Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kahani mein twist

The times around us are a changing, or they have changed. And we who sit and work in glass houses are not aware of the passing of time in the world outside. Or so I feel sometimes. An incident that happened the other day reinforced the belief.

Location: M.G Road, Bangalore.
Protagonists: Three olde friends, Amit, Alok, a very handsome mallu dude John Abraham and Yours Truly (all names changed except Amit, Alok and Yours Truly’s)
Antagonists: Three other people who thought they were the Protagonists: Read on and you will know.

Amit is getting married. Amit, Alok and John Abraham, decide to go shopping for the wedding with the expert advice and counseling of Yours Truly. Yours truly was drafted in so that the bride to be doesn’t walk out of the vivaah pandal in a huff when she sees the horrible sherwani the dulha has landed up in.

Pandit performing the wedding ritual: Kanya ko lao!
Bride: Nahiiiin! Yeh shaadi nahin ho sakthi!!
Bridegroom: *gasp*
Bride’s parents: *gasp*
Bridegrooms parents: *gasp*
Pandit: Kyon beti?
Bride (pointing an accusing finger at the groom) : Look at his Sherwani!!!!
Everyone: *gasp*

Yours Truly is late as usual and Amit and Alok go inside this designer boutique. John Abraham hangs around outside admiring the statuesque female mannequin’s on display in the showcase. He is unable to tear his eyes away from a particularly hot plastic number who is wearing a diaphanous saree and nothing else….inside. He is oblivious to the hustle and bustle and noise and activity of M.G Road behind him.

Unknown to John Abraham *input uneasy music here*, he was being keenly observed by an excited gaggle of very interested eyes. As they blushed and giggled and debated amongst themselves on the best way possible to approach him, sweep him off his feet and then live happily ever after…the spoiler, the villain of the piece, the haddi mein kabab a.k.a Yours Truly, lands up at the scene. She takes one look at John, clicks her tongue in disapproval at the vital learning experience that he is missing and drags him protesting into the Boutique. She isn’t letting him off the shopping hook.

Consternation, heart break, chagrin, rage and seething jealousy amongst John’s pretty admirers. Before the very handsome mallu dude and Yours Truly could truly comprehend what was happening, an admirer of John walks brusquely past, deliberately brushing against Yours Truly! Yours truly takes off in great speed on a trajectory towards the road and John, Amit and Alok, now out of the boutique manage to catch her before she falls on the busy road. Yours truly is shaken and stirred and very bemused. The guys are incensed.

A quick assessment of the situation and Yours Truly starts rolling on the kerb laughing her guts out. The men are not amused. Then Amit starts giggling, followed by Alok. Soon both join me on the kerb. John is seething with rage.

The reason? *drum rolls* The person who had tried to kill Yours Truly was a young guy!!!

Summary of the plot: The jealousy of the male sex of alternative sexuality is no different from that of us gals. Cho chweeeet!!!

Welcome to the sistahood bro! *hugs* :p

p.s Nowadays when the protagonists get together, Yours Truly sports a tee that says “He is not my boyfriend” with an arrow pointing either side. One never knows which side John Abrahm will walk on. I am not taking any more chances with my life and limb brrr

(Johnny boy. I know you are reading this muahahAHAHAHAHA!!! And to you and your Valentines, I dedicate the best song in the world, the ultimate romance number. Yenjoy!!!!)


Balanarayan NT said...

ah I know that song.. keeps playing I office cab! (I hate it by the way)
PS: no comments on the post.. pretty self explanatory and true to the facts =D

Dhanya said...

ROFL. I have no idea how you come up with such plots.. :)

Balanarayan NT said...

By fact I meant // The jealousy of the male sex of alternative sexuality is no different from that of us gals//

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

rofl for the post...and for the song!! where do u find such gold from?? plz reply fast...dor-leeeeeng, look at the ty-ime..tik tik tik tik tik :)

Abhilash said...

