Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life can be funny

I came to office one day and saw an unsigned message on my Whiteboard. It said...

Call me!

Bewildered I turned around and asked my colleague who had left this message!

"A sardarji..." she replied.

This is the first time I saw a Sardar joke happen right in front of me.

This same Sardar has another legend attached to his name which happened before I joined this company. One day a colleague saw him removing the mouse from his laptop and connecting it to his PC and vice versa several times. On enquiry the Sardar revealed that he was trying to Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C some written matter from a MS Word document on his laptop and then connecting the mouse to his PC to Ctrl+V to another Doc open on his PC !!!

Attention manufacturers: Ever thought of making a mouse cum USB?

p.s no offence to anyone, the same thing happened to a certain mallu gal, namely me. I wrote the status of four programs I lead on my White board. Then I realized that I had got their order wrong. My hand moved to the mouse to Ctrl+C and Ctrl +X to cut and paste the sections as per order. It was when my hand touched the mouse that I realized what I was doing :))

And there is more…

After much selection, rejection arguments and debates, my Dad and my brother M decided on a particular bike as his belated birthday present. My brother wanted a bike with good pillion seating space. My Dad wanted to buy him something safe. (read boringly uncool). Some days back when Father and Son came home with the vehicle my Dad gave this seasoned driver the mandatory lecture (as he was footing the bill) on safe driving and driving the bike at a 40 kmph for the mandatory first 250 kms . He ended the lecture with a tongue in cheek comment. "So now with all that pillion space I guess you can carry your girlfriends around"

To which M replied ruefully: At 40 kmph no self respecting girl will sit on my bike :(

All of us were ROFL while my dad was thoroughly chummified (embarassed).

This doesn’t end here. There is more. The person laughing the loudest at the above incident was my eldest brother G. He is the guy who follows all Dad's diktat to the T while M is just the opposite. When G was in college, after a long day at the lab he was driving back to his campus hostel which is a good one kilometer away from his college. It was then he noticed a timid and shy gal classmate walking towards her hostel. Since it was late G offered to give her a lift till her hostel. Now G has a reputation for being a very nice and decent guy and so the girl agreed readily. Halfway through the ride she tapped G on his shoulder and asked him to stop. When she got down G remarked that the hostel was still quite a walk away and he could drop her to the hostel gate. "No thanks" said the girl. "I think I will reach faster if I walk!"

( Actually the gal got down when she saw a couple of her hostel mates walking towards the hostel on the road. But this became an epic with more and more episodes being made by his batchmates. All of them more outrageous than the other and takes a dig at the fact that he rarely goes above 60 mph.)

Here are some versions of the story that I remember. He refuses to divulge the rest :p :

Version 1:

G: Do you want a drop to the hostel?
Gal: Sure! But only if you let me drive.

Version 2:

G: I can drop you to the hostel.
Gal: No thanks, I will walk. I need to get there before they close the gates.

Version 3

G: Do you want a drop to the hostel?
Gal: Yes.
And she hails an auto.

Version 4

G: Do you want a drop to the hostel?
Gal: Some other time thank you. It is getting rather late.

And many more that I don’t remember.College anecdotes welcome in the comments section :)


Abhi said...

"I think I will reach faster if I walk!"

Loved that comment! Any self respecting guy will quit biking that day! Hope ur bro also did the same!

Nice pack of Chalu's, loved reading them. Esp the sardar one!

mathew said...

Lol!!The first was awesome..."Call me"...and second one..I cant even think of a phrase to comment on that!!

offbeat..I remember a blunder I made during one prayer session at home..being terribly bad at reading malayalam, I was often asked to read Bible during evening prayer..

During one such prayer session i read..."Yeeshu paatu paadi marichu" for "Yeeshu paadu pettu marichu"..a disastrous spoonerism effect which left the prayer session cut short for a ROTFL session..

FX said...

The pleasure of the first ride on a new bike of your own is spoilt by such sisters!!!!!!Envy thy name is lil laughed ..thanks for that

Amey said...

True... Research suggests that most females of self-respecting category tend to stay away from males driving below 40kmph.

Further research suggests that dricing a Luna at 50 kmph will impress any females of abovem. category.

