of what will happen to people like us who will not have her posts to read and will then ourselves burn out!!!

@silverine: Quit the joe-b I say!

Adorable Pancreas said...

I want a chechi too. Chettans are the pits. He still hasn't grown out of pulling my hair when he passes me. The alavalathi.

Sriram said...

C: I am fine. My due date is any day now. Please pray from me.
J (emotionally): I will chechi. I pray for you everyday! *sniff*
C: *Sniff* And don't forget to go for Mass ok?

ROTFL Loved the way C eased the mass in :)