ROTFL - Really really, youre sooper special :)

Deepti said...

Whatay romantic number ...
You never know when the law for "Adam-teasing" will come in to force ( sorry I couldnt think for any other word so used the literal translation)hehehehee

Hammy said...

Hmmm... Men on the prowl. Your John Abraham better watch out, Silverine. One of my friends' blog relates a parallel incident. Of course, in this case, you weren't present as the haddi mein kabab for him, but my friend Arvind is thankfully not averse to violence.

Maybe Johnny boy can check out his incident here and figure out if he'd want to walk that road in the future... that one ended with one guy covering a bleeding nose.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant brilliant..too good..I couldnt get up for hours....

Karthik said...


Anonymous said...

Guys getting Adam teased? Good good! The twist was below the pun intended...lolz!!

mathew said...

Lol!! I would love to see that embarassed looked on John dude's face..;-P

i appreciate the song you have dedicated for him..Good luck for the sweet little revenge he gonna put up for this..

@Ruprith term..

Amey said...

One never knows which side John Abrahm will walk on.

Now please tell me that was meant literally and any pun was unintentional. ;)

Anonymous said...

The song was the best!! Brought back memories of Prem Nazir and 'Sheelaey'. I want to find the choreographer for the tik tik tik tik step and learn it from him :D

Anonymous said...

phantastic maa! btw ur blog is in dire need of a makeover. waise tho ur writingis more than enuf but plz da...think abt it :)

Deepti said...

Tagged!! check the rules on my blog :)

Preetha Nair said...

Heil Silverine!!!
I haven't still stopped laughing !!! :) :)

Alexis said...

That was a super post. ROTFL and the song...a gem :-)

silverine said...

Balu: :)

Dhanya: This actually happened though I have added mirch masala :p

balu: *grumble*

rahul: :)

Priya: I am glad you liked it dorleeeng :p

abhilash: Thanks for dropping by :)

deepti: The Ultimate romantic song. it should be made the V Day Official song :p

hammy: I read that. It happens increasingly. And the place to avoid at M G Road is near Sadhwanis.

annie: ;)

nishu: Thanks.I wud like to believe that :p

karthik: A twist it was!!! :)

ruprith: At last I get a comment from you!!! And LOL for that observation :))

mathew: That song is something isnt it? Tell me you are not in love with it and I will show you a liar :p

Amey: That was some sharp eagle eyed observation. Kudos!! :)

loup: he he I hope you take Med Insurance before you attempt the same :p

Anon: Well I like simple templates and Blogger has only so many to offer. But thanks for the suggestion. I will def consider it :)

Deepti: Checked!

Preetha: Thank you :)

Alexis: That song should be sold in CD's in medical shops as a cure for depression :p

mathew said...

awesome awesome..;-P

Amey said...

Oh well, the eagle has to use the eyes to watch something except other birds once in a while. Just for a change, you know... ;)

Safari Al said...

So what color sherwani was purchased in the end?

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Sooooooooppeeerrrr... :)

Alameen said...


Jive Talker said...

Arre...Gay kya ho raha hai aaj kal???

hope and love said...

great post as usual sweetheart..!

Dimple Nangia said...

lol amazing stuff...and i love that 'if you come today' song :D'

btw its kabab mein haddi.. not the other way round :P

silverine said...

Amey: :)

safari al: The bride did not run away, so it was the right color I guess :p

dhanush and al ameen: Thank you :)

HnL: Thank you dear doc :)

poison ivy: My bad :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Good one. It was two months before that i saw the real John Abraham in the MTV office.My female colleauges literally knocked me off my feet in the flurry. We still discuss that and LOL. Another time when Ritesh Deshmukh came,i remained on my seat..waiting for that day to seek revenge, when Mrs Junior Bachchan or our very own Padukone would show up.

nostringsattached said...

ROTFL...dont mind such a late new to ur blog and enjoying each n every post of urs...great going...