And of course, Indian government does provide us with enough potholes ;)

Mind Curry said...

lol..that was an excellent sunday night dessert.. i can picture your younger bro so well..and your whole family..i guess your mom must be enjoying all this so much :)

Hyde said...

lol @ mathew

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

We were at war with China and we had our truck bumpers reading "Hindu-Cheeni Bhai-Bhai" - meaning it's okay, we're going to be friends soon.
We had these communal riots, and then we said "Hindu Musalman bhai bhai" again in hope that all's going to be fine soon.
Then it suddenly dawned on people that we were a bunch of sex maniacs and then the trucks said "We two, ours two." [The truck driver had a national permit, and had scores of kids from dozens of women across the length and breadth of hte country].
But here's the heights of things:
I was driving Delhi-Chandigarh, and there's this car with it's rear glass reading "Proud to be a sardar!" - in bold italics.

wanderlust said...

ROFL, as usual.
does your elder brother know you have published this post? :-)

Anonymous said...

LoL! Making us laugh at ur chettan's expense :)) I remember my computer moment, about 5 years back...

"We needed Winzip but since the network was down we couldnt copy it or download it. So we had to transfer a winzip installer of size 1.5MB from one system to another. All we had was 1 floppy. As you might know a floppy can take only 1.44 MB of data. Being such brilliant minds, we hit upon a marvellous idea and we zipped Winzip and compressed it to 1.3 Mb. Now our problem was solved and we transferred the data to the other system. But now we had a zipped Winzip file which meant that the unzipping software was itself zipped!! We had nothing to unzip it with and were back to square one. We have a hearty laugh over this now, but at that time we looked like morons."

i posted this a long time back at

Alexis said...

Nice one. Hilarious as usual. Poor G...ROTFL

dharmabum said...

i tend to ride slowly too. its a lot easier. and more importantly, one misses out the life on the roads while zipping by.

Anonymous said...

@Mathew, Ur spoonerism reminds me of a Dileep movie, where Dileep is asked to read Ramayanam and he reads "Laksmanano mundilla, Ramano thorthilla", instead of "Lakshmanano mindilla Ramano athu orthilla"!!!

silverine said...

abhi: He didnt quit biking :)

mathew: ROTFL!!!! I was witness to several such Bible bloopers myself and I myself have made howlers like these when we say rosary in Malayalam :p

Francier: Thank you :)

Fleiger: :))

MC: Most of the jokes goes over her head :p

toothlesss wonder: lol!!!!

wanderlust: Thank you and he does know :)

sreejith: That was sooo funny :))

Alexis: Thank you :)

dharmabum: I agree!!

Anon: lol!! :)

Unknown said...


Vinod/Kakka said...

The bible spoonerisms:

My brother reading "njan thuni illathava yirunnuappol" instead of "thuna illathavan aayirunnappol"

Mishmash ! said...

If there is any advanced version ROFL usage, probably I can use that here :D Does your elder bro read your blog? I hope not! :)


Anonymous said...

Your bro had it wrong. He should have asked for less pillion space - all the more reason for a tight fit. That would also encourage him to go at 40 as the ride would take longer..... :-)

meenakshi said...

lol @ toothless wonder

Anonymous said...

Here is one - from your last post and this one.
Just before my last trip to the US last month, my wife bought me a new jeans which unfortunately was two sizes too big. But being the humanitarian that I am I wear it on the trip. Now imagine this scene at Frankfurt airport - at the security check. Belt removed from the pant and put through scanner, hands above the head and legs apart for the mandatory metal detector check and me trying desperately to keep my pants from falling to my ankles....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... really funny ones.. Poor ur brother!
I have many such ones to share, just that they are not at the top of the head now! :)

rebel said...

Another Sardar joke that really happened at my friend's coll.. They were having a placement meeting and they had delegated one girl (who happens to be a Sardarni) to take down the minutes of the meeting. After the meeting got done, she was asked for the minutes and promptly came the reply, '28 minutes!'

Confounded-Lady said...

Ever spent hours looking for your glasses after which which you realsised you had them on all day?

(..or wait, is that just me... :D)

Mind Curry said...

i want you to remain calm and read this..he is relax.

Amey said...

Of course, "outing" a guy like this is a very under the belt move...

Can you ask one of your bro's from me to start a blog soon?

Layon said...

He he... I am still laughing ;)

Wanderlust said...

Such Complete character assasinations can only be done by sisters !!!! I so empathise with G.

PK said...

My friend had to call a house broker(sardar) on his MOBILE.
Conversations were around his requirements for house and area. Towards the end of the call my friend was asked to give a missed call to his mobile so that he can store the number.

Can't beat urs "Call Me" anyways!